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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011-
What a day! LOL Woke up at 2pm. Got ready & out the house by 3:30pm. Went to Stonestown so babe could get an invisible shield on his new ipad2. (He bought one the other day -.-) Then we went to S&E cafe for an early dinner/ late lunch. Haven't been there in a while! It was yummy :P Ummm then i went home to change (i didn't think it would be THAT hot!!) Me, babe, my mom, & my moms friend (This lady that came from Shanghai to visit for 6 months. She lives w/ us!), & hunter went to Fort Funston for a hike/ beach. It was such a nice day! Umm my mom & aunt left halfway b/c they didn't want to go to the beach. Me and babe chilled till sunset :) Afterward, we went home & cleaned up. I changeeeeed. We all went to eat Pho for dinner (me, frank, viv, mom, dad, aunt) & then me, mom, frank, aunt, viv, & vivs friend went to Twin Peaks for the beautiful night view. It was amazzzzzzing. I swear, i could've stayed there all night. Came home, relaxed, & waited for my darn SAT score. It ruined my day -.- FML. Don't ask, not gonna tell )': (Okay fine, it wasn't THAT bad but it was pretty bad.) Here are tons of pictures ^^

Took a picture in my parents room. Nice lighting :P.. (Notice how my hair goes from being perfectly curled to almost straight by the end of the day -.-)
New looseish white top. I wanted to wear it as a dress but it was a bit short >:/
Lovvvvvvves my new aldo purse ^^
Car ridddde. Such a lovely day ^^
Babe helped me take a few outfit pics. I didn't really like them though :/ + The floor is extremely dirty -.-
Wore my new heels ^^
Fort Funston! So pretty ^^ (It was getting cold so i threw on a cardigan. Wearing pearl embellished shorts but you can't see :P Oh & i'm wearing flip flops :O!!)
Meet my aunty & mommy :)
So pretty :)
Babe & Hunter!
Heading to the beach.
Omggg, i can't get over how pretty everything is!
Mom mocking me >:/
They left after this. LOL They didn't wanna hike down the hill :P Hunter looks exhausted!!! He got so dirty LOL
Babe & hunter running :P
Kehehehe. Brought the beach mat.
Sunset, Boyfriend, Dog. What could be better? :P
When my boo boo runs, his ear flops ^^
Watching the sunset ^^
Few more pictures :)
Hes so cute!!! He kept trying to socialize w/ all the other dogs that were 100x's bigger LOL I think he likes the beach ^^ Hunter has wired fur. When dirt or sand gets caught in it, it simply falls out on its own. He got so dirty but after 10 minutes, everything just disappeared! It was amazing!!! LOL He's still all nasty in this picture though :P..
Twin peaks!!!!!
I usually hate flash pictures but these didn't turn out so bad ^^ I threw on a peacoat and scarf since it was getting chilly. The wind was warm though. It was such a lovely night. I love San Francisco!!!
You can kind of tell that my cheeks/jaw is kind of swollen from the extractions ):