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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011-
Babe & I's 3 yr & 1 month anniversary ^^ Still need to go on that special dinner date. Hopefully, we'll do that during spring break! Um... woke up at 11am to get ready for SAT class. Only 2 more days of class left :D That went by SO quickly. LOL SAT class till 4:30pm. Then babe picked me up & we went to great mall. I had to rush b/c we needed to get to boiling crab but i managed to pick up a satin black top w/ lace detailing ^^ It was 40% off & then another 15% b/c of my birthday coupon thing :P I didn't get to go into 579, Love Culture, Charlotte, & etc ):... Rawrrrrrrr. I've been hunting for some new earrings. I NEED new ones! LOL Along w/ that, i want a new cream peacoat & a new light grey coat. Besides that, i think i'm set for the month :P Umm babe & I russssshed to the new boiling crab. Ate a pound of shrimp (mild, the whole sha-bang), a corn, some cajun fries, & a sprite. God, i'm getting so sick of the taste -.- I don't even think its that good anymore.. which is sad ): Umm afterward, we went to Wal mart. I NEEDED a lot of things! I bought ... 4 diff types of ribbon for clothes, 3 packs of binder paper, pens, pencils, tooooons of snacks, contact solution & eye drops, treats for my booboo (Hunter), & other stufffffs. Left around 10:30pm. Note that it we have school the next day :X ... Babe let me sleep while he drove home :D It was calming and nice. Got home a little past 11pm. Didn't understand how to do my hw so i just didn't do it for once -.- Grrrrrr.

Monday, February 28, 2011-
Last day of February! It's craaaazy :P School was eeeeeh. Superrr tired and out of it. SO sick, ugggh. I wore a northface jacket all day ... It was supposed to be for the car & on the way into school but it was chilly inside as well so i just kept it on :P After school, babe & I went to pick up his prescribed glasses. LOL Hes so silly. So you know how when everything is REALLY clear, its kind of ugly? LOL Like the world is kind of prettier a littttttle blurry? Anywhos, babe put the glasses on & i was like " Am i uglier now? ". He said "No, you're even more pretty! Wow, i've been missing out!" LOOL Adoraaable. Came home, ate a little, played w/ hunterrr, then babe left for work. Ate Subway cause i was craving :P Um.. then i watched the new ep of Pretty Little Liars. I used to think it was a reaaaaally stupid show but its been getting better! I like it for the lovey dovey parts. LOL I'm a sucker for romance stuff. Soooooo cutttttte. I realllllly need to start on hw... Ehhhhhh i have a lot tonight ):
P.S. I brought the book "Don't sweat the small stuff" to school & read throughout the day. I'm done w/ almost half of it :P... I'm seriously in LOVE with it. If everyone read it, i swear the world would be 100x's better. LOL LOVELOVELOVE.

Upcoming events/ Things i'm looking forward to:
March 3- ELF package, Contact lenses delivery
March 4- No school ^^ Going to that location where the walls & floors are all trampolines? :P
March 5- Another SAT diagnostic test
March 6- Last day of SAT class :D
March 10- Getting my bottom braces on
March 12- Legit SAT test. Yikes!
March ?- Teeth extractions
March 25-April 4- SPRING BREAK
March 27- Ericas birthday
Etcetcetcetcetc. Busy busy month!
If you detect even an inkling of happiness, a tiny glimpse of love, a mere hint of contentment, for heaven’s sake grab it and don’t let go. Don’t ever think twice.
What you need, what you deserve, is a guy who adores you for what you are. Who doesn’t see you as a project, but a prize.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bowling Night ^^
I wasn't bowling too well last night ):... LOL Wearing a new creamish lace top. I'll wear it again sometime to take outfit pics :P I didn't even style it. I just threw it on last minute! Here are a few pics:
I think i was clapping b/c viv got a strike! Her facial expression was funny so i put a flower over her face in case she didn't want it up :P I think we both got a strike on the last bowl ^^
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
So, I’ve been thinking about this whole being happy thing, and I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy; we’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that will fix everything. But happiness is a mood, and it’s a condition, not a destination. It’s like being tired or hungry, it’s not permanent. It comes and goes, and that’s okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find happiness more often.
You fall in love, it’s intoxicating, and for a little while you feel like you’ve actually become one with the other person. Merged souls, and so on. You think you’ll never be lonley again. Only it doesn’t last and soon you realize you can only get so close, and you end up brutally disappointed, more alone than ever, because the illusion—the hope you’d held on to all those years—has been shattered.
Purchased 2 pairs of new heels i'm in LOVE with ^^
Last ones in a size 5 :) They both look alike but ehh, i reallllllly like it. I've been needing cream heels & i've wanted to stop buying cheap shoes for a while now! The total was $131 :/.. Vivs paying the $100 (late birthday present) & i'm paying the $31.. :P LOL Yaaaay! So happy ^^

