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Monday, November 29, 2010

VS Signature Style Preview!-
68 new items coming up real soon ^^ Tons of deals & specials going on. Along with a new layout & theme. Go check it out! Here's a sneak peak :)
( The lighting is not the best. It's waaay too cold to take pictures outdoors :/ The sun was down, so we had to use flash. We tried to edit them the best we could! )

A few of Vivian's pieces:
A few of my pieces:
Tell me what you think!
I must see snow this year.
Monday, November 29, 2010-
Outfit of the day! It was SUPER cold today (but i'm sure its colder elsewhere :P). Um... now looking back, i wish i wore my scarf differently ): Oh wells. I'm sure i'll repeat this outfit during the weekends anyways. Hahah, errrrr.. today was real boring so nothing to update on. My face is cut out in all these pictures cause i already took my makeup off & wanted it to look like i'm still all dolled up. LOL VS Fashion show 2m night! Super excited ^^ Yaay. K, i'm going to start on homework ASAP. Hopefully i'll be able to put up a preview of the new online store items tonight. :)

I look REALLY chunky cause i'm wearing arm warmers under my sweater & two layers of pants :P (Ignore my super messy room please :X)
For some reason, i really like this photo.
Yay for my new gloves! (& the purse i'm still in love with!) I normally don't like wearing more than 1 new item a day but today i wore 3 :P..
Had 9 bows on me today. Haha!
My super duper messy room. I really needa clean :/

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving day-
Waiting to go black friday shopping :P My rooms messy, ignore it! (Hairs SUPER curly so its really short. I wanted to make sure it would stay curled for 2 days! LOL)
Wednesday, November 17, 2010-
Fleece long sleeve + pj pants :P Hairs kinda messy!
Chicken eggs!
There are so many now! ^^ (Ate 2 already.) LOL

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy 2 years & 10 months (34 months), hubby ^^V

Eeeek! Almost 3 years :)

Items i bought:
Excluding my bra, the cardigan i got for my mom, & the 3 gifts i got for babe! Ignore the blankets in the background :P LOL Sucky picture but i don't like doing hauls ):
Thanksgiving day; Thursday, November 25, 2010 & Black Friday; Friday, November 26, 2010-
I barely remember ): I'm brain dead but i know that i'll forget EVERYTHING by 2m morning. Um.. i'm pretty sure i just woke up hella late. Got ready at like 5PM & had a family hot pot dinner thing. Jeanie came over @ like 9 & me, jeanie, & frank left to pick up lance. Um... then me, frank, lance, & jeanie went to get Erica at san mateo where she was having a thanksgiving party at. Got to great mall at around 11PM. SO COLD, HUNGRY, & i had to peeee!!!!!!!!! Lined up outside of greatmall till it opened. OMG, everyone was RUNNING when they opened the doors. I was hella scared to get trampled! Umm.. by that time, it was me, frank, erica, lance, jeanie, vivian, & christian. We rushed to VS & were the first ones in line ^^V I swear, everyone there was really cranky -.- All the other shoppers were SO rude. Sigh... LOL After that we just went around the mall shopping. Lines were CRAZY long... didn't even bother looking at wet seal, h&m, abercrombie, charlotte russe, & etc. The day got pretty shittttty... sigh... lets not talk about that part :P Shopped more... OH! Agaci was offering $10 off your purchase during the 1st 2 hours of opening. It was the last 10 minutes of that and i had to RUSH to find 2 items i wanted!! Pretty much got $20 for free ^^V Shopped more.. till about 4:00 ish when we left. I freaking had a HORRIBLE stomach ache. I think i ate something bad ): The bathroom line took 20 minutes. FML. LOL There were girls who went to the guys restroom cause they had to go THAT bad. Kinda interesting :P Um.. afterwards, we stopped at McDonalds & bought tons of breakfast meal stuffs. Yuuuuuuuuup! End of great mall. It was kinda hectic & crazy, but i got a lotta things i liked. Spent about... $150 there? Idr :/

