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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010-
Woke up earlyishhhhhh! Got ready & went to eat Kome w/ Frank, Erica, & Lance @ around 2ish ^^ It was cheap & pretty yummy! Then we had to kill some time before the movies so we went to Ross, this yogurt store (where we bought hot cocoa ^^), & the car washing store. Frank got his entire car washed and waxed, inside & out. Its SO pretty and shinny LOL Took 45 mins so we went around 7-11 & stayed at this little shop/waiting room thing they had. Ummm at around 6PM, we went to the movies. We watched Tron in XD. (I've always wanted to watch a movie in XD!!!) Lance got us in for free cause he works there now ^^ + He got us 2 huge bags of popcorn and kettle corn + icees and sodas!!! Everything literally would have cost about $80, but we didn't have to pay a cent! It was cool :D The XD theater was really cool. Leather seats, super comfy, huge theater, better sound system, bigger screen, & etc. Tron was okaaaaay, pretty interesting :) Came home at 9-10ishhhh. Been blogging + answering formspring since. Mkay, imma sleep now. New years eve 2m! I'm so excited ^^V

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