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011-
Fever, super sick ): School & then just chilled at home. Watched criminal minds, edited my blog, formspringed while babe was at work. At 11ish, i got ready & me+babe picked up Erica & Lance. Me, Frank, Erica, Lance, Mei, Mikey, Viv, & Christian went to bowl ^^ The guy there knows us, so free shoes & free games at the end :D LOL He's superrrrr nice. Umm babe might have found another job O.O We'll see how that goes :P (@ Best Buys if you're wondering. Thats like his DREAM place LOL) Bowled till 3am :/ Got home at 4am. Got into a fight w/ babe. Ehhhhhhhhhh. Bad way to end the night ):

Saturday, February 26, 2011-
Parents didn't wake me up on purpose b/c they wanted me to rest. I didn't go to SAT class AGAIN. I feel horrible ): Waste of so much money... gr...... Um, going 2m FORSURE. Slept till 3pm. Missed taking my medicine at the right time last night AND this morning... I wonder when i'll get used to it and just KNOW i need to take it. LOL Got up for an hour or two. Then went back to sleep all the way till like 8pm -.- Been on the computer sinceeeee. Not much to do :/ Going to SAT, Great mall, Wal Mart, & Boiling crab 2m. I should probably do hw now but its already late... Erg. Mkay, thats about it. Bye!
Come to our meet up! ^^
Me & Vivian are having a meet up on March 26th. Come shop w/ us, it'll be superrrr fun, I promise! ^^ LOL I would love to help you guys put together outfits or something :P ... Email us @ & we'll tell you what information you need to provide in order to come! Location will be kept private for safety reasons. Um.. yeah! You should come! It'll be superrrrrrr fun. I'm excited :P

Friday, February 25, 2011

New layout ^^
How do you guys like it?! The only thing i need to work on is my little description at the side. It'll take me a while to think it up :P I personally LOVE the new look. Super cutesy & clean looking. + I extended the text area as much as i could. I love that part superrr wide! LOL Tell me what you think on my formspring :)
I'm thinking of buying a plain white set & having my mom maybe adding some gold chains or cream bows to it? I have an old pair w/ gold bow print & gold chain straps. It's SUPER cute but i want a new one :P Hm..... i shall look into that soon ^^
You know what i always find myself doing?...
Looking through old pictures from summer. I miss it soooo much! Only 3-4 months till summer again ^^ This year went by quicker than everrrr. I can't wait. This summer, hopefully i'll be able to go to LA, Las Vegas, Hawaii, or on a cruise. (No Shanghai :/) In addition to that, i plan to do a bunccccch of new things like drive-in movie theater, zip lines, & etc. We shall always go super faaaaaar for fun activities. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Paramount's Great America, Raging Waters, Disneyland, Universal Studies, Six Flags Magic Mountain, & etc. SO excited. CANT WAIT! ^^
Here's a few pictures from last summer :P I've changed quite a bit ... (Its definitely my hair)

