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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween 2011!!!

I'm so excited!!! Halloween is the kick off to all the upcoming holidays. I've finally decided what I want to be this year. I was considering burlesque, a bunny, an angel, a leopard, & etc. I decided on being a burlesque!!!!! It's sexy and looks so fun to dress up for. LOL IM SO EXCITED. Eeeeeek! Gotta start putting my outfit together ^^ Here are pictures from the last 2 years! (I'll update on my week 2m or sunday! I'm exhausted :P) This will be the 5th Halloween spent w/ my boyfriend. It's crazy!

Sophomore year; 2009
I was a cop! I actually bought this one. It was only $25 I believe :)

Junior year; 2010
I absolutely loved my last years costume. My mom made the entire thing for me. Crazy right?!
Pumpkin patch!
Carving pumpkins!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

College stufffffs-

Sigh.. all this college talk is getting so stressful! I finally got my cumulative GPA calculated. I'm actually very proud of myself and I'm satisfied with what I have. I'm taking the SAT next weekend ): I absolutely hate the SAT!!! Grrrrr.. gotta start re-studying for that. I'm struggling with private colleges. I have no idea which ones to apply to and haven't heard of most of them. Must do more research! I can't wait to get this all over with. Gotta start on personal statements too. Bleeeeh

Monday, September 19, 2011

I. Love. Her. SO CUTE.

Guys, go for the ladies who have no time.

I know this doesn’t make sense, but let me shed some light for you. The girls in my life are amazing, and it’s because they’re doing big things with their lives. Independent womyn are always busy and on a schedule. In other words, we’re not hiding guys.. we just always have things to take care of. We work or go to school full-time, sometimes both. We take care of siblings, parents, or other family members. We’re too tired to party, so we sleep in and stay home during our free time. Days are off dedicated to running errands and doing homework. Going out to us is considered: coffee shops, grocery shopping, school events, or the movies. We spend more time in our own heads than with others, but when we decide to go out we wholeheartedly let our company know they’re appreciated. Though, sarcasm and delirium is always present. And since we’re always on-the-go, when we get to wind down and relax, we are able to indulge in the simple and smallest things— naps, family/friend time, dessert. Surely, this entails that we know how to have fun when it’s necessary. It doesn’t take much to please us. We’re just grateful y’all stick around despite our lack of time and energy when we’re with you, and we love you with all my heart, mind, and soul.

Now, i say go for the ladies who have no time because they are the ones who don’t tolerate immature games, petty bullshit, and failure. We don’t have time to pick fights, cry over ridiculous matters, regress, or be insecure with the relationships in our lives. In fact, we try to stay away from negativity and anyone or anything that will hold us back from growing. We are always inspired to be better, do better, and maintain happiness. We associate with feeling: compassionate, determined, and caring than jealous, immature, and disrespectful. We believe being broken is beautiful and struggle exists to make us better in the end. We love with all that we have, and understand that life may not go our way, but we sure as hell aren’t going to give up. A womyn who MAKES time for you, is the one who will appreciate you and make every moment worth it when you’re with her. This is because her time is limited, and she knows how to manage it very well. She is accustomed to priorities, deadlines, goals, and dreams; so, let’s just say you were unique and extraordinary enough to make her take time out of her busy schedule to be with you. We commend and welcome you to our busy lives. But the flip side is, you’ll always be moving upward and onward with nurturing love within reach, because ladies with no time are always transcending and persevering for their aspirations and life goals. Question is, do you have the potential and understanding to want to stay. We just hope you’re ready for the ride.

(Taken from Tumblr. LOVE THIS.)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've been watching this show on Netflix. I'm on season 3. I can not get over how adorable they were. God, I love them as a couple! I'm devastated that they broke up >:/ They were perfect for one another!!!!! I loved Nick and Vanessa's wedding, but they are nothing compared to Nick and Jessica. )':
P.S. Nick is my new celebrity crush ^^...

My week!

