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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Facts ! ..

I have a confession ..
Since i'm sick, bored, & waiting for my babe to come back home w/ some food, why don't i write some randomass facts about me ?! Things i hate, love, and just w/e comes to mind. Here goes nothin ! Haaaaah, just kidding so babe got back and i had to eat but i'll still write a lillllll. Here it goes, freal this time !
  • I love animals and thats the reason why i don't eat certain types . I.E. quail, duck. If i saw the animal fully alive before served, i won't eat it. Sometimes i don't even eat shrimp. I guess that makes me half a vegetarien .. if thats possible and makes sense. LOL
  • I don't like it when all someone does is gossip. Yeah, i've done that before but i learn from my mistakes. Nowadays, i barely talk shit. It gets kinda irritating when others do but i can't do anything about it.
  • I like deep talks about serious topics. Idk why, it gets me really thinking about the bigger picture.
  • Everyone always tells me i'm short and anerexic -.-. I got used to being told im short, its true, i am. I can't do anything about it. I hate being told im too skinny and i should eat. If you think that, obviously you don't know me at all. You should see how much i eat, i could prob eat just as much as you can or even more >:/. Go away !
  • I care a whole lot about school, idk why but i tend to stress myself out over it. Schools important to me. Its my future. I don't like it when people try to influence me to care less. Its a good thing that i care a lot about it but i think i'm over doing it :// ..
  • I don't like borrowing clothes from friends, i think its kinda gross. I don't like sharing food/ drinks anymore, unless we're close. Yeah, i think its kidna nasty. + franks germo and he doesn't want me to. LOL
  • I'm on AIM 24/7. Literally ! I never turn off my comp :) Hehe
  • I don't like to apologize unless i KNOW im wrong. You don't hear " i'm sorry " fromm me often.
  • I love to sing and dance. I've took lessons for a lot of things when i was younger but ive quit everything. I've had piano, ballet, singing, chinese, modeling, acting, etc. Ahah, the only thing i kept up was modeling but i graduated. I kinda wish i didn't quit some of those now ):
  • I'm not spoiled. I worked for everything i have. I don't like it when people say i'm " lucky " or " blessed ". I get about 4 horus of sleep every night in order to get good grades in school. I have never lied to my parents. If i don't do all that i do, i wouldn't have everything i have.
  • I'm COMPLETELY above the influence. I plan to not drink unless its MY wedding. Smoking is DISGUSTING. So are drugs. Grossgrossgross. I don't like it when people brag about all they did. Yeah, congratulations, your shortening your life :) I hope your having fun. Okay that sounds mean, my bad. ahaha
  • I'm a goody goody who likes to have fun. Yeah, i do crazy things and i like to go out and have fun but i know when to stop. I know what i should do and what i shouldn't. I never stole in my life and im proud of it ! :)
  • I could be the nicest girl you've ever met. I'm hella innocent and shy but if you piss me off theres a whole other side of me. It barely comes out and you'll probablly not believe that it exists. Believe it or not, i get violent. Trust me, you don't wanna see it.
  • I love going out and having fun. Chilllin with friends & all that. I'm pretty much down for anything. It's summer, hit me up and lets hang. Well, after i get back from china. heeeeeeheh
Mkay, i can't think of much more. I gotta go pack freal this time. LOL Bye !

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm sick ): ..

I have a confession ..
I feel very sick ! Haha, i never updated on last month. Oh well, i dont have time ! Okay so i have a fever & i'm coughing. That sucks cause im leaving to china on monday -.- I miss my babesterr already ): But, either way i have to go. Happy or not, i might as well make the best of it huh ? Its easier said then done though. Hm so i'm gonna start a diff blog just for my china trip. I'll add pics, videos, and just a layout of my day there. So yeah, check up on that during the summer :) I think i should start packing .. that sucks ! i'm sad ): Rawr, kk update later !

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm not ready for it ..

Finals week has come again .. & so the stress follows suit.
One more week to stay strong ..
& then its time to take off.
I'm going to a place far, far away.
Its like a whole other world ..

P.S. Pstt .. Honestly .. i'm not ready for it.