Scandia after theme park ^^ Batting cages.Six Flags Discovery Kingdom w/ the beeeests!
Picnic on water :)
Random bbqs ^^
Girls day; Shopping!
Beach with mains on sunny afternoons! (+ Bonfire through the night)
Shopping far away ^^
Heres some from Shanghai. I miss it so much!
Shopping shopping shopping ^^More shopping :)
Theme parks :)
Family time ^^
I can't wait to dress up & take outfit pictures daily ^^ I might start an outfit blog this summer? :) Oh yeah.. i should really start working on my body for summer. LOL Kind of lazy right now though...
Thursday, February 24, 2011-
Woke up w/ a fever & sore throat ): My medications side effects are KILLING me. I seriously feel like the world is spinning. Hopefully, i get used to it soon :/ School was ehh. Couldn't concentrate all day. Got off early since it was Thursday. Went to a near by bowling store. Babe bought a pair of bowling shoes :P Afterward, we went to the optometrist. She checked my eyes w/ contacts worn for more than 2 hours. Things were still perfect so she prescribed them to me ^^ I just ordered a year supply online. The brand is Freshlook Colorblends. I bought them in both light brown & greish/blueish. Not sure which one i'll like moreee. I've been told a million times that i look like a vampire. & you know what i just found out? The ones im using are very similar to the ones Edward Cullen used in Twilight. LOOL Thats hilerious. But of course, the browns a little darker on my eyes since my eyes are dark naturally. I wanted something dramatic anyways, so its okay :P I really like the color! Anywhos, came home, ate, & napped from 5-10pm b/c i had to get up and take my medicationnn. (So annoying..) Since then, i've been up. I still have a really bad fever but i'll hold it together. It MIGHT be from the medicine but idk. Oh yeah, the contacts were $105 for a year supply. Not THAT bad i guess. If you're looking for colored contacts, you should really go to the optometrist first & not just buy brands people recommend. Everyones pupil shape and size is different so you have to find a brand that matches yours perfectly. LOL Therefore, don't get Freshlook colorblends just cause i have it :P Umm alrightttttys. Here are a few pictures from today (I look like crap. Didn't feel too well) These are from babes phone so they're a little small :/

Cream & white poka dot umbrella + pearl embellished mittens ^^
Chunky cause i have a thermal long sleeve AND a fleece long sleeve underneath. In addition to that, i'm wearing 2 pairs of sweater leggings :P
The neck part of my sweater isn't pulled right :/ Superrrrr messed up hair and make up! My bangs are getting long. I'm growing them out ^^
I really like that pattern on sweaters :P Again, neck part isn't fixed correctly :/

OMG. I forgot to mention.. so theres this debate project thing we're doing in US History. Me, along w/ another quiet girl, is paired up w/ two of the most talkative, annoying, & obnoxious people EVER. I'm quiet in the group b/c i DO NOT want to socialize with them. Guess what? They treat us as if we're illiterate. Just because we're quiet, doesn't mean we're unintelligent. They were talking to us as if we were mentally challenged. I was SO angry. It just made me want to contribute less -.- I have a mouth & i can talk. When i ignore every word you say, pick up the damn hint. I do not want anything to do with you two. Ughhh. They were talking shit about how bad they were going to do on the debate b/c of the people they're paired up with. Um, excuse you but i'm sitting right over here & its pretty damn rude of you to be insulting us like that. AHH, so angry. Oh, did i mention that they're the 'know-it-all' type of people? They act as if they're all high and mighty. Personally, i don't think they're that great at anything. They think too highly of themselves. Haaaaah.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have to watch this as soon as possible! ...

I was shooting a scene in my new film, No Strings Attached, in which I say to Natalie Portman,

“If you miss me. you can’t text, you can’t email, you can’t post it on my Facebook wall. If you really miss me, you come and see me.”

I began to think of all of the billions of intimate exchanges sent daily via fingers and screens, bouncing between satellites and servers. With all this texting, emailing, and social networking, I started wondering, are we all becoming so in touch with one another that we are in danger of losing touch?

It used to be that boy met girl and they exchanged phone numbers. Anticipation built. They imagined the entire relationship before a call ever happened. The phone rang. Hearts pounded. “Hello?” Followed by a conversation that lasted two hours but felt like two minutes and would be examined with friends for two weeks. If all went well, a date was arranged. That was then.

Now we exchange numbers but text instead of calling because it mitigates the risks of early failure and eliminates those deafening moments of silence. Now anticipation builds. Bdoop. “It was NICE meeting u” Both sides overanalyze every word. We talk to a friend, an impromptu Cyrano: “He wrote nice in all caps. What does that mean? What do I write back?” Then we write a response and delete it 10 times before sending a message that will appear 2 care, but not 2 much. If all goes well, a date will be arranged.

Whether you like it or not, the digital age has produced a new format for modern romance, and natural selection may be favoring the quick-thumbed quip peddler over the confident, ice-breaking alpha male. Or maybe we are hiding behind the cloak of digital text and spell-check to present superior versions of ourselves while using these less intimate forms of communication to accelerate the courting process. So what’s it really good for?

There is some argument about who actually invented text messaging, but I think it’s safe to say it was a man. Multiple studies have shown that the average man uses about half as many words per day as women, thus text messaging. It eliminates hellos and goodbyes and cuts right to the chase. Now, if that’s not male behavior, I don’t know what is. It’s also great for passing notes. there is something fun about sharing secrets with your date while in the company of others. think of texting as a modern whisper in your lover’s car.

