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Friday, October 30, 2009

Q+A Set #5

Since frank is sleeping, i'll answer as much wufoo questions i can ! I won't get through all of it, but i'll try to get back at it on sunday. :) Enjoyyyyyy.

#56) Q: " What computer or laptop do you use? "
A: I actually do not know O.O My boyfriend built it for my recently since my old computer crashed. He ordered stuff online & put it together. Kinda coooool.

#57) Q: " Where do you get your pictures and quotes from from your blog? I really like some of the pictures and the quotes as well. "
A: I search them up on tumblr or google. LOL, i just google random things and click around ! When i see something i like, i save it :) Btw, thanks !

#58) Q: " Are you still thinking of making a tumblr? If you aren't, YAAYY! :D i dont really like tumblr because i dont get how it works, but if you were to make a tumblr, then i'll just follow you anyways. [: & i think you should like make a blog all about clothes, accesories, and other fashion-y stuff. I really like your outfit whenever i see your pics. +++ your blog picture is sexy! It might look slutty to people, but i think it's okay because you're not like showing so much skin or boob crack or whatever. Yeaaah, just my opinions. [: "
A: LOLL thank you verrrry much :) Um, i'm not sure yet but everytime i look around on it, it makes me want to make one. When i think about it again, i feel like its a waste of everything i've already done on blogspot. :/ I'm really indecisive, i'm sorry ! Yeahhh, i already started stuff on fashion. I thought about taking pics of my outfits everyday, i tried today but i was in a rush to get out the house ! When i get home, i change to pjs cause its comfy. LOL but yeah, i'll try to start more fashion stuff. Thanks again. :)

#59) Q: " What would you do if someone likes your boyfriend? Because one of my friend told me that someone likes MY boyfriend and idk how to react on that. But lately, i've been like scared just because i heard someone likes him. Am i being paranoid or should i just let it go? "
A: I'm not gonna lie, i'm one of the most jealous girls you can ever meet when it comes to boyfriends. If i found out someone likes my boyfriend, i'd probably flip out ! I would be REALLY angry & go crazzzzy. Nah, your not being paranoid, i would be doing the same. Theres nothing you can really do about it. If he loves you, then you don't even gotta worry about him leaving. Let it go but just keep an eye out if he like constantly talks to her or if something fishy is going on. Ahaha, but its okay, i'd probably be more paranoid then you are. Good luck :/

#60) Q: " I love you babe. You're the most important person in the whole world. You complete me."
A: I'm not gonna waste much time on this one, its not worth it. First off, this was posted pretending to be my boyfriend but it is NOT him. I mean, how dumb do you think i am ! After two years, don't you think i would know him enough to know this isn't the way he talks, it isn't the way he types, & i know he doesn't look at my sites ! I thought this was just plain rude. By the way, i can see peoples IP address. This chick constantly asks normal questions but i dont understand why you would do this. Seriously ! Maybe i got some secret haters out there or w/e. I'm not disencouraging you to stop posting questions. I'm not gonna check up on who posted what all the time but forreal, its rude as fuck. I wanna know what you were thinking when you did this. Tell me why on wufoo, thanks.

#61) Q: " I honestly don't think your picture is slutty at all. it's actually really pretty ! & yeah fuck what they say !:) "
A: LOL thank you very muchhh :)

#62) Q: " I think that you and Frank are meant to be and I love how you guys are still together throughout everything. You're lucky to still be in a lrelationship with a guy who loves you that much[i read the reasons why you love him. 1-100]. Best of Luck! :) I want to ask you, "What was the worse argument or time between you and him? "
A: LOL, thank you :) Hm, honestly, we fight all the time. We've NEVER broken up or taken a ' break ' but we had tons of serious arguments. I can't remember what we fought about, amazingly. Then again, i don't want to remember ! Ahaha, i prefer to think about the good memories :) But its gotten worse to the point where i'm crying like crazaaay & so is he. Um, we have talked about breaking up plenty of times but we both know we love each other too much to do that. But yeah, we fight like any other couple but we manage to stay strong.

#63) Q: " hi :] "
A: No idea who this is but hi ! LOLL

#64) Q: " What gpa did you get? "
A: I got only a 3.5. But, i have 3 honors classes and weighted, its a 4.0. So, its good enough !

#65) Q: " I have a little bit of freckles and i'm hating on them! I wanna cover it up, but my foundation doesnt cover it all up. I'm fair-skinned.. i think its almost like yours. What should i do? "
A: omg, i HATE my freckles ! I've always wished for perfect skin but i'm nowhere close. I don't think any type of foundation will ever cover it all up. I've learned to just not care about them. Their not as noticeable as you think ! The only way to permanently get rid of them is to freeze or laser them off at special doctor places ? Ahaha, but don't worry, a lotta people think their cute. Just try to work w/ what you got :)

#66) Q: " What's your family life like? Are you really close to your parents and your sisters? And what do you think of pre-marital sex? Is it a good thing or bad thing? "
A: Hm, i'm pretty family oriented. I'm close to my parents & my sister. We pretty much talk about everything like we're friends. So basically, i have a really loving & supportive family. Everyone has different opinions about pre-marital sex. I don't think theres anything wrong with it if you know your ready. Some people tend to get pressured into it & they end up regretting it. Its not a good or bad thing. Its either for the right or wrong reasons. Sex is advertised everywhere these days & a lot of people are doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it when your ready, its serious ! Ahah, its not just a trend to follow.

#67) Q: " How long did it take for your boyfriend to be able to open up to you and be able to do all those cute things? "
A: VERY LONG. Hm, i used to be afraid to eat in front of him, look at him, & talking to him made me nervous as fuck ! I'm a shyass girl when it comes to boys. Ahaha, i get all nervous ! It took about 6 months to get COMPLETELY comfortable with him. I know, its crazy ! LOL, i'm a really shy & reserved girl. Especially when it comes to boys.

#68) Q: " what r ur pj's? "
A: I wear a beater w/ one of my boyfriends t-shirt. I don't like wearing sweats/ shorts to sleep. Its so uncomfortable !

#69) Q: " You're heckaaaaaaa pretty(: You should post up more pics of you:D "
A: Ahah, nahhh, not even close. Thanks thoughh ! I'll tryyy :)

#70) Q: " Do you ever watch dramas like some asians does? "
A: LOL I used to watch dramas all the time ! Korean dramas & all that. Now i don't have time for that which is reallll sadddd. But i like them :)

#71) Q: " I'm like addicted to shoes! I have like tons of high heels, boots, sandals and other shoes with heels! I need help. I wanna stop buying shoes, but they're just too pretty or beautiful.
A: Ahaha, i got the same problem. Honestly, i don't think i'd every be able to shop. I just feel like i'll never have enough !

#72) Q: " It's my 16th birthday party on next saturday which is november 7. & I kinda like the dress you were wearing on your sister's 17th birthday. I wanna know where'd you get it? "
A: Happy birthday ! :) I got it at Tanforan, the store Bloom. It was like 1/2 a year ago though so i don't think they still have it. They have a tonnnn of dresses though, go check it out ! Hope you have a good birthday :)

#73) Q: " I really love the way you dress, and even though sometimes you define yourself as 'slutty', I think you have a great body, you're super fit and gorgeous! :) My question is, I'm not as thin as you are, but I am skinny. Sometimes I worry I don't have a good enough 'figure' for my boyfriend to love /= How do you and your boyfriend cope with your weight? "
A: Thanks :) Your boyfriend will love you regardless of your figure. Hm, me & him don't care about our weight. I could care less if he weights over 200 pounds ! He encourages me & i encourage him. LOL Your boyfriend should love you for you. But, if your still worrying about it, talk to him ! I'm sure he'll reassure you. Plus, we're still young & growing, don't worry about your figure yet !

#74) Q: " What kind of mascara do you use? Because mines always gets clumps&shit. "
A: LOL, i hate that too. I use lancome's mascara. It still clumps but not as much.

#75) Q: " I hope it's not too much to ask but I was wondering if you could do a "8 most worn things" post. Like most worn shoes, lipproduct, shirt, bag, piece of jewerlry, perfume/scent/lotion, nail polish (color), and whatever you like that would make this add up to 8 or more :D "
A: LOL of course i can ! I'll do that on sunday since i just finished ALL the questions ! Ahaha, i heard of this on youtube & stuffs cause my sister does youtube videos. Haha, i'd LOVE to do this ! Check up on my blog on sunday :)

Ask away ! :)

Quote --- " Theres nothing wrong w/ it "

" I am outspoken, opinionated, & determined. I want what i want & there's nothing wrong w/ that. So, go ahead & try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty within me but, you won't succeed. And if that makes me a bitch, so be it. I embrace the title and I'm proud to bear it. "

#3) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -
I want ripped leggings !

