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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pictures from June 28, 2011-

First picture ever on my new phone :)
Me and my baaaaaaabe
@ Red Lobster ^^
My $15 4 course meal :) Yummy salad:
Entree (I forgot to take a picture before eating it.. :P)
My best score of the night :P I was doing pretty good that day!

Pictures from June 27, 2011-

Car ride there. It was so gloomy near SF!
Lunch time in the car ^^
Flipped the seats down :P (Horrible lighting :/)
Car ride back. LOL @ our sunglasses ^^
Back to SF. It's so beautiful!

Middle split:

The quality is terrible :T

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summary of the past 2 days:

Monday, June 27, 2011-
Woke up superrr early! Went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom again. Super fun & short lines that day! Got to ride everything we wanted to :) Lovely weather. Perfect everything! Left in the evening and headed back to SF. Went swimming @ Rossi!! Super fun. After that, we had late night pho. AMAZING DAY. Vlogged it all ^^

Tuesday, June 28, 2011-
I GOT THE WHITE IPHONE!! AHH!! It's gorgeous :) Anywhos, in the afternoon, we ran some errands for Franks mom. Then we went to stonestown to get my iphone set up ;) Me, Frank, Jeanie, & Den went to Red Lobster for dinner. Super affordable and yummy ^^ Then we went bowling. We were supposed to only bowl 2-3 rounds but we ended up staying for 6... LOL Me and Jeanie won 5/6 without any points. US GIRLS ARE AMAZING ^^V I did really well!! 100+ points on all rounds :) Yaaaaaaaay. Then we stopped by Jolliebees for late night snacks! Came home, watched The Voice. It's now 3am and I'm exhausted!! Gonna sleep now. I had an amazing day again ^^ I LOVE SUMMER!!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE! 10x's :)
Or purchase his song on itunes! ^^

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011-

Trying to keep up with these daily summaries :P Hm.. today, I woke up superrr early hoping I'd be able to spend the day w/ babes, but he got called in to work last minute )': Got ready and spent the day w/ Jeanie & Dennison! We shopped at Stonestown until closing time. I purchased a super cute dress from Yes Style & a one shoulder top from Ninas! Both were 50% off :) I was hoping I'd find something in H&Ms big sale, but there was literally nothing I liked! After stones, we went to westlake. Shopped at Ross :P I bought a soap dispensing back scrubber (ITS SO COOL!!! And fun to use ^^V) as well as a mini straightener. LOL I've always wanted one :P (Still waiting for my new straightener to ship......Gr.. I'm using a 2inch one. Almost impossible to curl hair with) After that, we went to Nubis yogurt! Superrrr yunmy. Jeanie then brought me home! I had dinner w/ my fam and watched a bunch of baby videos :P I was going to film a haul, but I couldn't get the lighting right and gave up :/ I'll do it some other day! Babes finally came home and I spent the last few hours with him ^^ Oh & about my hair!! I absolutely love my hair like this:
I don't think I can give it up any time soon :P I went out with the middle part today and I liked it! However, I'm not as confident with it as I am with my bangs though. I'll be doing the middle part every so often, but I'm generally going to keep my bangs. My plan is to grow them out and have them curl into my hair :) So yay! I finally figured it all out and tried all the things I've wanted to. I have to sleep now b/c we're going to Six Flags 2m! Yaaaaaaaay! Okay, goodnight ^^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random fact about me:

I always check for spiders before stepping into the shower. ^^

Vivian's 19th Birthday pictures (from camera)-

Self-timer. I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Except babe is wearing flip flops. )':
The lighting is funky
I'm not photogenic, so I look terrible in these. Oh well :/
Viv, Mei, & I!
The balloons I bought her :D
Her cake! (She's 19, not 20. But in China, they count it differently so to my family, she's 20.. LOL)
Me, Viv, & my cousin-in-law, Michelle!
Babe being silly like always :P
Me, Mei, & Viv.
Me & Viv.
Me, my cousin, & Viv. LOL Inside joke....
Dad, me, Viv, mom :)
God brother, God mother, Viv, & I :)
Me, Grandpa, & Viv!
Love my heels......
Me, Jeanie, & Den creeping in the back. LOL Idk where I'm looking -.-
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
Bowling ^^V
Jeanie, Me, Viv, & Mei!

Vivian's 19th Birthday pictures (from phone)-

OOTD. Love my shoes :)
Red lips and darker eye shadow! Since I'm running low on my usual foundation AND it's discontinued, I'm on the search for a new one. I'm trying the Estee Lauder double wear but its incomparable to my usual one. Bleh. Why did they have to discontinue mine )':... Still on the hunt....... So frustrating..
Camera whoring while waiting for babe to get ready..
I love it when he dresses up!