I only update once a week now ): That's all I have time for :T Babe has been working literally everyday and has been going to the gym every other day. Therefore, we don't have time to go out and stuff. On Monday (Sep 12), I went to school, came home, realized that season 7 of Desperate Housewives is finally up on Netflix and spent the rest of the day watching it. LOL I was so excited! On Tuesday (Sep 13), I went to school and had a family dinner at Kome Buffet! Super fun nighttttt. On Wednesday (Sep 14), I had cramps ): The only did interesting that happened at school was our physio lab! We looked at chicken feet and cut it open to play around w/ the tendons. LOL It was really gross... Never, ever eating that again. We were able to move the toes by pulling on the tendons. Bleh. Thursady (Sep 15), we had a field trip for American Democracy! We went to the Nike Missile Base. It was actually really fun. Waited outside of the school for 45 minutes for the bus that came late -.- It was FREEZING. There were only about 25 of us that went on the trip so we had this strange bus. The seats were against the window, facing each other o.O And there was this huge speaker and bass for us to play music on. They blasted music and danced to it. It was pretty funny! The field trip was actually interesting. We saw hugggggge missiles and even got to ride on this.. lifter thing. Had lunch and got home by 1pm! :D I took a nap and then got ready for a family dinner. It was Johanna's birthday! She turned 4 :) On Friday (Sep 16), after school, babe and I went to Irving to buy groceries. He decided to cook me something ^^ He spent a reaaally long time cooking and it was delish! I loved it :) We spent the rest of the day watching tv. We also watched the movie "Tangled". I watched part of it before but never finished :P That was basically it! We were free but didn't feel like going out since we were exhausssssted. Today, babe had work again so I spent the morning watching more TV -.- I finished the entire season 7 of Desperate Housewives in a week :P... Here are some pictures!

OOTD for Tuesday! I love layering :)
Wednesday; Chicken Foot Lab....
Thursdays field trip! The strange bus.
The controls at the missile base.
The missile! You see that yellow outline near the missile? We all stood on that platform when the missile rose up. LOL It was scary. We did it on the way down as well!
The missile prepared to launch!
Us girls getting ready for dinner. My hair is getting super long!
Johanna :) (My niece!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking at what has been taken away from us is a bad way of looking at life. Looking at what we can give to others is far better.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This weekend:

I really didn't do much :/ Saturday, me and babe just chilled and went out for lunch + dessert. Then, I had a family dinner party at night! Sunday (today), I stayed home all day. Oh! I watched 3 different 9/11 shows/movies yesterday. God, I can't believe it has already been 10 years. Hearing all the families speak about their loved ones who were lost in this tragedy broke my heart. Rest in peace.

Here are some random photos:
Just did my nails. Simple french tips!
These outfits are in the next OOTW! :)

New video!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random photos:

I don't remember the last time I camera whored with bathroom lighting. I don't think I've done this for 1-2 years! LOL Had spare time so I took some random photos :P These remind me of middle school, myspace profile pictures!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Update on this week!!!

Pictures from the day are after the summary!

Monday, September 5, 2011-
Labor day!! No school and huge shopping sales ^^V Yay! Woke up at 11am ish. Got ready and went to grab some breakfast at In n Out. (W/ babe, Viv, Richard) After having a yummy burger, we headed to Tanforan mall since there were 2 specific stores we wanted to shop at. Didn't purchase anything! Left from there to Great Mall. Shopped for a VERY long time. LOL I bought a navy blue dress (from Abercrombie), a loose sheer top which is one of my favorites right now! amazing quality and it looks so...expensive even though i got it on sale ^^ (from Papaya), a good quality lace top (from Papaya), shoe padding (from Aldo. It was expensive!), & a Lancome eye shadow (from DF&CCO). I also gifted babe a very expensive, G by Guess watch along w/ a necklace + bracelet from Aldo! He's been paying for literally EVERYTHING, so I decided to pay for his items :) Um.. OH YEAH! My entire family went too but in a separate car. They left super early and stopped by Gilroy outlets first :P So we met up with them at Great Mall and then headed to Hot Pot City for dinner. (ate at unlimited buffet style restaurants for 3 days in a row -.-...) It was delish!!! Felt so bloated afterwards though :( I hate that feeling! Got home at around 12am and slept! Something else interesting about that day is all the people we ran into at Great Mall! First, we ran into Erica with her friends. Then, we ran into my cousin-in-law, Michelle w/ her friends. Then, we ran into Mei & Mikey w/ their friends!! LOL It was ridiculous. Anywhos, here's some pictures!
I love this bag but barely wear it since I don't want to get it dirty :/

Tuesday, September 6, 2011-
School, Fluffy snow w/ babe (a dessert restaurant that recently opened!), watched tv, completed my homework, studied, slept.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011-
Same routine as the day before, except we had Golden Island instead! Babe and I had chicken wings and sandwiches ^^ Oh! And I shopped for diamond rings. I have my eyes set on one :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011-
School then Fluffy Snow w/ babe again LOL That place is pretty yummy! Took a 1 hr nap and then went to ortho to get my braces tightened. Came home, studied my ASS off, and slept. EXHAUSTED -.-.......