My day/ Thoughts

I have a confession ...
Okay, update on my day ! So i was planning to wear a skirt w/ a rufflely blouse but i ended up wearing my boyfriends black v-neck. LOL, how sad ! Ahaha, i kind of regret not wearing my costume today but it wasn't Halloween anyways & idk, its just weird. I'll wear it 2m and post up heella pics here + facebook. Hmm, i went to downtown today afterschool. I bought this cuteassssss intimate piece or w/e. I'm not gonna go into detail (; AHAH. Okay anywayssss, haven't seen those friends in FOREVER. Seriously ! Ahaha, it was .. okay. Eh, kinda don't feel like i fit in. I'm not that party girl anymore. I'm more laid back now & i'm trynna make good decisions. Loll, i don't exactly wanna have that highschool life w/ the drinkin & shit. I'm gonna be sober until i'm 21. And then MAYBE i'll have a little once in a while for occasions. I'm above the influence to the max. Never had a sip of alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, no etc. AND IM PROUD. And i swear, i don't want to try it ! Ahahaha, yeaaaaaah. A little disappointed in some shiets but eh, its not my life ! I guess overtime, everyone changes. Theres nothing i can do about it. I'm super excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to dress up ! Yaaay :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

#2) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -
She's pretty ! :)

I can't wait !

I have a confession ...
Wonderful. I haven't started homework. ): I'm really about to move to tumblr once i get the time. But, will everyone still check up on it ? Will anyone even read my shit ? Will anyone follow me ?! Hahah, thats whats getting to me. I can't wait till 2010. Babe will be able to drive in a month which means dates all the time, great mall shopping, & getting away from all the boring ass shit here ! Haha, + he's gonna be 16 and getting a job. Finally, time to do some funner shiet. Hm, a few more months till i'm 16. Getting a job this summer, gonna make me some monaaay. I hope me & frank can buy a dog soon. I really miss cookie. I want something else this time though. Ahah, i'm excited. The future sounds like fun.


I can’t always be the greatest girlfriend, I know. I can yell, I get mad at you for no reason at all, I can bombard you with pointless questions and demanding answers, I hover over you when I shouldn’t, I can complain and be brat and can be stubborn like no other. Sometimes I forget to call you back, sometimes I call too much. I know, I know- even sometimes I don’t treat you the way you deserve. But despite the days where I’m not a good girlfriend I hope you never forgotten how much I love you.

Let him be him.

Let him do his thing. Stop hovering, let him go out with his boys, let him have friends that are girls and yes that includes girls that you may not even know, let him has his “me time”, give his some space. Stop calling him every couple of minutes, just because he’s not with you doesn’t mean he’s out doing something shady. Stop with the random check ups. Be flattered that girls find him attractive but by all means bitch a girl out if she gets too close. Learn to be out without him for a day or two, he’s not the only one entitled to some “me time” But let him breathe for goodness sakes, stop interrupting him when he’s playing his video games don’t get mad because you’re not getting all the attention. Don’t get mad at him because he’s going to play basketball again, he does need his exercise, go out and be his cheerleader just don’t distract him. Let him do his own thing without having to question “who’s gonna be there, what time you commin home, who you goin with” Love him, support him, respect him, most of all let him be him.

I gotta learn to do that !

#1) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -
Shes gorgeousss. I've always loved that headband style but it doesn't work for me. :/ I love her shoeees though !

Rambling !

I have a confession ...
I added a counter on my page. Under the about me section. Idk, i don't like how the blogger one counts by 100's ! LOL it sucks. So heres a new ones. I have 14 wufoo questions to answerrr. I don't have time now but i'll try to answer them maybe sunday ? Yeaaaahs. I changed my top cartilage to a twisted barbell. Ouchhh, its a 12-14 gauge so it hurttt. Turns out that is not even nice ! But i'll keep in on till Halloween cause it looks ridiculously creepy :) LOLL. I'm still not sure if i should start a tumblr or just do my fashion shit here too. The difference is that on tumblr, people actually FOLLOW you when they like you & theres the whole reblogging shit. On blogger, its more of a personal life type thing. Idkkkk. Maybe, maybe not. I looked up lots of fashion pics + more quote graphics yesterday. I'll post a few today :) Alrights, time for homework !
P.S: Should i wear my Halloween costume to school 2m !??!?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Appreciate what you got.

