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Friday, December 31, 2010

Heres a video from Christmas ^^V
They laaaaave us. LOL
Pictures from December 30, 2010-
MY HAIRS GROWING SO FAST! ^^ ( I didn't straighten/curl it yet )
Car ride to Kome :)
Tron in XD ^^
Look at Ericas SUPER red tongue from the ICEE. LOOOL
Forgot to take outfit pics that morning :P
Pictures from December 29, 2010-
On the way ^^ Put my hair up in that style that everyone used to LOVE. LOL Big poof, rest up ^^ Dressed SUPER warm :)
Stupid sun ):
Doesn't this look like a computer wallpaper?!
Rope course! After getting geared up ^^ (Stupid wind)
On the course! LOL Don't mind my ugly white boots. They only allow sneakers and flat boots :/
Pictures from the course! ^^ Meee! Vivian!
Frank i think:
The whole thing!
Frank: (THIS WAS THE HARDEST ONE FOR ME! It felt like you were falling backwards + it took HELLA muscle strength. It looked so easily though -.-)
Me on the 3rd lvl, Christian on the 2nd:
Me on the log + Viv:
After the rope course! ^^ Snow tubing! On the escalator thing that brings you to the top. I look so funky LOL My nose was HELLA red cause i was freeeeezing. I can't believe the helmet thing didn't really mess up my hair :P
Ice skating! :)
I'm in LOVE w/ the way my hair looks in this picture. ITS SO PRETTY ^^
Me and babe :)
Hot pot!
Pictures from December 28, 2010-
He fell asleep next to me while i was on the computer. LOL He looks like a toy!
Hairs kinda messy but i wore the chain headband i bought a couple of weeks agooo!
Brought Hunter out ^^
Thursday, December 30, 2010-
Woke up earlyishhhhhh! Got ready & went to eat Kome w/ Frank, Erica, & Lance @ around 2ish ^^ It was cheap & pretty yummy! Then we had to kill some time before the movies so we went to Ross, this yogurt store (where we bought hot cocoa ^^), & the car washing store. Frank got his entire car washed and waxed, inside & out. Its SO pretty and shinny LOL Took 45 mins so we went around 7-11 & stayed at this little shop/waiting room thing they had. Ummm at around 6PM, we went to the movies. We watched Tron in XD. (I've always wanted to watch a movie in XD!!!) Lance got us in for free cause he works there now ^^ + He got us 2 huge bags of popcorn and kettle corn + icees and sodas!!! Everything literally would have cost about $80, but we didn't have to pay a cent! It was cool :D The XD theater was really cool. Leather seats, super comfy, huge theater, better sound system, bigger screen, & etc. Tron was okaaaaay, pretty interesting :) Came home at 9-10ishhhh. Been blogging + answering formspring since. Mkay, imma sleep now. New years eve 2m! I'm so excited ^^V
Wednesday, December 29, 2010-
Dell' Osso farm! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Um woke up super early at around.. 9ish? Got ready & left at around 11:30? It was frank driving me, erica, & lance. Then Christian driving Viv, Mei, & Mike. LOL We stopped @ Walmart on the way & bought some sodaaaaaa. Then we stopped at other places to buy some food. Got to Dell' Osso farm and it was FREEZING. Like literally 30-40 degrees w/ 30mph wind >:/ I was coooooooooold. LOL We all payed $20 for unlimited ice skating & a 90min session of snow tubing. Then me, frank, erica, lance, viv, & christian payed another $20 to do the rope course. We did the rope course first. OMG, it was so fun!!! (Hunters next to me and he just squeaked a toy really loud! LOOL It was so cute cause i turned around & said " Shhhhhhh! " & he looked at me and stopped. LOL I love him so much ^^) Umm the rope course was CRAZY! It was so much scarier than it looked. At one point, i almost gave in cause it was draining my arm strength -.- LOL Anywhos, that took up an hour and a half ish. Super fun, i wanna do an even crazier one! Ummm after walking around and chilling for a while, it was finally 5PM, time for our 90 min snow tubing session ^^ IT WAS SO FUCKING FUN. AAAAAAAAAAAAH i loved it!!! LOL Then after, we went ice skating which wasn't too fun compared to everything else we did earlier in the day. The rink was pretty empty though so we were able to skate fastr and what not. Umm then we leftttt :P Drove an hour to Hot Pot City in Milpitas! We were CRAVING something warm. LOL I changed in the car to something comfier ^^ Ate hot pot, it was yummmmmy. Then we headed home. End of day! SUPER DUPER FUN. Tons of pictures coming up in the next few days :)
P.S: The workers there were SO friendly. They were unbelievably nice!
Tuesday, December 28, 2010-
Hm.. we brought hunter out! LOL Went to Pet Club & bought Hunter + Baby a buncha treats, food, toys, & etc. Spent $50+ >:/ Then we went to Serramontee to return some things. Then we went to Safeway to buy fries and chicken nuggets! And uhhhh i don't remember what happened afterwards :P LOL
Monday, December 27, 2010-
Babe & Is 2 years and 11 months anniversary :) I don't remember what happened >:/ Um.. i know i played MJ w/ my family LOL I don't think i did anything! Kay, end of day :P

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010-
Woke up, got ready, & went to Stevens Creek w/ my mom, dad, vivian, christian, frank, & my cousins. LOL I bought a pearl headband, tan heeled boots w/ bows, & a white lacy dressy top thing ^^ Then at around 7:30PM, we decided to stop my Great Mall too! I bought 2 tops: a peachy ruffly top & a white top w/ pearls and stuff :) Super cuttttes! My feet were killing me -.- I wore my new oxfords! LOL Um... i took pics of the new items i bought (cause they're so pretty together!) but decided not to upload them since i want new clothes when i go back to school :P Buncha new outfits in the upcoming days. One more week before winter breaks over! ):