Friday, September 9, 2011-
Thank God it's finally Friday. Even though we had only 4 days of school this week, it felt longer than usual... Had 3 tests and tons of things to do. Ran around all day, stressed. Ughhhh. Glad it's all over with! Whew. After school, me and babe came home to eat. Then we went bowling w/ Viv & Richard! Bowled only 6 rounds today since we were all exhausted :P After bowling, Viv & Richard went home but me & Frank decided to stop by Serra. We had dinner at the food court and stopped by the pet shop :D Puppies are just too adorable. I can stand there all day just watching them LOL Everything they do is so adorable! After that, we went to For Love. I bought a cream/pinkish belt. We then stopped by Sephora. Baby bought me the Naked pallete ^^ I've been wanting it for SO long now but never wanted to pay for it :/ I finally have it now!!!! Exciting :) Came home, chilled with my family, and now I'm in my room trying to update my blog! LOL Going to sleep real soon. I'm waaaaay too tired :(

One of my favorite tops right now! You'll see it in an OOTW video ;)
My eyessssssss.
LOL..... We would.

Make sure to take a look at the post below! :)

Update on last week!!!

Pictures from that day are after the summary! ^^

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 & Thursday, September 1, 2011-
I seriously don't remember! I know that I got sick around those days :T ....
Loveeeees my lace scarves!!

Friday, September 2, 2011-
School, then bowling for quarter mania! Bowled w/ just Frank, Viv, & Richard. Bowled plenty rounds! About 8-11? Not sure :P Umm then afterwards, we stopped by Stonestown to shop a bit. I didn't buy anything :( Ate dinner at Olive Garden w/ Frank, Viv, Richard, Jeanie, & Den ^^ The wait was 1 & 1/2 hours O.O It was worth it though! They're having this 'all you can eat pasta & soup or salad' deal thing for only $10!! Supeeeeeeer worth it. Delicious meal. Loved it! Had so much fun at dinner :D After dinner, we just all went home. I'm always so exhausted nowadays :/

This hair split is my daily routine now! I really like it :)
Unlimited soup!!
Yummy bread.
Creamy alfredo pasta with chicken ^^
Babe and I :)
This girl... Couldn't stop laughing at her own joke LOOL

Saturday, September 3, 2011-
Woke up quite early! Went to a Fort Funston w/ babe, Jeanie, Den, Hunter, & Grizzly (Jeanie's dog). Lovely hike! It was funny cause Jeanie & Den are both afraid of dogs. LOL Grizzly is Jeanie's sisters dog and she's babysitting him for now so we decided to have him and Hunter meet! Things didn't work out so well since Grizzly spent the entire time trying to hump Hunter... Note that they're both male and both neutered o.O LOL Anywhos, after that, Jeanie & Den had to leave since they were busy. Me & babe decided to go out for a dinner date! He was craving hot pot so we searched up a nice unlimited hot pot restaurant and had dinner there. We at at "The Pot"! It was a bit pricey ($25 per person) but absolutely delicious!!! We had such an amazing time ^^ I love dinner dates :D It was filled with conversation, laughter, and love. After dinner, we stopped by Safeway to rent a movie. We rented Source Code. It was pretty good!! LOL

Randomly felt like having dramatic side swept bangs that day so I went for it :P I love playing around with my hair! Made my make-up a little more dramatic as well.
Squishing babe :D
On the way to Fort Funston!
Hot pot ^^V I love his smile. It makes my day!
Unlimited food :D
LOL Babe is so cute for doing this w/ out me asking :P ..

Sunday, September 4, 2011-
Spent the day cleaning my room and doing my homework!! It took me ALL day :P I wanted to get hw done so I could go out the next day and stay out until late at night.