" You aren’t going to be his first , his last, or his only. He’s loved before, he will again. But if he loves you now, what else matters ? Hes not perfect, you aren’t either, & the two of you will never be perfect but if he can make you laugh at least once, cause you to think twice, & admit to being human & making mistakes, hold on to him. Give him the most you can. He is not going to quote poetry. Hes not going to be thinking about you every moment but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, don’t expect more then he can give. Try not to over-analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, & miss him when he’s not there. "


It still does :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy 1 year + 9 months hubby :)

I have a confession ..
Pulling an all nighter tonight. HELLA homework ! Haaaaaaaah.
These days, i have been extremely happy. Even though everything is wrong, i still got one person there for me, & thats all i need. Thanks for everything. I love you (:

[ Click the pics to enlarge. ]

Monday, October 26, 2009

Adorableeee :)

I have a confession ...
One last quote ! :) "

Okay, " he said. He took a breath. " What would you do, if you could do anything ?"
I took a step toward him, closing the space between us.
" This," I said. And then i kissed him.
Kissed him. There, in the middle of the street, as the world went on around us.

Definitions of love.

I have a confession ...
This is cute !

Hah, i should really be studying for chem now.

I just want you <3

" Who wants the perfect guy ? Not me. I don’t want anyone perfect. I don’t want anyone normal, cause that’s just boring. I want someone weird. I want someone unpredictable. I want someone who lets things slide and who loves to laugh and make me laugh. I want someone who will be crazy about me, and isnt afraid to let every one know it. I want him to be able to tell me to shut the hell up when I am bugging him. I want someone who challenges me, in every way. I want someone who puts up with my shit, but isn’t a push over. I want someone who pisses me off, but I can never be mad at, but perfect? That’s one thing I never want. "

I can honestly say, love is the most incredible feeling in the world.

I have a confession ...
Its amazing how much you can love someone. You'll never understand what i feel for my boyfriend until you experience love for yourself. I remember people telling me i'm stupid for staying with him after all he's put me through. If you were in love, you'd do exactly what i do.

I remember being told " they'll never make it ". Hearing people say " they don't look right together " or " they aren't meant for each other ". I remember everyone putting us down. All the rumors, all the bullshit. I'm glad that we never let it get to us cause look at us now. I love you unconditionally & i swear, thats how it'll always be. If your one of the bitches that has ever said shit about us, seriously, take a look at this. I've proved all you dumb fucks wrong & i'll continue doing that.
" When your around me, anything is possible. "

Its ME, love it, hate it, i dont care. :)

I have a confession ...
I should really start homework. LOL, anyways, my cramps are ALMOST gone, yaaaaay. I did nothing practically all day. Hm, new picture up there ^^^^^ as you prob already seen. Hm, yeah, its slutty. Yeah, i look like a whore. LOL BUT WHO CARES ?!?!? I loveeeeeeee slutty shit & if you wanna talk, then there, go spread it to the world. I could care less ! Its who i am & its my personality :) Bitcheeeees can talk all they want. Muhahhahahaha. Uhhhhhhhh, yeah. Bye :)
If you consider that a reason, then obviously you got some growin up to do.

Q+A Set #4

I have a confession ...
I'm bored so why not answer some questions ? Oh, + i added a few facts so check up on that.

#42) Q: " Just wanted to say, You seem like a really great person and I really wish I got to know you better in middle school. We go to different high schools now :[ . You seem like the kind of BFF that everyone can trust and depend on. I wish we could've been good friends in middle school. "

A: Awwwww, this is reallly sweet. Ahaha, thanks :)

#43) Q: " What's the sweeeeeeeeeeeetest thing Steven has ever done for yu? (Besides obvious things like "ask yu out" and "gave yu a big present" stuff like that) "
A: Well, i can't think of a huge one but to me, its the little things that matter most. I posted an entire blog about him yesterday so you can look into that. I'll state a few here anyways. Hm, one time, i was stalked home & i was terrrrrrified and shaking and everything. He was busy but he came right away anyways & comforted me. He promised to never let me get into that situation again & he kept his promise. That meant a lot to me. Hm, another time i was really really sick & i went to the hospital @ like the middle of the night. He came with me and helped me the entireee time. He never look annoyed even though it took like 3 hours. Idk, overall its just how he cares so much about me. I think thats much more sweet then all the material things.

