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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012-

I was SO exhausted.. slept in until 3pm ^^V Had hot pot for dinner w/ my family and then we went shopping at night :D 
Baby photos!! 
LOL, I didn't actually but this hat :P
SO CUTTTTTTTTEEEEEEE!! In love with big watches :D
Wore my new wedges and bought Calvin Klein sunglasses ^^V
Blog TV for the rest of the night!

4 year anniversary :)

Babe didn't go to school since he just had surgery! So he picked me up after school with one rose, which I thought was SUPER sweet. I had no idea that he had another surprise planned! We got home and when I walked into the room, oh my god. Cutest thing everrrrrrrr!! He prepared an outfit for me to wear to dinner and had already made reservations at The House of Prime Rib ^^ Heheheh. So adorable!! Spent a while getting ready and finally went for dinner. It was absolutely delicious! Babe was sweet enough to celebrate even with his massive cast on. He felt a little pain during the dinner which made me feel terrible :T After dinner, we came home and took some photos with my polaroid. Changed and went bowling with Viv, Richard, Mei, & Mikey! Ran into SO many people that night.. it was so weird!! LOL We went to Jollibees for a late night snack :) Here are some photos!

The one rose!
Eeeeek ^^
He bought me a set of earrings with a matching necklace. Along with that, he bought a necklace at F21 too in case I wanted to wear something less dressy :P He paired the outfit with an engraved bracelet he bought me last v-day!
Books I have been wanting ^^V In case you guys don't know, I absolutely LOVE to read.
Gorrrrgeous roses :)
And the whole outfit together! I ended up wearing different shoes and tucked the dress into a bandage skirt b/c I wanted something tight instead of flowy :)
He also wrote me a super cute card ^^
 LOL.... Hunter -.-...
He looks so big!
On the way to dinner ^^
Babes so cute :)
Salad with a chilled fork :P fancccccy
Prime rib!!!1
Decorations and poor babes hand )':
My outfit :)
Loveeees him!
Shoes :D
My hair for the night!
Bowling that night!

Thursday, January 26, 2012-

The day babe got his surgery. Seriously, I couldn't sleep all night and I was nervous all day until I heard from him. Sigh.. thank God he's fine!!! Ugh, It was a terrible feeling. Anywho, I spent the rest of the day with my booboo, who makes everything better ^^
He can seriously gaze out of the window for daaaays.
 His short little tail!
Playing with the effects :P

Wednesday, January 25, 2012-

School, OOTD, loved my hair!
 Tried to get to the treats box himself.. but realized he wasn't tall enough so he did a few tricks in front of it :P

Tuesday, January 24, 2012-

My "Ocean Girl" pen from Monterey Bay! Loves it :)
 Still cuddles with his toys :P
 Forever a puppy!