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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pictures from today!

Me & Frank at lunch :D
My new shoes. These are TO DIE FOR. 5" platformed heels. So pretty... They're actually not as bad as they sound/look! They're wearable ^^ I'm planning on ordering more :P Addicted to super high, platformed pumps!! (I'm almost 5'7 with these on. Hehehe)
Vintage oxfords. I wasn't sure about these, but they're actually very cute! Not sure what I'm going to wear with them though :P
Plain, classy heeled boots :) Must need for the fall/winter!
I love shoes.

How was your day? :)

Hey guys! I know I haven't been blogging as often, but I'm actually very proud of myself! I'm not tempted to blog before completing my homework anymore ^^ It really does make a difference when you stay off your computer. I've been going to school and completing all my homework assignments once I get home. After homework, I eat dinner, watch a little bit of TV, & sleep! I've been sleeping at around 10pm-am every night, instead of my usual 12am-2am :P I'm still exhausted, but at least I know I'm doing the best I can to get every minute of sleep possible :) Okay enough of that. Let me update you guys ^^

Sunday, August 28, 2011-
Spent the day with my best friend, Jeanie! Went with her to Stonestown and we shopped for a few hours. I picked up 3 scarves and a belt ^^ We also stopped by Ross and grabbed some early dinner. I love these girls days with her :)! Got home, worked on my homework, and slept.

Monday, August 29, 2011-
It was supposed to be picture day, so I tried my best to dress up a bit. Turns out we weren't taking them until Tuesday -.- School was eeeeeh. After school, I got right to homework. Watched the VMAs and slept!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011-
I knew today was picture day but couldn't help but to wear a hoodie ): LOL So lazy! The weather was terrible. Drizzling all day ): Took my picture. It came out horrible :/ After school, babe and I went to Tanforan mall. We shopped for quite some time! I went to claim a free lace panty from VS ;) And to bring my diamond ring (the one babe gifted me w/) to get checked out. We have insurance on it so every 6 months, they do a check up to make sure the diamonds aren't loose. Since we have insurance, they resize and clean it for free! I decided to get it resized AGAIN, since it was still a little loose. They're sending it in to get cleaned ^^ I'm so excited to get it back! I love my ring :) Oh and we found out that they do switch ups! So if I like another ring, I can swap mines in and just pay the difference. That's wonderful!! I want one with a little bit more bling, so we'll see about that ^^ ... After Tanforan, we stopped by Target for a few necessities. Then we went to BK for late lunch. That's about it! Now I'm home and about to do my hw :) I'll upload a few pictures later! (OH AND MY SHOES THAT I ORDERED CAME!! EEK!)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011-

AAH! It's our anniversary!! Wth.. we had no idea LOOL I just figured out as I was typing the date! LOOL Anywhos, this morning, I woke up super early. Me and babe decided to make ourselves some brunch :D So I put on a big hoodie and my glasses and we went to safeway. Bought items to make chicken alfredo pasta and I was craving cake so I bought some ^^ ... babe cooked for me! It was yummy but we made WAAY too much. I had my cake. Yuuuuum! After that, we literally went back to sleep. LOOL He woke up at around 4 to head to work but I slept all the way until 6 :).... Got up, ate dinner (Oh God. All I did was eat and sleep all day..) & watched the newest episodes of Secret Life & Pretty Little Liars. Ricky and Amy are SO cute... ah! Adorable ^^ Babe came home from work and we watched more TV. We watched a movie on netflix (idr what it's called) but it wasn't all that great. Um.. about to sleep! It's late and I'm exhausted. (Even though I slept all day..) Okie dokes, here are some photos!

Heeeh, I look so silly.

Friday, August 26, 2011-

Had a lovely Friday! School was ehhhh. Really stressed already and it's only the 2nd week -.- After school, we went bowling for quarter mania! It was me, babe, Jeanie, Den, Viv, & Richard! We played 11 games each ^^ I did so well!! I got over 100 points on every round. Highest score of the day was 168 :D Yaaay!! Oh, and I got my first turkey! EEEEEEK. LOL I love bowling. Umm we left at around 8. Went to target and bought a pair of pj shorts :P I need to stock up on pj pants for the winter! After target, we went to pho 99 for a late dinner. (It was just me, frank, Jeanie, & Den) I had some chicken wings :D Stayed till about 10 I believe and then came home. Caught up on some shows and just chilled w/ babe. Lovely day! Here are some photos :)

Some of my bowling scores :P
Highest score of the day :D
Camera whored a bit w/ babe and Jeanie ^^...... Loves him to deaaaath
Best friend :) We got carried away and took SO many pictures.....
My shirt is messed up ): She's so tall! >:(
My bowling summary for the day. LOL It has all my scores at the bottom!!!
Babe bowling :P
If someone was on the lane next to us, he would've kicked them. -.-
Again, more pictures with her :D
She loves me :)
LOL We ran out of faces..
I knocked my head on hers really hard... hehhh
Den & babe @ Pho 99! LOL Why is Frank so tan....
Jeanie and I! ^^ LOOL
Hehe :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monday through Thursday-

Monday, August 22, 2011-
My week was super busy! On Monday, after school, I had to go all the way to San Jose for acupuncture. That wasn't too fun :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2011-
School and then hiking at Fort Funston w/ babe and Hunty :) Lovely day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011-
School and then Petsmart to get Hunter groomed! Me & babe dropped him off and then ate lunch at Burger King :P He went to work so I went w/ my parents to pick Hunter up after he was done. His fur was super matted so we had to get it all shaved off ): Poor thing... LOL I was imagining it to be horribly ugly but it actually didn't turn out so bad! He looks like a poodle now :P LOL Pretty cute! We're going to take care of his fur this time for surrrrre. That night, me and my family went to Kome for dinner. Super yummy! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011-
I was SO tired on thursday. Gahhhhh. School stress is kicking in ): I ordered a pair of ankle boots, nude platformed pumps, & oxfords online though ^^ Highlight of my day!

Here are a couple of photos:
Here's my silly looking, naked dog. LOL! So funny looking :P I think he's cute though ^^
His tail looks like a carrot :D
Dinner at Kome!

Sunday, August 21, 2011-

I have a whole week to update on! Last Sunday, me & babe brought Hunty to the vet. He needed some shots :P I'm pretty sure we came home early since I needed to get my homework completed. Um, not much but here are some pictures from the day.

I didn't wear any eye makeup but mascara!
Cute little Hunty.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

(These are both from tumblr! I do not take any credit.)

Saturday, August 20, 2011-

Today, I slept in until 12pm. Felt so great!! Babe had work all day ): In the afternoon, I showered Hunty, got ready, & did a couple of other household chores. At around 6pm, I went to my family friends house for a family dinner! After that, Viv & Richard dropped me off at Jeanie's house :D I wanted to hang with her! We played w/ her sister's dog + bunny and then just chilled. Talked about a bunch of random things. I had fun just talking w/ her ^^ Babe picked me up after work, which was around 11:30pm. Caught up on some TV shows. Blogged. Uploaded a video. Etc etc etc! Here are some pictures from the day :)

I changed my hair part again! I moved it a little over. I like :)
I love my curls today ^^

New video!!: