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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Preview of my nails :)

Doing my nailsssssss. I have glue all over my fingers. LOL I'll have a better pic up 2m but here's a preview (:

Regarding my,

I know i put off some questions but be patient ! When i get long posts, i want to answer them as best as i can. I put a LOT of time & thought into them so to answer it, i gotta be FREE. If you want me to rush it & just be w/e, i can do that in no time. But if you want a real answer, be patient. I'm not the best @ advice but i try, i REALLY REALLY do. Secondly, i don't appreciate the spamming. Well its not really spamming, just the same question asked in different ways. I'm pretty sure its the same person, i'm not certain. I really love receiving all the formspring posts so thanks ! But i do have a life & sometimes, it takes some time to reply. Sorry if i'm not able to answer RIGHT AWAY. But i just wanted to let you guys know that i don't just BS them. I actually but time & thought into each question.

Formspring.Me (10)

hi stephaniee, this isn't my first time saying this buht i love your blog ! and i always enjoy reading it (:

Awww, thank you so muchhhhh ♥

Hey Stephanie, I noticed when someone says you're pretty, you say I disagee (like all the time if I looked correctly :O). Why do you think so? I hate to think that you are so hard on yourself b/c everyone is pretty in their own way! You must like something about yourself! So, what do you do you like about yourself? (Btw, I'm pretty sure that Frank thinks you're beautiful and you can't disagree with him on that!!) :D

Hey :) I don't have much self-confidence & i'm really insecure about my appearance. I mean, i don't HATE how i look but i don't like it either. LOL If i accept the compliment, i'm considered cocky. If i disagree, people think i'm fishing for more compliments. But i swear, i don't think i'm pretty ! What i like about myself ... hm .. nothing. Honestly, i don't know ANYTHING i like about myself. I'm not joking ! I've been asked this question before, same answer; nothing. Sorry ):

Hey stephanie, where do you and your sister shop for coach bags?

Hey :) We get them @ coach outlets. Usually the one at vacaville.

DUDE, you are HELLA preety w/ or w/o makeup (; heheh hmm, anywhoo, yuup you look more grownup with makeup and more innocent w/o it haha happy new years!

Aww, thanks :) I feel hella weird w/ out makeup. LOLL & happy new years :)

duuude, oh my gosh I was watching Viv's part 3 for Reno and OMG, Frank is like a PRINCE to you (; you were like "slipping/having a hard time to get down that hill" and he like ran there to hold your hand even when he was slipping a bit himself ! that is true love, doll and its real cute :D

LOLLLLL ! Hehe :)

what would you do if you somehow lost feelings for frank?

Lmfao, i rather not think about that. But it happened before. It all comes back to me in no time ! Just gotta rekindle the flame.

i think a lot of the same people are asking you questions lol. like i was scrolling down, and 3 questions in a row were "shoe haul" and stuff like that. i dont think peope are genuinely asking you questions anymore :/ whats the difference between formspring and formspring me?

I know right ?! I posted a blog about that. LOL Their spamming >:/ Formspring.Me; i can answer the questions right away & it shows on the homepage. Formspring; i have to post them on my blog before answering. LOL Formspring.Me is a lot easierrr

Hey, i was the one who asked that REALLY long question, the one about how i was getting picked on for having a big face. Can you please give me advice tho? I took alot of effort typing it & i would appreciate it if you could reply back.

Yeah, im answering it now ! I had to go to dinner in between. Sorry for the waitttt :/ Haha, i would never NOT reply to a question ! I just have trouble finding time to do it.

Theres this guy at school who picks on me. Its weird cos i never got picked on before. Im a sophomore tooo, so i wanted your opinion. So like, i was waiting outside of my next class & my teacher was running late. I was just standing there & this guy passed by and touched my head. I looked over to him & he went over to his friend. The he said "THERES ___!" "HAHAHAHA THE BIG FACE!" His other friend was just laughing, it was shocking cos i talked to him before and he seemed really friendly. I didn't know what to do, so i just turned around and ignored them. They kept calling me out & i was so fucking pissed. I don't think no one else heard them, but i was so embaraassed! The teacher finally came & they left. I felt so sad, i didnt know what to do. Im scared i might bump into them again, what should i do if they call me out again & pick on me? Its funny cause i always knew my face wasnt small. Everyone told me it fit my body cause im 5'6. Iderrno, now i feel insecure & i feel like EVERY GUY thinks the same way about my face :/ Advice?

I think their just joking around ! Guys don't know when to stop & they probably didn't think you would take it seriously. Everyone has different face sizes & shapes so don't feel insecure ! If they do it again, stand up for yourself. Just tell them bluntly that you don't like it. They WONT do it again. But, they might think that you ' can't take a joke ' or w/e. Either way, i think you should stand up for yourself. & don't apply ONE guys opinion on ALL guys ! Sorry for the wait again. I hope this helps cause i'm not really good @ advice :/ Good luccccck !

Hi Stephanie. I love your blog! I'm kinda like you, same age, dont have many friends at school and i'm shy.I wear similar clothing as you but a little fobby at times lol. everyone else in my school wears tshirts and jeans so people talk ALOT about the way i dress.i know i dress up but i dont know why people are making SUCH a big deal. they are under estimating me cuz of that, and think i'm stupid, only cares about looks when i work harder than 99% of them. it's just really frustrating and since the new year is coming, i was wondering should i change the way i dress? i don't want to but i don't know how to deal with all the people that say omg, look at her clothes or why is she wearing that? -_-

Hello & thanks :) No, DONT change the way you dress to please other people ! Everyone gots their own style & their probably just jealous. I mean, if their not gonna like you for your appearance then why would you even WANT to be their friend in the first place ? Yeahhh, it'll be frustrating but ignore all the haters & see who can look past that. The ones who don't judge you are your real friends. Otherwise, just fuck the rest ! You don't gotta please them. I hope this helpssssss; i'm not very good @ advice. :/

Victoria's Secret ♥

Not my collection. Just a few stuff put together.
I'll probably get some hate from the underwear, but i could care less -.- Their all new anyways. LOL

Bed Rock Remix :)

" Maybe its time to put this penis on your lipgloss. "
LOOOOOOL ! I love this remix.
Timothy Delaghetto !

Miranda Kerr + Jackets.

^ The jackets. I would kill to get a VS jock-like bomber jacket thing. -.-

Happy New Years Loves;

New Year is the time for renewal. It's not the fireworks nor the resolutions that make it special. It's the signal for new hope, redemption, & chance that things will be better each & every year.

There's a whole lot of things I'm gonna do differently this year. But no, I'm not gonna jot it all down & strive to complete the list by 2011. I know what i wanna do, what i wanna change, & what i wanna improve. I don't need no goddamn list to be constantly nagging at me. Cause, when 2011 does roll around, & if i don't have every single resolution checked off, it'll just bring me down & that's far from what i want to achieve this year. So, no list, just a whole load of effort.
Love, xstephhunnie.

Fuck yeah, happy new years everyone.

2010, here i come.

December 30, 2009

Idk why i did this. But anyways, natural beauty ? Psh, not even close. -.- I know, the before picture is HELLA ugly. I just woke up, i never even combed through my hair. LOOL ! But yeah, i have no shame.
An hour laterrrrr. Hair, make up, clothes, accessories. Yupyup. A lot better, huh ?No idea what i'm doing today. Im gonna doll up anyways. Even if im not going out. It's new years !

#80) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -

Quote !

Formsping.Me ( 34 )

How did you get your parents to let frank sleep over? My parents doesnt even let my bf go into my house:(

Aww :/ I have a close relationship with my mom & she understands me. My sister asked if her bf could sleep over & when she agreed, she said i could too. Does your parents know he's your boyfriend ? Try to gain her trust ! :)

the last time i checked your blog today was around 6. it's like 1:09am right now, and there are so many more posts! this made me happy :] thanks!

LOOL ! Awww, THIS POST made me happy :)

what does your boyfriend do while your shopping for soo long in a store?

Sometimes he goes to one of his stores nearby & at other times, he buys a drink to keep himself busy. LOL !

Oh sorry, buht I also wanna add from the other cartilage question I JUST asked. I'm gitting two on the same ear, so like do you thingk the first one will hurt more & then the second one will be less cuz I'll just be thingking of the pain in my first one? LOL...sorta confusing..sorry. Haha. Thank you so much!!!! (:

LOL, It's fine :) My first one felt like nothing but the 2nd + 3rd hurt a LOT cause i got them together. I think it hurts less when you get them one at a time. It's the 2nd cartilage of the day that hurts. Prob cause its already hella stinging from the 1st one & when you do it again, it hurts a whole lot. I would suggest one @ a time but its cheaper with two ! I think you can handle it though, go for it :) Your welcome !

