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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let him be him.

Let him do his thing. Stop hovering, let him go out with his boys, let him have friends that are girls and yes that includes girls that you may not even know, let him has his “me time”, give his some space. Stop calling him every couple of minutes, just because he’s not with you doesn’t mean he’s out doing something shady. Stop with the random check ups. Be flattered that girls find him attractive but by all means bitch a girl out if she gets too close. Learn to be out without him for a day or two, he’s not the only one entitled to some “me time” But let him breathe for goodness sakes, stop interrupting him when he’s playing his video games don’t get mad because you’re not getting all the attention. Don’t get mad at him because he’s going to play basketball again, he does need his exercise, go out and be his cheerleader just don’t distract him. Let him do his own thing without having to question “who’s gonna be there, what time you commin home, who you goin with” Love him, support him, respect him, most of all let him be him.

I gotta learn to do that !

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