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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My new swimsuit ^^

In case you guys don't remember, here's how the swimsuit originally looked. I purchased it from H&M and thought it was absolutely hideous but I loved the cream and black! Therefore, I purchased it and decided to ask my mom to help me switch it up! Here are before pictures:

After pictures: (TA-DAAAAAAA!) Super gorgeous and 100% my style ^^ I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it! ;)

The love of my life:

I can't get over how cute Hunter was as a puppy... EEEEEK! So freaking adorable ^^

I think he was already a couple months old when I took this :P
Taking him out ^^
Kehehe, his face is so adorable!
Fatty. He is 18 pounds now!
When he used to fall asleep every hour or so LOL
New years eve. His. Face. Is. So. Cute!!!!!!!!!!
Taking him to the park!
LOL.. He likes taking risks but is SO clumsy...
My favorite picture of him ^^ I'm going to frame it someday LOL

Yay for packing!!

So I've been packing all day! Here's my checklist:
[x] 3 outfits + 2 swimsuit cover ups
[x] Swim suits
[x] PJ's
[ ] Hair products
[ ] Contacts/Solution
[x] Make up
[x] Fragrances
[x] Accessories
[x] Sunglasses
[x] Purses
[ ] Shoes (Find my flip flops...)
[ ] Electronics
[ ] Chargers
[ ] Shower stuff
[ ] Toothbrush/toothpaste
[ ] Money (+ tons of quarters for games ^^)
I think that's about it! Hm.. I hope i'm not missing something :P LOL I just filmed the first clip for the vlog series ^^ So excitingggggg!! Oh and my mom finished fixing up my swim suit. ITS GORGEOUS. I can't wait to wear it! I'll upload pictures later :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011-

Watched Prison Break and did my nails! Spent the day relaxing :) I made my nails extremely dramatic for the vacation ^^v I LOVE THEM!!

Friday, July 29, 2011-

Woke up at 12pm to a phone call from Erica & Lance. They told us to get up and ready. They were going to be here in 5 minutes and we are going biking. LOL I was like "what?!?! I'm in bed!" We never made plans the day before :P They came and I quickly changed! we were out of the house in no time. Went to Golden Gate Park to go boating! LOL We rented one of those double surreys. It was $30 per hour! We biked around for a bit and at first, Erica steered. I couldn't stop screaming LOOL We were in the middle of the streets making u-turns -.- Later on, we got lost :P Frank steered pretty much the rest of the way. We got creative and decided to remove the roof and go 'convertible' LOOL And then Lance dled a siren application and we pretended to be a cop car. LOL It was hilarious! After about 30 minutes, we somehow broke the bike -.- The boys spent 10 minutes trying to fix it LOL They didn't know how ): The chain broke or something so we pushed it back and pretended like everything was okay. LOL They never even checked! We ran to the car and quickly drove off :P Came back home and us girls got ready! We changed, put make up on, & ate. Then we left to go bowling at Classic. Bowled 8 rounds and then went to In&Out + 88 Rice bowl for dinner. Watched Crazy, Stupid, Love at Century Daly City! It was pretty good :P Really funny! LOL I love romance movies :) Then we went home! Superrrrr long and tiring day. I woke up super sore today >:/ LOL Oh well. What an adventure... Here are photos! ^^

Biking! Erica steering :P
Me & babe! LOL @ his facial expression. Oh yeah! The polaroid he bought me came!!! One pack of film they sent me were open -.- The film was already exposed so it didn't work )': Definitely emailing them >:T
Took off the cover!
LOLL I love this picture!
Taking pictures while babe was fixing the bike :P
Rose garden :)
We decided to just use another set of film. Here is the first photo I took w/ my Polaroid ^^

Thursday, July 28, 2011-

Slept in! Tried on a bunch of outfits for Reno :P It's going to be 90-100 degrees! I need to find dresses/skirts/shorts. Figured out what outfits i'm bringing ^^ Then I had to go to acupuncture in San Jose. Came home, watched TV, nothing much :P

Bunch of skirts..
Here's the horribly ugly swim suit I bought! LOOL It's so funny looking. Anyways, my moms helping me fix it! I'm going to cut of all the ends and remove the little skull in the middle of the swim suit. Then, I'm going to add 2 pearls that dangle in the middle. For bottoms, I'm going to stud a line of pearls on a plain black string bikini. EEEK! I'm so excited to wear it. I'll take pictures when I'm at Reno ^^

Wednesday, July 27, 2011-

Me & babes 3 & 1/2 year anniversary ^^v Didn't really celebrate it since we're trying to save money for our vacation coming up :P Umm... In the morning, I went to my neurologist appointment. It went super well & there were tons of good news! Then, me, frank, Viv, & Richard went to Serramonte for a bit to shop. I purchased a cream pencil skirt, a cream swimsuit (That is REALLY ugly... But I'm going to alter it ^^), & I also got a free panty from VS :P We went to Elephant bar for an early dinner. SUPERRR yummy! I ordered a dish i have never had before. I forgot what it was called but it was delish ^^ We also had yummy dessert :D Afterwards, we went to Classic Bowl. We played several rounds. Super fun as always! After bowling, me, Frank, Lance, & Erica went out for dessert at Crepe Temptations. We played cards and had crepes until midnight ^^ Then we all went home. Super fun day!

Pictures from phone:
Love him so much :)
Dinner @ Elephant Bar :)
Bowling ^^
@ Crepe Temptations!
Playing deuces & eating crepes :D

Pictures from my camera: