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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 1; May 30, 2012-

"  It is currently 6pm and I have one hour to kill before dinner. (Everyone else is taking a nap since we all have jet lag but I'm trying my best not to..) Hm.. so let me sum up my day! Woke up at 7am. Shower and got ready. I put on makeup today! Switched most of my eye products to physicians formula. Lets see if it swells tonight.. I hope not ): My makeup looks lighter and more natural now, which I like! Had a lovely breakfast. Not sure what the thing I ate is called but it's like Shanghai dumpling but has a hard fried bottom and is bigger. It has LOADS of soup inside and it's delicious! I've been craving it for 2 years :P After breakfast, we walked to this nearby supermarket. We shopped for some groceries and then headed home. Family cooked at home for lunch! That's when Frank & I went on that walk and I got robbed >:( I got my phone back though so I'm over it! Ate a delicious lunch and then went to Carrefour. (A warehouse kind of place) Bought a ton of stuff! Headed home again and then went to this shoe store that's just across the street from our city house. Found a few pairs of cute heels but no sizes ): I ended up purchasing a cute pair of black shorts with lace trimming and this really pretty pleating. Only 30 yuan! That's about... $5 :) There were maxi skirts and some chiffon high low dresses but they were actually pretty pricey so we put them down. Maybe we'll find it elsewhere for cheaper! So now I'm here on the bed typing this up... Leaving for dinner (mini hot pot!!!) in 45 minutes. Man, I'm SO sleepy... Ugh stupid jet lag ): "

Super market

Lunch at home
Shoe shopping


Hot pot for dinner

The Flight There; May 29, 2012-


Flight to Japan.


Landed in Shanghai :)

First night dinner!