Headed to Stonestown & got there right after they opened (5:10AM). It was SO empty compared to great mall!! LOL Omg, Yes Style had the BIGGEST sale. Sweaters for freaking $7-$9. YAAAY! LOL We shopped at.. H&M, Yes Style, VS, F21, Wet Seal, & then right when we were gonna leave, we ran into this little stand thing that was hosted by star 101.3. They were really nice! We kept spinning this wheel thing & answering questions. We ended up w/.... 6 tickets to "The Warriors Way" before the movie premieres. It's this special screening thing. LOL We'll probably go to that :P We also got 6 tickets to this Christmas festival thing @ Cow Palace i think? That sounds so cute!!! Definitely going :D They also gave us a free CD, t-shirts, christmas wrapping paper, & etc. THEN, they had this huge raffle thing for tickets to The Goo Goo Dolls concert. O.O We all entered & waited till they drew the winner. (2 drawings with a 15 minute interval.) Frank won!!!!! LOL He got 2 tickets :D (Cause they give it out in a set of 2). Then we decided to wait another 15 minutes and guess what?!?! I WON!!! LOL! We have 4 concert tickets now O.O We're going to sell them. Frank thinks he can sell them for a few hundred :D Yay! Okay then we FINALLY left. The sun was up -.- We were CRAZY tired. Went to my house (It was around 8am) Set up the blankets. Chatted a little & watched some tv. Changed to pjs. Slept :) ... LOL Woke up at around.... 11:00am. Talked in bed and just chilled for a while. LOL I had trouble getting up ): Shit got pretty bad again when we were decided where to go for the rest of the day. But again, lets not go into that. LOL Um... finally decided to go to Vacaville Outlets w/ my family. The girls were going (me, erica, & jeanie) & the boys (lance and frank) were going home cause they were EXHAUSTED. LOL Got ready in like 15 minutes & leffffffft. Spent a veeeeery long time at vacaville. Tummy hurted AGAIN. This time i waited 45 minutes for the bathroom. FML!!!!!!!! LOL (TMI? :P) Uh... theeeeen i ate dinner @ Fresh Choice with my family. Then.... we... shopped a little more till 10:00pm. Then we FINALLY headed home. Got home at 11:00PM & tried on EVERYTHING. Wow, my black friday was SUPER successful. Although, i did use quite a lot :P Including EVERYTHING, i think i spent $200-$300 :/ WAAAH! Oh well. Here's a list of items i got :) I MIGHT be forgetting something... LOL

- Victoria's Secret bra. Not going into detail but lets just say... it's absolutely stunning. ^^
- Victoria's Secret Pink sweatshirt
- Victoria's Secret tote w/ the little gift set! YAAY!! It was free ^^
- Knee high socks w/ bows
- A satin, lace top
- A tight formal dress
- A lace cardigan (I'm in love!)
- A white circle scarf
- A loose chunky black sweater ( LOVE )
- A loose chunky christmas pattern sweater (Super asain but cute as hell)
- Brown cardigan w/ bows
- Two loose, long cardigans (They're the asian style i like :D)
- White thick thick thick peacoat
- Puma sneakers (I need a pair of sneakers :P)
- White puma gloves

I got babe 3 items for Christmas :) First item was a thick sweater from Banana Republic. It looks really sophisticated ^^ I love it! I already gave it to him cause it's winter & i rather have him wear it now :P The other two items, i'm wrapping & putting under the christmas tree when we build it :D

I got my mom a cardigan! Veryyyyyyy cutttte & super good deal ^^ She loves it!

I got a TON of coupons.
- THREE h&m $5 off coupons.
- One or two VS secret rewards cards. I forgot :P

I seriously got SO much shit. I'm set for the next month! LOL No more shopping till... winter break or ever later! (Cept i gotta order my makeup on estee lauder's website :P That's an exception!) OHOHOH & my moms friend is coming back from China & bringing me a LOAD of asain clothes. SO excited!!!!!!!!! I'm set for the next 2 months actually. Haha!! I'm so happy. Kk, gonna sleep now. Nighty night :)

P.S: My black friday went on for literally 24 hours. I only got 3 hours of sleep in between but it was definitely worth it ^^

Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally done shopping. After 24 hours. -.- LOL

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the life i am given & the love i am surrounded by.