Can you do hauls?! Like take pics watever you get all the timeee

Hm, yeah, when i have time ! I actually DO, do that stuff already but i find pictures online instead of taking them myself. But yeah, i'll try to do them more often :)

I'm almost going to git a cartilage piercing & I'm sorta nervous about it. :X Does it hurt hella bad ? &Like when you git your lobe pierced, you know how it doesn't hurt when the gun goes in, buhht afterwards it stings, is cartilage like doesn't hurt when it goes in & stings after??? Or does it just hurt the whole time? How much does it hurt! Yeeee! I'm so nervous buhht excited! LMAO!!

Hm, it depends on your pain tolerance ! But in general, it hurts a tiny bit when it goes in & stings a lot after. LOL I was REALLY REALLY nervous but it didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would ! From a scale of 1-10; 10 being the most painful, i would say its a 3. Don't worry about it ! The end result is worth the pain anyways LOL Good luck :D

Can you do a shoe collection?!?!?!?!?!

LOL Yes ! It's coming :D

Shoees, I like Shoees.

Lmfao, me too :)

do you have a bump behind your ear where your cartilage piercing was ? i had a couple of friends who did and im scared when i go get mine i would get a bump . :/

I have one behind my 2nd cartilage piercing & i know a few people who have it. I think its there cause they pierced it bad :/ But outta 3 cartilage piercings, only 1 has the bump so i'm guessing its pretty rare ? When it has a lump, it hurts when you change it. When it doesn't, you don't feel a thing. I'm not exactly sure how/why you get it though :/ Its pretty rare ! Don't worry, it doesn't affect you too bad :)

Can you take pics of your hauls! I LOVE YOUR STYLE

LOL Thanks & yups !

Do hauls!

Lmfao, i will !

When i saw you, your bf, your sister and her bf playing 'draw my thing', i just wanted to play it right away! I'm like addicted to that game, even though i'm not that good. Maybe one day, we can play? (:

Yes ! Of course :) I'll post the link on my blog/aim the next time i play. Or, you can add me as a friend :) Search " xstephhunnie " !

Have you ever gotten in trouble with a teacher in school?

Lmfao hm, not in too much trouble. I'm a good girl :D

Hey steph! I was jw but how come when you and your fam go up to reno you guys don't ski/snowboard? (:

Hello :) My family isn't really into that stuffs ! Me/My Sister don't know how + im kinda scared. But, i'll probably try sometime in the future when i'm older. LOL

I freaking love your blog. & I love how you CONSTANTLY blog all the time, i get happy when i find new posts! Expecially pics of your outfits & hauls :)

LOL Aww, thank you so so so much :) I always try to post as much as possible for you guys :D

I lovee your hauls girrrrrl!

Lmfao, Thanks !

I love how you accesoriees man xDD


Pleasee show more hauls! Like tops :)

LOL Mkay, next time i get stuffs !

How much did it cost you to get your cartilage pierced? I want 2!

LOL $30 for a set @ piercing pagoda :)


LOL Mkay, i will :)

Acessories Collection Pleaseee =)

Yes sirrrr !

I fucking love you, you sho pweetty!

Lmfao, i disagree. But, thanks :)

Girl, can you do more hauls? I knoe you do them, but can you do them constantly like yoour sis? I adore them! K thanks :-)

LOL I'll try & your welcome !

Im waiting for your next blog, i love your blogs man

LOL Aww, thanks :)

ooh, can you take pics of the things your going to purchase online? :DDD

LOL Yeah, i'll find it later tonight :)

Can you show the 20 tops you got?

LOL The new clothes that i've got ? Erg, probably not cause they won't be so ' new ' when i wear them to school :/ But, i'll take pictures of my outfits when i do wear it :)

do u think there's love at 1st sight? i mean, i don't think it's real...

Hm, i think so. I believe in fate :)

i think you have natural beauty :)

I disagree ! But thank you so much :)

omgg, i love yourrrr hairr. its so nice :)

LOL Hehe, thanks :)

What do you call Frank's parents? Haha. Like 'Auntie' or what?

LOL I don't call them anything ! I just say hi & smile sweetly. + i don't see them that often :/

what's the worse thingg you've done too a friend?

Talk shit i think, but that was a LONG time ago. I'm always ' too nice ' to do mean things. LOL

I know how you feel when people call you skinny when you think you're not. I'm currently 90 lbs and my height is 5'4 and a LOT of people call me anorexic and skinny, but i swear, i eat a lot. Sometimes it gets annoying hearing people say that, but i guess i'm used to it now.

Agreed ! That's EXACTLY how i feel. I hate being called anorexic when in reality, you eat a TON. LOL :/

heyyy what gifts did you get frank and what did frank get you?

LOL Here, i'll just state some offa the top of my head.
Me to him: 1,000 stars, roses, clothing, an ENTIRELY filled notebook, couple keychains, matching pillowcases, matching pens, a teddy bear. Uhh, i can't think of anything else at the moment :/
Him to me: Ring, Necklace, 1,000 stars, clothes, roses, Gold necklace, a bajillion cars, letters, & i can't think of anything else. :/

hi stephanie, im the girl about the sleeping over boyfriend thing, well. my mom& sister knows that i got a bf and who he is but my dad is just really confused about it. LOL i dated guys before and my parents didnt really like them..

Hello :) Aww, i think you just gotta gain your parents' trust for your boyfriend. Their probably just being protective of you so let them know he's a good guy ! They'll eventually accept him :) Good luck !

DAMN. 34 ?! Haha, thanks guys !

Don't hesitate ! Just no spamming. -.-

Rambles !

Boyfriends over tonight so i never blogged ): He doesn't like it when i blog 24/7. LOL It's understandable though. I answered MOST of the ! I'll post the answered ones here in a bit. I didn't answer the REALLY long ones cause i have no time :/ I'm sorry ! Omfg, last day of new years. I haven't made new year's resolutions yet ... maybe i just won't this year. I don't even know what i'm doing tomorrow night. How sad. Well, i'll post about my day some other time. Sorry for the little posts today ):

^ Lmfao, i'd so get that if i saw it in stores.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Please stop -.-

I think some of you are spamming my formspring w/ like questions. & on Formspring.Me, i can't see your IP adress. If you guys continue to spam & take advantage of it, i'm gonna go back to formspring. I thought you guys would like this site better since i answer on the spot. But, if you guys are gonna spam me, i obviously needa go back. Please stop, thanks.

Hm, i just got home ! I'll post a little later cause at the moment, i'm shopping online & about to order. Ttyl lovesssss.


Lmfao, i have 20+ new tops & i decide to wear exactly what i wore yesterday. I'm brain dead. Cut me some slack !

Formspring Answers ( 13 )

How do you pierce your ear by yourself?

My aunt did it for me, she has the gun. You can use a needle & an apple ? But i WOULDN'T recommend any of this O.O LOL

Have you ever had a near death esperience?

Yuuuup, plenty. LOL I posted a fact about it ! :
#3) I've had many near death experiences. In addition, 911 have been called for me twice, I've broken a bone, and I've fainted two times.
Kinda sucks. I'm not very healthy :/

Can you do a jewerly collection?

My jewelry is a MESS. LOL It's just in drawers but i can take a picture if you want ? But, i won't take every piece out cause that'll take FOREVER. I'll make time to do this request :)

Can you do a shoe collection?

Hm, since someone asked for my top 20 fav shoes, i'll just take pictures of my ENTIRE shoe collection. It'll take me a longass time but i'll try :)

Where did you get your hoop earrings in the acessories today post? I think I have the same pair xD!

I THINK i got them @ Amuse but i'm not sure ! LOL I love them :D

I LOVE your shoes xDDD can you do a shoe collection?? :D

Yeah, sure :)

shoe collection pleaseeee! =)

Dang, hella people asking ! LOL It'll be coming soon :)

Can you show your flat boots, flats, & sandals?

Yeah, i'll show every single pair of shoes i still fit. LOL :)

Stephanie, since you have so much clothes. Do you have clothes that you like a lot that you repetitvely keep wearing? :D If yes, can you take quick pics of them? thanks!

LOL Hm, top wise i have a few that i've worn about 3-5 times ? Jackets, i repeat ALL the time ! LOL I'll take pictures of the tops i keep wearing :) Your welcome !

Is your sister still up? LOLOL

LOL Wth ?! Yes she is !

How do you go home from school everyday?

LOL I get a ride from my daddy.

I wish my mom was chill like your mom :(

Awwwww :/ If you talk to your mom more & trust her, she'll eventually understand you. Just try to have a better relationship with her :)

I think you look really nice with black hair!

Aww, thank you :)

I answer formspring pretty damn quick. LOL Mkay, off to bed.

^ Keep Posting :)


#79) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -

#78) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -Love the earrings.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch me tomorrow ?

It was me & my boyfriends 23rd anniversary a few days ago but we were too busy to celebrate ! So we're going to DT shopping, Ice Skating, & then dinner tomorrow :) I'm kinda nervous ! LOL I don't know why -.- I get nervous when we have our single dates. Even after like a hundred times, i still get nervous the night before :X Tehehe, thats kinda weird isn't it ? Oh well, i like the feeling ! Well, you can catch me shopping ! I'll probably spend FOREVER at F21. I've been obsessed with that store these past weeks. If you see me, say hi ! I'd love it :) I'm probably more shy than you are so don't even hesitate. LOL Thanks for all the posts. Idk why i'm getting so much @ a time, but i love it ! I'm gonna post a few more pictures & quotes, then i'm off to bed. I gotta get up at 12:00 tomorrow >:/ Thats REALLY early for me. LOL So i'm gonna sleep soon.I have some pretty pointless pictures. I'll put them on my rambling posts just to add a pop of color. LOL

Formspring Answers ( 9 )

Holy crap, 10 formsprings in only 15 minutes ! Thanks :)

Keep going; I love answering ! LOL

Hi :) uhm i read ur post about slutty dance and i was wondering what type of dance was it O.O

Hello :) It's just the performance dances to songs by The Pussycat Dolls, Danity Kane, & Girlicious. LOL Like the ones THEY actually perform on stage. Its just a ton of booty shaking and hair flipping ! Haha, its fun. I actually posted a fact about it, here's the link !
Lmfao, i state specific songs.

Yoour so pretty!

Awww, thank you :) Haha, i disagree though !

Can you please do an EASY nail tutorial? Its hard painting my right fingers :/

Sure ! I'll do it right when i think of a design :)

Do you think people from school follw you? Did anyone from school make fun of you for blogging?

I'm pretty sure a few do cause i've gotten formspring posts saying their in my class but they never left a name ): Nope ! No one at school ever approached me, telling me they read my blog LOL

Where do you buy your double fingered rings? I WANT ONE SO BAD, but i cant find them anywhere :/ I checked forever21 & charlotte russe & some other accesories stores but i cant find em!

I get them at F21, Wetseal, & Aldo. :O Really ?! They should have tons at F21 ! I wouldn't recommend Aldo though cause its real pricey. Hm, they come in & out of F21 so keep checking back every once in a while :/ Good luck :)

Can you & your sister do blogtv again! :)

LOL Next time she'll be on blog tv is January 2nd ! I'll be jumping in & outta it of it so when you catch me there, you can ask me questions :)

Where do you get your piercings done? Do you do them yourselfs cause if you got them done buy someoneelse, well, it must of cost alot of $$. I wanna get 3 piercings on my right ear, but its gonna cost of $$$ :/

They are really pricey :/ My first lobe set was done @ Claire's. My second lobe set was done @ home. My third lobe piercing & my 3 cartilage i got done @ piercing pagoda ! It was $30 per set which is REALLY expensive but i trust that store. Lots of people get it done @ little shops in hair salons or China Town ( if you live around here ). They turn out fine but i WOULD NOT trust it ! It's only about $5-$10 there. It's pretty much up to you, but i would highly recommend Piercing Pagoda :)

Can you do a nail tutorial using the colors royal blue & babyblue? With some glitter & stars! Something easy (:

Sure ! I'll keep it as simple as possible :)

At school, you said you only hang with your boyfriend. What if you two end up breaking up badly, who would you hang out with at school?

I have no idea. I'm trying not to think too far into the future. LOL I'll find a solution, & if not, i don't mind being alone.