Sending sweet nothings on Twitter or Facebook is also fun. in some ways, it’s no different than sending flowers to the office: You are declaring your love for everyone to see. Who doesn’t like to be publicly adored. Just remember that what you post is out there and there’s some stuff you can’t un-see. But the reality is that we communicate with every part of our being, and there are times when we must use it all. When someone needs us, he or she needs all of us. There’s no text that can replace a loving touch when someone we love is hurting.

We haven’t lost romance in the digital age, but we may be neglecting it. In doing so, antiquated art forms are taking on new importance. The power of a hand-written letter is greater than ever. It’s personal and deliberate means more than an email or text ever will. It has a unique scent. It requires deciphering. But, most important, it’s flawed There are errors in handwriting, punctuation, grammar, and spelling that show our vulnerability. And vulnerability is the essence of romance. It’s the art of being uncalculated, the willingness to look foolish, the courage to say,

“This is me, and I’m interested in you enough to show you my flaws with the hope that you may embrace me for all that I am but, more importantly, all that I am not.

- Ashton Kutcher
Wednesday, February 23, 2011-
Hiiiiii :) Today was the day grades were due for the first quarter! I've been working my ASS off after the incident trying to make things up. It was probably the most stressful, tiring weeks of my life. My grades aren't that bad, so i guess it was all worth it ^^
AP Statistics- A
AP English- A
AP Chemistry- B
Pre-Cal Honors- A
Chinese 4- B++++ (FML. This is the only thing that changed after the incident. Missing so much of class really hurt my grade. Ughhhh)
US History- A
I'm getting a 3.67 unweighted. So a 4.33 weighted. Not that bad ^^ After school, me & babe ate at Golden Island Cafe. We go fairly often :P The new purse i ordered came. YAY!!! Then.. i did homework for about an hour or so. Got ready, put my contacts on, & left for dinner w/ the fammm. Came home & answered formspring. I started my medication today.. I'm a bit worried, but i'm seriously hoping that i won't see any side effects.. Sigggggh. Taking them night & day @ the exact time. Hopefully, i won't forget :/ Umm, bout to sleep real early. Don't have much hw all week! ^^ Finally wearing my contacts to school 2m. I have an Optometrist appointment 2m. I'm getting the prescribed ones real soon :D (I'm using demo ones right now) OH. Today after school on the way home, we saw a cutesy yorkie that was lost :/... So many people around were trying to help it b/c it was darting in and out of traffic. I was SO scared.. it was nearly hit several times. A couple generous people got out of their cars (literally on the spot in the middle of traffic) to try to save the poor dog. When the light turned green for us, it was just ahead. I was screaaaaaming! I hella didn't want to see it get hurt so i made babe stop right then and there so i could get out. I tried to call it over but he just kept running in every which way. Traffic was building up and people started honking -.- It ran through GGP, so i lost sight of it :/ It was wearing a jacket and a collar, so obviously it is loved by someone. I still regret not trying harder to help it... Ergggggg. Well, hopefully he/she has been returned to its owner! (+ Its freezing out.. poor thing :/) Mkay, here are a few random pics from today!

Better lighting of my gradient glitter nails. They're super short right now, so this was the best i could do.
Super quick outfit pics from my phone! Wearing 2 cardigans (4 tops in total) & 2 layers of leggings. :P
Didn't fix my hair or make up so ehhhhhhhh.
These pictures kind of suck. My shirt was sliding down :/

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorite ^^
Finally found time to do my nails ^^
Here are the two tops :P
Outfit of the day (Not really..)
LOL I decided to just photo shoot this outfit since i'd probably never wear it out anyways :P (Unless i'm at the beach or something.) I've never shown you guys my belly welly before.. so this is a first. Ehh, i don't really mind anyways. I didn't know how to set the lighting, so i edited every one of these. Sorry they're blurry :/ Vivs camera is complicated to use!
Edited ^^
I'm always told i appear super tall :PLOVE this one! ^^
Pearl lining in the front. Bow on the back w/ a pearl in the middle ^^
Outfit of the day-
School, doctors appointment, lunch, photo shoot ^^ I don't know how to use Vivs camera.. so most of these came out blurry :/ ... Oh wells! You get the point though :P