I am especially thankful to have this boy in my life ^^
No relationship is going to be perfect, ever. There are some ways you'll have to bend, to compromise, to give, in order to gain something greater. But the love we have for each other is bigger than those small differences. And that's the key. Love can make up for a lot.
Tuesday, November 23, 2010-
Hm... went to school, kinda screwed up my chem test. I was so angry at myself ): After school, me and babe went to In & Out ^^ Drive through, heater on, delicious double doubles, bruno mars cd. What could be better?! LOL Came home, watched "The Crazies" (It wasn't that good), ate dinner, chilled, etc etc.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010-
Woke up at around 12. The day was SUPER fussy... Me, babe, Jeanie, & Dennison went to Safeway at around 5 to pick up some food. Things got really bad. Spent a hour fussing & fighting.. sigh... then... finally came home. Erica & Lance arrived so we started cooking. Things were still pretty fussy but eventually, we all loosened up. The day got a whole lot bettttter! We had.. Garlic mashed potatoes, quesadillas , burritos, & pink lemonade. It was DELICIOUS! LOL So much for a Thanksgiving dinner -.- Oh well, it was really yummy. Then for dessert, we made caramel apples :) That was yummay! Um.. then we talked, chilled, cleaned, chilled. LOL Then the boys went to buy more pink lemonade :D That was about it. Everyone left at around 11 (i think) & i've been on the computer since. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so i'll be having a family party at home. Then at 10PM ish, we're all going to Great Mall!!!!! Shopping till... 4-5? Then heading home, possibly stopping at stonestown. Everyones going to sleep for a few hours at my house (YAY FOR OUR FIRST SLEEPOVER ISH THING! LOL) & we're going to go to Vacaville. Yaaaaaaay, sounds so fun.. but tiring :P Okie dokes, i'm going to bed now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (& Black friday :P)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks for placing your hands there, jerk ): LOL! That totally ruins the picture.
I'll upload the ones i like one by one :)
Monday, November 22, 2010-
ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL TILL THANKSGIVING BREAK. I'm very excited ^^ Um.. wore my super thick fleece sweater top thing today. I bought it to layer under clothes but i was lazy to dress up so i just wore it out :P Today was borannnnng. Afterschool, i went to Stonestown w/ my mom. Didn't get anything :/ Picked up 2 samples of different foundations. I'm still on the search for one i'm satisfied with! Hopefully, it'll be one of these :) Nothing muchhhh, gonna start homework now!Fingers are too wide open LOL
Sunday, November 21, 2010-
I likes my naillllllls. The colors kinda funky though ): I thought i'd be pink! LOLL I was totally off. ^^
Babe is cutesicles.
I love this!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good morning! ^^
Today will be homework day ): I have a buffet @ night though. LOL Going to get ready at around 4-5PM. No idea where i'm eating at tonight O.O Hahah, i wonder if its sunny enough to take some online store pictures! I haven't even gotten out of my room yet LOL. Mkay, i'll be answering formspring all throughout the day ^^ Have a good day!
Saturday, November 20, 2010-
Woke up at 3 :)... got ready but by 5, it was storming like crazzzzzzzy. Babe, Erica, Jeanie, & I were supposed to go to Tanforan to shop :/ We ended up all staying home. Waah! LOL Oh well. Um... me & babe watched a bunch of shows, ate dinner, watched movies, & etc. Then at like 11PM, babe went to get me some snacks from Golden Island cafe :) Yaaaaaay. Then.... we watched more shows. LOL Nothing much. I just did my nails :D I like! ^^ OH! And i watched Toy Story 3. Omg, it gooooood. I liked it! I'm about to sleep, but here are some pictures from today. I didn't get to go out but i got ready? :P
My webcam makes the colors look weird and blotchy ): Actually, i think it's the lighting. LOLNo jewelry cause we decided to stay home before i put them on :P

Kind of a weird expression.. LOL
My teeth are SO pretty huh? :D..
LOOOOOL Babe -.- ...