#44) Q: " i love how you're taller than me! i love how your hair grows so fast! i love your closet! zomg HI STEPHHH ;) "
A: LOOL okay, that is SO sandy. Heeeeeeello ! :)

#45) Q: " Wat do u and ur babe fight about mostly? "
A: Um, little stupid things. LOL but we get over it in like, a few minutes. I rather not think back about fights. LOL sorry this isn't really a good answer.

#46) Q: " Do you hold grudges? "
A: Hm, no i don't unlessss its THAT bad. Like, theres a few things i could NEVER let go but everything else, i forgive in a heartbeat.

#47) Q: " How often do u go shopping? and how much do u usually spend? " A: Um, i go shopping at LEAST once a week. Usually like 2-3 times a weeek ? How much i spend depends on what they have & where i'm shopping at. If its like serra or tanforan, usually like 50 ish bucks ? Stones + DT i spend very little like 20 ish ? Andddd if its great mall, vacaville, or somewhere far, over 100. Tehehehe.

#48) Q: " my boyfriend has been together since March and he's not really the type of person that seems like a real boyfriend. Like, he seems more of a best friend. Some people can't really tell we're even together. But anyway, sometimes I feel like he doesn't care and I don't know, I'm starting to fall for one of my friends. I don't know if it's infuation, or what, but I don't want to break up with my boyfriend either. I care about him a lot, it's just that he never shows he cares about me. Thank you =) "
A: Well sometimes, me and my boyfriend act like bestfriends more then a couple. We just hangout like we're not even in a relationship but its like, i dont want to be cuddling & being all lovey dovey all the time. Sometimes, you just gotta joke around & have a good time. When it comes down to it, we show our passion & affection for each other but its not ALL the time. Boys don't exactly know how to show they care. LOL just talk to him about it, nothing will solve itself. Discusss your problems. If your falling for someone else, then you've obviously lost a LOT of feelings for him. O.O Um, don't lead him on if you think you don't even like him anymore. I mean, having a boyfriend makes you feel secure but don't just keep him around for that cause its really fucked up. Don't be selfish and do what YOU want to do. Do whats best for your relationship. I hope this helps :/ Good luck !

#49) Q: " There's this guy that I think likes me but i'm not sure. His actions seem to show it. What do you think about this? "
A: I haven't experienced that in 2 years. LOL um, don't expect too much & try not to get your hopes up. Just follow along & whatever happens, happens. If he does & you do too, then thats wonnnnderful. If he doesn't, there will be another guy comin along. Go with the flow. Good luckkkk !

#50) Q: " is your hair damaged because you dye it alot"
A: It SHOULD be but oddly, it isn't. Its actually reallllllly smoooth. LOL

#51) Q: " What do u think about the idea of being older/younger than ur bf and are u older than ur bf? "
A: I don't give a dammmmmn about age. Like i'm serious, idc at ALL. LOL no, my boyfriends older but only by a few months. If you love someone, nothing should get in the way. Especially not age.

#52) Q: " Where do you buy OPI nail polish? Kinda random. Haha. "
A: My mom loves doing her nails too. She gets them @ this store near downtown ? I'm not sure but you can only purchase things there if you got a salon degree. I NEVER buy nail polish so i don't really know if they sell at drugstores. Sorry :/

#53) Q: " How many designer bags do you own? Like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Juicy & etc. It'd be so cool if you could include photos of them too :D " A: I actually don't own too many. LOL i don't think i'm at the age where i should be wearing designer but i have a fewww. I can't find them online so heres a picture: ( click to enlarge )

Gucci:Juicy Couture:Coach:Coach:Those are the ones i own & are not shared with my sister. I have a few clutches and other little things but i won't include that.

#54) Q: " Slightly personal but, when you say "sleep over" in your blogs, where does your boyfriend sleep? And are your parents okay with that? "
A: LOL, uhh, w/ me ? Yeah, my parents are okay w/ it. They trust me enough. When people hear about him sleeping over, they automatically assume the worst but we actually sleep. Like forreal ! + i share a room w/ my sister.