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Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Blog ...

I have a confession ..
Quick blog, its late, i'm tired.
  • Realized moms going to china NEXT week.. tehehe
  • Stayed up till 2 doing my homework last night.
  • Was a lazy bum today; Dressed like an idiot. :)
  • Obsessed with the show " My Antonio " Hes fucking AMAZING.
  • Is sad that Meagan wants a Millionaire is canceled ):
  • Can't wait untill the next episode of Tool Academy !
  • Doesn't know what else to write... LOL ..
Mkays, imma end it here. Update when i got time ! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I wanna know ! ...

I have a confession ..
Schools been .. good. Ive just been exhausted from getting up so early everyday. So its freakin hot today ! LOL i love it but too bad i can't go to the beach today >< .. i got a bigassss party tonight and i gotta help out with everything. Holy crap, my moms leaving for china in 2 freakin days. Ive never been away from her for over a day. LOL .. so this is gonna be weird. But after a week or so, both my dad & my mom will be coming back. So everything will be normal again. Hm, im pretty sure imma go watch Final Destination 3 today. Im scared. LOL stupid frank hella wants to go -.- So ive been wondering .. i wanna know who reads my blogs ! LOL goddamnit, it only tells you the count but i wanna find out WHO. So if your reading this, leave a comment maybe ? I have no idea how i got 800+ views on this. & i wanna know who reads my random blogs. LOL Seriously !

I would like to thank my babe for being so fucking amazing this week. He kept me up & would make me laugh/ smile so fucking hard. LOL thank you ! I loveeeee you :) <3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School was better ! / So goddamn irritated ...

I have a confession ...
School was .. amazingly better today ! Haha, i actually laughed & had a lil fun ! Hm, i think my year will gradually get better throughout the year, or at least i hope so >< ...

Then again, this one bitcccccccch is pissing me off. Gah, i'm pretty sure you know who you are & im pretty sure you'll read this shit. For the millionth time, stop biting offa me. I NEVER care anymore but when you make it THAT exact, it gets to me. Haaaah, i think your the ONLY one im starting to hate. Its so fucking irritating ! I guess its not worth starting shit over but i swear, im mad enough to do something stupid -.- Hahah, a tiny bit of my violent side is showing. Fuck off, and get your own shit before i get furious. You'll might think im stupid, but im goddamn serious.

I haven't been in the best mood, as most of you could tell. Haha, im exhausted from school. Well.. time for homework ! I can't wait until the weekend. Goddamnnnnnnnn, i need some more sleep.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of my sophmore year / Why i'm feeling this way ..

I have a confession ..
So, first day of school today ! It was horrible but i didn't expect it to be any better then it was. I already KNOW this years gonna be full of stress. Hm, so lemme vent bout my day !

Second Period; Chinese - The teacher seems pretty nice ! & im pretty sure ill have no problem in the class. LOL plus, i already understand full mandarin but im not gonna tell the teacher so she won't expect as much from me >:) Muhahaha.

Thrid Period; Chemistry - Holy fucking cow. She fucking scares me more then Andrejeff did ! How the fuck is that even possible. LOL Gaaaaaay. Freakin assessments 2m. Gah, i dont wanna take no test. -.- Gay shit. I think imma have a hardass time in this class.

Forth Period; Algebra - Hm, the teacher seems nice but the class is hard O.O I didn't know that if i was in adv algebra honors, i skip pre-cal next year. LOL but thats fucking cooooool >:) I think imma have a hard time here too -.- .. :(

Fifth Period; English - Hm, teacher is fairly nice .. work seems easy but i SUCK at language arts. I write horrible essays, idk shit about grammar, and i can't spell ! LOL i have no idea why im even in an honors class. Immmmmma dieeeeeeeee ><

Sixth Period; Gym - Hmmmmm LOL i think ill be fine. Just gotta run a lot and i get an A >:)

Seventh Period; Modern World - Sucks staying in class when you know half the school is out. LOL At first she looked hella fucking mean & my heels were clicking -.- .. but then .. she seems really easy & nice now. I think ill have NO problem in this class >:)

But yeah, this year seems boring overall. LOL i hate how i barely talk the entire day. Well, i know the people in my class i just .. don't wanna make friends -.- Idk, i dont need friends to get through this year. I think ill survive on my own. Okay that sounds sad. LOL but i dont give a fuck ! Hm, i actaully got stupid HOMEWORK. I should eat some tums, i have a heartburn -.- Hold on. GAH this is SO gross. Okay, i give up on the 2nd one. LOL im just gonna eat one :) ...

