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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vivian's 19th Birthday pictures (from camera)-

Self-timer. I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Except babe is wearing flip flops. )':
The lighting is funky
I'm not photogenic, so I look terrible in these. Oh well :/
Viv, Mei, & I!
The balloons I bought her :D
Her cake! (She's 19, not 20. But in China, they count it differently so to my family, she's 20.. LOL)
Me, Viv, & my cousin-in-law, Michelle!
Babe being silly like always :P
Me, Mei, & Viv.
Me & Viv.
Me, my cousin, & Viv. LOL Inside joke....
Dad, me, Viv, mom :)
God brother, God mother, Viv, & I :)
Me, Grandpa, & Viv!
Love my heels......
Me, Jeanie, & Den creeping in the back. LOL Idk where I'm looking -.-
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
Bowling ^^V
Jeanie, Me, Viv, & Mei!

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