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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011-
Babe & I's 3 yr & 1 month anniversary ^^ Still need to go on that special dinner date. Hopefully, we'll do that during spring break! Um... woke up at 11am to get ready for SAT class. Only 2 more days of class left :D That went by SO quickly. LOL SAT class till 4:30pm. Then babe picked me up & we went to great mall. I had to rush b/c we needed to get to boiling crab but i managed to pick up a satin black top w/ lace detailing ^^ It was 40% off & then another 15% b/c of my birthday coupon thing :P I didn't get to go into 579, Love Culture, Charlotte, & etc ):... Rawrrrrrrr. I've been hunting for some new earrings. I NEED new ones! LOL Along w/ that, i want a new cream peacoat & a new light grey coat. Besides that, i think i'm set for the month :P Umm babe & I russssshed to the new boiling crab. Ate a pound of shrimp (mild, the whole sha-bang), a corn, some cajun fries, & a sprite. God, i'm getting so sick of the taste -.- I don't even think its that good anymore.. which is sad ): Umm afterward, we went to Wal mart. I NEEDED a lot of things! I bought ... 4 diff types of ribbon for clothes, 3 packs of binder paper, pens, pencils, tooooons of snacks, contact solution & eye drops, treats for my booboo (Hunter), & other stufffffs. Left around 10:30pm. Note that it we have school the next day :X ... Babe let me sleep while he drove home :D It was calming and nice. Got home a little past 11pm. Didn't understand how to do my hw so i just didn't do it for once -.- Grrrrrr.

Monday, February 28, 2011-
Last day of February! It's craaaazy :P School was eeeeeh. Superrr tired and out of it. SO sick, ugggh. I wore a northface jacket all day ... It was supposed to be for the car & on the way into school but it was chilly inside as well so i just kept it on :P After school, babe & I went to pick up his prescribed glasses. LOL Hes so silly. So you know how when everything is REALLY clear, its kind of ugly? LOL Like the world is kind of prettier a littttttle blurry? Anywhos, babe put the glasses on & i was like " Am i uglier now? ". He said "No, you're even more pretty! Wow, i've been missing out!" LOOL Adoraaable. Came home, ate a little, played w/ hunterrr, then babe left for work. Ate Subway cause i was craving :P Um.. then i watched the new ep of Pretty Little Liars. I used to think it was a reaaaaally stupid show but its been getting better! I like it for the lovey dovey parts. LOL I'm a sucker for romance stuff. Soooooo cutttttte. I realllllly need to start on hw... Ehhhhhh i have a lot tonight ):
P.S. I brought the book "Don't sweat the small stuff" to school & read throughout the day. I'm done w/ almost half of it :P... I'm seriously in LOVE with it. If everyone read it, i swear the world would be 100x's better. LOL LOVELOVELOVE.

Upcoming events/ Things i'm looking forward to:
March 3- ELF package, Contact lenses delivery
March 4- No school ^^ Going to that location where the walls & floors are all trampolines? :P
March 5- Another SAT diagnostic test
March 6- Last day of SAT class :D
March 10- Getting my bottom braces on
March 12- Legit SAT test. Yikes!
March ?- Teeth extractions
March 25-April 4- SPRING BREAK
March 27- Ericas birthday
Etcetcetcetcetc. Busy busy month!

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