So everyones been wondering .. whats up with me lately. Well, i guess i just need some time away from all of you for now. I mean, you weren't there when i needed you guys .. no one even bothered. I felt like i didn't even exist. So i ended up @ home, alone for the entire day in bed, feeling all depressed & stressed out. I'm not mad, its just disappointing. Then again, i can't expect you to be there 24/7 but that was the only time in a LONG time i wanted someone to be there .. and they weren't. W/e ill get over this feeling but i dont want to talk about it with anyone. I'm fine. I'll be fine. Just give me some time ..

This blog was long. O.O But i gotta start some damn homework now. Byeeeeeees. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I don't know why ...

" You'll never realize the absolute pain you put me through,

or how much I deeply truly hate you for it.

But honestly..

I'm still in love with you, & i dont know why .. "

Your fucking this up ...

I have a confession ..
I don't know what im going to do with you. Do you honestly think your gonna get away with it this again ? Hah, try me, bitch. I'm sweet & innocent but you'll see what happens when you tick me off. I'm done with this mess.

I'm nice, but im not an angel.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crayfish/ Haircut/ Etc .. :D

Holy shits. I should post more often, huh ? Hahah, so 4 more days before school starts & i haven't started summer reading. I'm screwed (: .. LOL instead of starting, im sitting here, staring at my crayfish. LOLL i bought 6 from the supermarket & their my pets >:) .. but babe always stares at them saying " dude, i hella wanna eat them " Dangit, BACK OFF. I'm scared someones gonna cook it someday. LOL >:/ Anyways .. i got a hair cut yesterday ! I got rid of my damn blonde highlights. They were getting messssy. Hm, got it trimmed & dyed redish purpish insteadd. I really like it :D .. I really think i should start reading :/ Okie dokes, im gonna post some other time ! Prob on the first day of school. Im NOT looking foward to it. I don't mind going there to learn & sit in class but i dont wanna deal w/ the fckin drama & over reactive people. Its so stupid -.- Gah, i hope this year doesn't suck. Byessssss :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sophmore Schedule ...

I have a confession ..
Oh yeah , imma post up my schedule. LOL

2; Chinese 1 - Miller, Suzanne
3; Chemistry 1 HON - Aragones, Rowen
4; ADV Algebra 1 HON - De Los Reyes, Mi
5; 10th grade english HON - Costantini, Serg
6; PHYS EDUC 3 - Corbett, Sophia
7; Modern World 1 - Kyund, Eunyung

Yeah, so tell me if you got classes with me (: .. LOL & if you know if the teacher is easy or hard O.O .. ahaha

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rambling ..

I have a confession ..
Holy shit, i haven't posted in forever. Anways, got my damn schedule yesterday. -.- Wttf, i got late schedule ! >:( I guess i'll just live with it. LOL idc that much. I fuckin DONT wanna go back to school. Its SO fucking boring & i don't fit in with ANYONE there >:/ .. FML ): Anyways, i think i'm gettin my belly pierced on the first day of school. LOL i'm nervous & scared but everyone says " it wasn't as bad as i thought i'd be " -.- BUT STILL. omfg LOL GAAAAH, ive been wanting it since forever though >< & since everyone has cartilage now, it doesn't mean much anymore. I think i'm done with my ears, fuck it LOL they don't mean that much but omg. >:/ Yeah, i'm hella weird -.- IM BORED. GAHHHH, save me ): ... k ima stop rambling. LOL

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm all torn up ..

I have a confession ..
How depressing, i've been home for like 5 days now ! Well, besides goin out to eat. I'll face it, i'm a complete mess. My heart literally aches & i'm all torn up inside. I'm confused & i have no clue what to do. Well, today's the last day im gonna confine myself in my house. Ive been cryin pretty much everyday. Gah, shit sucks. Well, i'm gonna turn all that around starting tomorrow. Right now, i just wanna be a lazy ass. Ahaha, how sad ): ..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'll step out, i promise ...

