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Friday, April 30, 2010

WKOPTJ#PO@T So tired. Anywho, i never updated on yesterday. I don't fucking remember anything now. OHOHOH, chem problem set. Eh, that was bullshit. School was boring, i cramped all day. Came home and got comfy. Read cosmo mag + ate a cupcake. Relaxed :P Babe went to get a hair cut at my mommys place himself. Came back w/ some foooooood. I slept from like 4-7. Got up, studied for chem & algebra tests. Slept at like 1. Couldn't fall asleep cause the darn nap. End of day.

Hmmm, wore my extensions today. Curled my hairrr :) I like! Umumum, dressed down today cause i knew i was gonna have a long day. Wore my new sunglasses. Tests were eh. Chem was alright. Math was EASY :) Lunch was yummy. Gym was fun! Played bball. Got aggressive. Gonna try even harder monday :P It was fun but i got hella sweaty LOL Umum went home & then ate PHO on irvingggg. Babe bought some cakes from sheng ke :P Mom came home & we went to great mall. Got there at like 7:30 -.- NO TIME TO SHOP. Ran around trying to find shits. Stressful & fussy as hell -.- I didn't try ANYTHING on. I just pulled something out & said " Mom, is this pretty?!" If she said yeah, she'd take it and pay while i ran on to the next store. She called me boss. LOLL :D I bought .. a light pink button up ( CUTE ), a navy blue pencil skirt, falsies glue, brown wedged heels ( AHHHH SO COMFY ), & this dress whereee theres a ruffly tank underneath and a black pencil skirt over it. It comes w/ a belt. Got it for 7 bucks. What a deal :P LOL Anywho, that's about it i believe. Ate fresh choice. Got there at 9. Food gone at 9:10. I took like 3 bowls of soup, and hella other shit. Our table was staaaaaacked! LOL We were the last ones to leave :P Yupyup. Fell asleep on the way home. Tried on a few things at firrssssst and i'm in love. LOL Okies gonna sleep now. Goodnights!

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