Formspring Answers ( 12 )

stephanie! there's a way to make your posts private, i believe. if not, you should join tumblr, because they give you that option to make it private or not. just to let you knowww (:

LOL Hmm, i just wanna make like CERTAIN posts private though :/ I would join tumblr but that would be a waste of my work here ! :/ & Thanks !

do you parents like Frank? do you guys sleep together?

Yup, they like Frank. & Yup, we sleep together. LOL

Do you still wear sneakers for example nike, jordons,etc ? Or is it all heels for you?:)

I have a ton of sneakers but at the moment, it's all heels for me. LOL :D

are your parents strict?

Nu uhhh ! Their hella chilled & they understand me. They pretty much let me do w/e i want LOL

Can you do an easy nail tutorial with the colors baby blue? Its hard to paint my right hand fingers cos i write with my right hand.

LOL Sure ! Just anything w/ baby blue ? Or do you wanna specify a little more ? Yeahh, i have trouble with that too. Just keep practicing, you'll get used to it :)

Can you take a picture of all your shoes? Like maybe the top 20 fav shoes?

Sure, i'll make time for that :)

Do you ever feel like your missing out on the 'highschool experience' since you choose not to have any friends?

Everyone says that i am, but honestly, I don't think so. I really don't care ! I mean, as long as i'm happy right ? If i ever felt like i was missing out, then i would've never done this in the first place. Cause, it WAS my choice. LOL

Aw thanks for the pictures of your haircut! I was the one on blogtv that asked if you could take a pic of your hair. I really like my new haircut, thanks :)

LOL No problem ! Glad you like it :)

ohhh damn! about yer sleeping problems, me too! oh gosh:p nice to know i'm not the only one

LOL, it's SO annoying >:/

i like the flower you have on your cartilage! i have one on mine too.. but the flower isn't pretty ): lol do your cartilage piercings still hurt? i've had mine pierced since may, and sometimes, it hurts when i change the earring =/

I had my cartilage for about 2 years now & it still hurts when i change it. I think it always will :/ But, I've gotten used to that pain so it doesn't bother me anymore. Try to stick to sterling silver earrings so they don't get infected. & thanks ! You can get them at F21 for only a few bucks, their really cute. :)

Do you watch MTV? :D

Yup ! I'm more interested in VH1 though. LOL

How do you get so many followers? I just started, but i have no idea how.

I actually only have 21 followers ! Not many people have a blogger so they cant follow :/ But either way, they always check back ! Erg honestly, i have NO IDEA how my site got out there. It just happened over time. Hm, make a wufoo, formspring, or ! It really helps :)

Outfit today ---

I promised !
Man, why's this picture quality kinda bad ?! :/ Anyways, here's my outfit for today;

Grey cardigan from Ninas - $12.00
Grey printed tank from Agaci - $14.00
Black leggings from Ninas - $5.00
Black braided belt from Wetseal - ( I have no idea, got it a year ago )
Gold/Black necklace from ForLove - $5.00
Black/Silver rose ring from ForLove - $5.00
Btw, i estimate the prices !
LOL I look evil & kinda weird.

Accessories Today ---

Please ignore my baby hairs ! Ah, this picture is hella cool. LOL I like like like !

I promise i'll do an outfit of the day thing when i get home :) I REALLY like my outfit today & imma wear it again in school. LOL I normally don't like posting up pictures of what i'm wearing if im gonna be SEEN wearing it again but this will be an exception!

#77) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -
Prettyyyy. I need more pictures posts.

Rambling !

Holy shits. I just looked through my old blog posts. What i used to be & what i am now is COMPLETELY different. I changed a whole lot. I would say i got a lot more independent. LOL So, i guess its a good change. I feel like this has been a public blog for a LONG time but i realized that it started getting big just two months ago O.O Feels so much longer. I was wondering how the word even got out there. It was when i made a wufoo ! LOL & people started requesting things. I got a LOT more questions then, then i do now >:/ Disappointing. Eh, i've been doing nothing all day. Im bouta go out to dinner @ like 6 so i gotta get ready now ! Maybe i'll take some pics later on tonight ? LOL I'll doll up. Or at least try to. Yups, ending it here. Btw; what do you guys like more ? Pictures of random shits or me rambling all the time ? LOL I feel like i talk to much.

Don't you think ..

There's too much words & not enough pictures on my blog ?!

Fact 35-

#35) I have trouble sleeping at night.
Everynight, it takes me an hour to sleep. I lay in bed with blankets covering EVERY part of me except my mouth so i can breathe. When i close my eyes, every scary thing i've ever watched replays in my head. I think about all the different ways i can die, right there on the spot. I plan ways to escape. I start hyperventilating. My breathing & heart beat increases. My vision blurs. & oh boy, i'm scared outta my mind. After one hour of being scared to death, i finally drift off into sleep. When i wake up, the first thing i think is " Oh god, i'm alive. " & I sit up to look around. Jesus. Its horrible.

Amazingly, all this goes away when my boyfriend is sleeping next to me. Incredible huh ? Well, i'm not making this up. I seriously have problems. I'm insane. -.-

Thank god he's here tonight.

Formsping Answers ( 4 )

on blog tv, your sister said that she hasn't applied to any colleges yet. aren't college applications due already? like the UC/CSU apps?

LOL Yeah, she wants to go to a city college ! So she didn't bother applying to UC/CSU schools.

I actually think it's possible for you to make your blogspot private, but I'm not sure how since I am not a blogger. But I've seen people's pages set to private.

Yeahh, but i don't want to make the entire blog privite, i just want like certain posts. :/

You shouldn't haveta be " careful " about what you post cuz this is your blog & it hella sucks that people judge you! Just fuck whatchu heard ! (: Keep blogging&ignore haters..aha.

Agreed ! Yeah, i do that most of the time but sometimes, i kinda wanna satisfy my blog followers. I mean, they view my blog for a reason :/ Thanks though ! :D

hiii XD i went to A.P and you probably dont remember me but you & mandy deng did a dance in grade8th and it was really slutty and inappropriate for your age. Why would you do that dance && do you have any tips for doing it now? thankkkkkkkkkkkks :)

Lol, name ?! Oh shit O.O Yeah, i know it was slutty but imma slut so w/e. LOL I did those types of dances cause i thought it was sexy & i still do. I don't think it was inappropriate, i think some people are just more mature than others. I sound like a bitch -.- But i have no shame of my dances whatsoever ! I actually miss doing that. LOL Uhhhh, tips on it ? Watch youtube vids of their live performances over & over. Practice in front of the mirror. Think sexy. Sweat your ass off. LOL Your welcome !

LOL, last question brought back hella memories. Shoots, i'm missing that !


Someone on blog TV requested front views of my hair ! Sorry if this is a bit late :/ But here's the best i could find. The front of my hair isn't pretty. Trust me ): I left the pictures extra big so just click on them !

I hope this helps ! Good luck with your hair cut :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

I wish i had a choice.

JESUS. I. Am. So. Fucking. Irritated.
Seriously, when will you stop ?
I can't say more cause i don't want the world to know what i'm talking about.

The bad thing about my blog having 2,000+ viewers is that i don't have the privacy to talk about personal subjects. Sometimes, i gotta vent about what I feel. & i know that if i did, you guys would judge & bash on me. Dangits ! Haha, oh well. At the same time, i love my blog being pretty " well known ". + I love reading the nice comments you guys leave me. Sometimes, i just wish i could choose when i want it to be private & when i want the world to read it, you know ?


I don't wanna become just another
" used to be ".

Formsping Answers ( 8 )

Ask Ask Ask !

Can you take a picture of your haircut? I REALLY like it, & i'm planning on getting a haircut soon! K thanks (:

LOL Thanks ! Here's some pictures i've taken before:
Its just REALLY layered. I hope this helps :)

omg i wanna know your AIM!

" x smooooooch " ! With 6 O's. LOL I seriously need a new sn but its too much work ):

How are you watching new moon online ? :D

LOL My boyfriend gave me a website ! " " :)

Awww the wolf and raccon pic is soo cute ! LOL. Remember, you're never too old to go to circus circus :D

LOOL Thanks ! :D Seriously, i still love it but i feel hella out of place there. LOLL

do you and sisters party a lot?

Nu uh ! LOL We both don't drink/smoke/etc. LOL No crazy parties, ever.

hii! What kind of camera did u use to take pictures during ur reno trip. is like such a good quality!!! =) haha thanks!

LOL It actually has even better quality when its on the camera. It's a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. No problem :)

Hi (: I'm the girl who asked for your ideas on where me & my bf are gonna go on our 3-year anniversary. It's okay for you not answering it on time. We just went on a 3-day trip to Reno. Since he's 17 years old, we just used his parent's car. Since our parents know that we want it to be special, we only went. It was really fun but i hurt my ankle when i slipped on the snow ): So yeaahs. Maybe you guys could just have a picnic or something. Oh btw, i love your idea on the book thing! (:

Hello :) That sounds REALLY fun ! LOL Aww, are you okay ?! :/ Yeahhhh, probably something chilled. LOL Thanks :D

I think that it would be cool if you did YouTube videos like your sister!

LOL I would but i'm REALLY shy ): I feel more comfortable typing than talking :/ Sorry ! I might start doing some short clips once in a while though ?

Unique Vistor Counter ;

Hm, 2437 ?! Okay, either its lying to me or i should feel special.
Honestly, its intimidating O.O
I NEVER thought i'd have that many.
But anyways, thanks guys :D

Pictures from today !

Ehhhh, i don't really like this picture. ):
LOLLL, i'm stupid. My face expression is funky. -.-

Stufffs i've boughten this week;;;

So i've ran out of clothes that i wanna buy. Everytime i go shopping, i can't find anything i like cause it feels like everything looks like something i already have. When that happens, you KNOW you've bought too much clothes. LOL ! Anyways, so i've just been spending my monaay on jewelry ! So here's some pictures :)

The " LUCKY STAR " ring came as a set but unlike those that're stuck together, these arent. I think this will be a LOT more comfy. LOL It's really pretty & i really like it ! Rose ring i bought todaaaaay @ Serra. Its not the prettiest but it REALLY stands out. LOL I like it :)
Gold/ Pearl necklace ! I'm really into these big, bold necklaces nowadays O.O The color is off in this picture. :/
Gold/Black necklacee.
Big, bold silver chain necklace. Shell earrings. Peacock necklace !
Snowflake, big, bold, necklace :)
Umm, yuuuuup !

Ill be in & out of blog TV. LOL I hate how i look ight now, so i don't wanna show my face :/

BLOGTV right now.

Blog TV Tongiht ! :)

Blog TV
8:30 PM PST
Come & Watch :)
Get to know me ! You'll only catch me once a month live so don't miss it. LOLL Oh & a heads up, i'm really shy. :X

#76) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -

This girls pretty !
I want more skirts. It's winter though, so i'll wait a while. ):

Nighttttt Loves ♥

Alrightys, its almost 2 AM so i'm gonna go to bed now. LOL Going to Serramonte 2m ! So if you catch me, say hi :) ALL the reno pics are up so take a look at that. Hm, thats about it. Bye ! :D

Oh yeah; Don't forget to formspring me ! ---
I love reading your posts :)

#75) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -

Reno Pics ( Part 4 )- LastDay!

Day 2; Last Day !

Just woke up. I have no natural beauty so i'm hiding my face. The boyfriend looks tired too. LOL ): MOVE ON TO THE NEXT PIC NOW ! >:[

View from the room ! LOL Prettttttty. Had to get ready hella quick so we could return the room by the right time. I hate rushing.

Hairs a mess. Bangs are weird. I have eye bags. LOL not my day. I really really like my peacock necklaceeeee.

MY BANGS ARE HELLA WEIRD. -.- Idk what happened. But yeahhhhhh.

Lmfao, idk. I like though !

Last few games @ Circus Circus. We got the biggest prize at almost EVERY game. LOL Like seriously, we got the humungo stuffed animals. :D Fuck yeah. I think i'm getting a bit too old.

LOL Love this jewelry claw machine. We got 3 watches, 5 necklaces, & 4 pairs of sunglasses. We're pretty damn good @ all these games.

Vivian & Christian !

Tedddddy Bearrrrrs.

Babe was too lazy to gel his hair. LOL He looks EXHAUSTED.

Vivian + Christian whos not paying attention. LOL


Got the whole wolf & raccoon family going on. LOLL

On my way back home/ to vacaville. So fckin pretty.

Sun + Snow. LOL Last picture ! ):

Sighhhhh. I miss my vacation already. LOL I had tons of fun though. I hope you guys enjoyed the pics :) Tell me what you guys think !