I have a confession ...
You know what ? I'll make things a lot simpler for all of us. Whats wrong with me ? You don't have to know. Think I'm being stupid ? There's nothing i can do about how i truly feel. Think i just need some time ? You'll probably wait forever.. The fact is that I'm not okay & I'll never be okay. But, just to keep the stress offa everyone else, ill step outta your lives. You don't have to slowly push me out anymore .. i'll do it myself. No matter how much it hurts me, I'll try, I promise.
Its all i can do ..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dedicated to Steven Huang, I love you hubby :)

I have a confession ..
I am absolutely in love. I want to dedicate a blog especially to him :) So, it's been over 1 & 1/2 months. Yeah, its pretty damn crazy for our age but he might just be the one for me. Hm, so we went to the same preschool, elem, middle, and now high school. Too bad i didn't meet him earlier >< So i met him through friends & he was just someone i saw in the hallways once in a while. Didn't know him enough to ever say hi & all that but eventually we had this group & he was apart of it. Honestly, i didn't notice or pay attention to him until i found out he liked me. I remember this BBQ party we had & he was crushin on me but i had NO CLUE -.- We played spin the bottle & ifreakin had to kiss him on the cheek but that dummy wouldn't let me. I thought he hated me or something -.- LOL Anyways, i found out he liked me at serramonte when i was Christmas shopping with a few guys, including him. Awkward O.O So i started noticing him more & he kept tryin to impress me. LOL it was adorable :D & he kept making me laugh. Started talking to him more often cause i wanted to get to know him. After approximately 2 months, i fell for this dummmmmbo. LOL January 27, 2008 @ 1:34PM; Daly City Century watching Untraceable. I was
kinda expecting it but i was still surprised. Things were pretty awkward considering we barely talked. We had that shy lovetypa thing. LOL I couldn't eat, dance, sing, or even talk around him ! Gah, he gave me butterflies & i was always so nervous. I'll admit, i was probably the WORST girlfriend in the world during the first few months. Oh god, i was a bitch & i feel terrible. Sorry babester ): .. Honestly, i had on & off feelings for another guy for like the first 2 months ? That was stupid, i was stupid. Thanks for putting up with my bitchyness & hanging on. Hm, eventually i got to know him a hell of a lot better & i kept fallin harder. I was absolutely comfortable with him at around .. 6 months ? Yeah, from then on, its been wonderful. Everyday, i fall deeper for him. He's my best friend, my boyfriend, my first love, first kiss, first EVERYTHING. Ah, i love him. LOL We've done a lotta things together. We've even been to Reno together :) That was fun, we gotta go again. LOL Uhm, being away from him is horrible -.- This summer i went to china for a month as you prob know. OMG, i missed his ass like crazy ! We phoned every day though :) I remember coming back & seeing babe with roses @ the airport. GAAAH, he makes my heart melt. It was awkward though, and he gave me butterflies :) .. but i liked it. That feeling went away quickly & we were normal again LOL But that was weird. We're blessed to have parents who allow us to date at this age. I'm blessed to have parents who let him sleep over ! Ahah, hes always sleeping over & its goddamn AMAZING to wake up next to him. Yeah, we fight a whole hell of a lot but we're still crazy about each other. When your in love, you do crazy things. I'd do whatever to be with this boy. Remember all the times where people said shit about us ? The way they thought we wouldn't last ? Hah, look at us now. Everyone have tried to break us up but fuck that -.- .. Its amazing how easily he can make me laugh. He makes me so happy, i feel like I'm on top of the world. He listens to my girl problems & makes me laugh when I'm crying. I need him in my life to feel complete. " You can fall off a chair, or even a tree, but the best way is to fall in love w/ me. " Remember that ? LOOL He's so cheeeesy. That was like a year ago O.O LOL I never really understood what love was until now. Theres no better feeling then this. Yeaaah, i don't believe in forever but i have a really good feeling about this. I can't even explain how i feel about him in words. Gah, hes so mother fucking amazinnnnng & I'm in goddamn love. I don't know how else to put it ! I think about him 24/7, i miss him every second we're not together, & I'll love him forever. I promise babe. Your my world, my life, my reason for living. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me; All the shit ive put you through. Thanks for being the sweet boyfriend I've always wanted & the best friend who
would always be there for me. Thanks for being you & thanks for being in my life. Nothin in this world could break us up. I'd fight for you, I'd die for you. I'm not kiddin, this is real. I'm madly in love with him. Babe, i swear on us, i love you. Since January 27th, 2008 @ 1:34 PM. Its been 18 months. We got through all that, I'm certain we can take on anythin in the future. I'm willing to spend forever with you & i will, i promise. Love you hubby <3.

Ahah, whoahhhh that was hella long O.O Hm, i haven't posted in a while. Ive just been out & about, chillin with friends, shopping. LOL new comp coming 2m :) and ill be able to use it on Wednesday ! yippppe, i can't wait. I got like a bajillion pics to put up O.O Okie dokes, i'm gonna go grab somethin to eat & make babe chocolate covered oreos :D .. i miss him after talking about him -.- but hes coming at 9AM 2m morning :) hehe, I'm excited. :D <3