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Friday, April 30, 2010

WKOPTJ#PO@T So tired. Anywho, i never updated on yesterday. I don't fucking remember anything now. OHOHOH, chem problem set. Eh, that was bullshit. School was boring, i cramped all day. Came home and got comfy. Read cosmo mag + ate a cupcake. Relaxed :P Babe went to get a hair cut at my mommys place himself. Came back w/ some foooooood. I slept from like 4-7. Got up, studied for chem & algebra tests. Slept at like 1. Couldn't fall asleep cause the darn nap. End of day.

Hmmm, wore my extensions today. Curled my hairrr :) I like! Umumum, dressed down today cause i knew i was gonna have a long day. Wore my new sunglasses. Tests were eh. Chem was alright. Math was EASY :) Lunch was yummy. Gym was fun! Played bball. Got aggressive. Gonna try even harder monday :P It was fun but i got hella sweaty LOL Umum went home & then ate PHO on irvingggg. Babe bought some cakes from sheng ke :P Mom came home & we went to great mall. Got there at like 7:30 -.- NO TIME TO SHOP. Ran around trying to find shits. Stressful & fussy as hell -.- I didn't try ANYTHING on. I just pulled something out & said " Mom, is this pretty?!" If she said yeah, she'd take it and pay while i ran on to the next store. She called me boss. LOLL :D I bought .. a light pink button up ( CUTE ), a navy blue pencil skirt, falsies glue, brown wedged heels ( AHHHH SO COMFY ), & this dress whereee theres a ruffly tank underneath and a black pencil skirt over it. It comes w/ a belt. Got it for 7 bucks. What a deal :P LOL Anywho, that's about it i believe. Ate fresh choice. Got there at 9. Food gone at 9:10. I took like 3 bowls of soup, and hella other shit. Our table was staaaaaacked! LOL We were the last ones to leave :P Yupyup. Fell asleep on the way home. Tried on a few things at firrssssst and i'm in love. LOL Okies gonna sleep now. Goodnights!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So i'm hiding what i'm feeling

But i'm tired of holding this inside my head.
I've been spending all my time, just thinking bout you.
I don't know what to do, i think i'm falling for you.
I've been waiting all my life & now i found you.
I don't know what to do, i think i'm fallin for you.

Formsprings building up. I have 2 tests 2m so no blogging today. ( Unless i finish studying early of course ). Hm, i'll blog about my day a little later. Alrightys, i'm sorry! You can still possssst though, i'll answer 2m or later tonight :P

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yayyyy, i finally made them!
So me & erica wanted some of these. Realized that we could just buy lace and make them ourselves -.- Umm, i bought some lace and i tied it today. Hehe, i likes!
Silver & Black;Gold, pink, cream, black, beige :) My favoriteeeeeee.
Black & Grey!
Gold & Pink
Ekkkkk! I can't wait to see Lucky! ( My golden retriever in china ). AND, we just bought another one so i can't wait to meet him :PLOOOOL.
Mommy, can i get a bunny AND a dog? ):
Drop dead gorgeous.
Hungry -.-

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ask me something! I'll answer 2m :P
Let me share with you-
Got my period. Pain. Cramps. Raining this week. Cold. Nauseous. Dizzy. Tired. I want to sleeeeeeep! Grrrrr. I've been studying forrrrr 1 & 1/2 hours now -.- LOL Today was ehh. Felt like shit. Curled my hair but the rain fucked it up. Came home & tried on like 7 outfits for china. Took pictures. I like, a LOT. Not gonna post up cause i rather have it a surprise than to have you guys think " Oh, shes wearing that outfit. " LOL Anywhos, you'll see the outfits in a month or so. Um, i MIGHT post one picture up if you guys want? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows :) Tell me if you guys wanna see one. Umumum, thats about it. I'm gonna get ready for bed now. Nights!

Grow up & realize that;

just because you have sex, doesn’t make you a slut.

Just because you stand up for yourself, doesn’t make you a bitch.

Just because you’re confident, doesn’t make you conceited.

Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love.

So stop fucking judging.


April 26, 2010-
This is NOT my week. I've been feeling so ugly lately. Blah, FMLFMLFML
April 23, 2010-
Oh gosh, this is embarrassing. LOOL I didn't feel like taking nice pictures.
April 22, 2010!
These were from last week, oops. LOL But anywhos, i took like 30 pictures & i like only 2. Blah, how miserable. Im NOT photogenic. FMLFMLFML
I like these webcam pictures from 3 months ago. LOL Decided to post them up again.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced, is being close enough to you to feel your heart beating, the very thing that fuels your being, sending vibrations through both our bodies.
I love you, and I want absolutely everybody to know.
Quick summary of my day!
School was boring. Weird sub in english but his love for his wife was adorable! LOL Umms, yummy lunch. Good bonding time w/ babe as always. Stonestown afterschool. Bought a tee, a cardigan, grey shorts, a button up top, & a floral skirt! Heheh, loves all of it. Went to Beverly's Fabric Store. Bought lace for my bracelets! Real pretty. Saw this bitch there. LOL Her names Erica! LOL I kept running into her -.- Yeah ummm that's about it. Did hw, took pics, etc etc etc. Good ass day! So much shopping :) Great Mall this friday, gonna go nutttttts! Alrightys, leave me somethin on formspring! Gonna go now. Loves you!
New purseeeeeee:
It's prettier in person, i swear. LOL I took it w/ my phone so bad quality!
Happy 2 years & 3 months anniversary.
I fuckin love you, hubby!

( I'm one lucky bitch. )
Cliccccck to enlarge! Tehehhhh.
Facial Expressions!

Happy/ Amused
Surprised/ Amazed
I know, i'm not so good at this shits. But w/e, i was bored. LOOOOL Don't laugh at me! I know i look retarded.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fashion, Pretty things, ETC!