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Monday, June 7, 2010

Heeeey! This will be my last blog post on blogspot. Im on the couch waiting for everyone else to be ready. Amazingly, i think i brought everything :) Not very excited for the flight but i think ill be okay. Only got 2 hrs of sleep so im SO tired! I answered all the formspring questions & hopefully it works in china. Ill answer when im there :P Okie dokes, miss you guys! Have a great summer loves :) We shall conversate in a day or two :P Goodbye!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5, 2010-
Beach, it was amazing. I look like a mess & didn't take any pics cause i was too busy having fun. Forgive me? :)
Huge, i know. LOLFlat, i know. We actually went in the water.
I swear, its spandex shorts but it looks like undies so i drew over it :)
I have to get ready in about 4-5 hours. BUMBUMBUM. Should i just not sleep? -.-
Let me share w/ you-
I gotta start getting ready in like 6 hrs! LOL My flight is at 7:30AM to Vancouver, Canada. The flight there would take about 1 & 1/2 hrs! I'm kinda excited to stop there cause i can get a few items from the gift shop :D Hopefully, i'll get a tee that says " I LOVE CANADA " or something. Flight to Shanghai is at like 11AM or something? I'm not quite sure! Oh well, i'll just go with the flow. So i'm pretty much done w/ packing the main shits, i just gotta put my hair products and make up awaaaay. Waiting for babe to come! He went home to eat dinner w/ his fambam :) Ladadada. I think thats about it! I'm gonna upload some pics from yesterday & delete some shits on my camera. Ttyl! Only like 1-2 more posts before i leave. I'll miss you guys!
Don't remember the date; Too lazy to check.
I was wearing PJS w/ out a bra so i kinda cut that part out ... LOOL
Before: W/ out ANY products in my hair when its dry. ( I air-dried it)
After: Products, styled, & etc.Before: No thickening cream.
After: Thickening cream.
After curls but before extensions.
Extensions in!
After makeup + outfit.
Heeeeh, something was peeking out.
Theres always one picture that i don't really like. So, i decide to edit it & just play around w/ the colors. ( I like my curls here. )
Professional pictures during the day of Vivians Prom;
I like these! :) My niece is SO cute.
Teheh. I look tall >:)
Good Morning loves! Im in beeeed :) LOL Decided to blog cause im bored and everyones watching spongebob. Im leaving in less than 24 hrs! I only packed a lil bit so far :/ Usually, i pack like a month before i go! LOL so i dug up my heels last night and i found 3 pairs that i had bought from china last year. Guess what? Theyre in style this year! LOL Its all pink, beige, or gold :P Yayyerrrs! I shouldve worn them sooner to school or something :( Anywhos, im bringing 2 out of the 3. Hm.. I chose my off the plane outfit too. Im wearing one of my floral tanks tucked into my jean shorts w/ a brown belt and gold accessories! Kinda boring but ill only be wearing it for half a day ( since were arriving at around 5PM ). I didnt want to waste a pretty outfit! Aiyahhh i dont want to be on a plane for so long. Itll suck! I cant wait to blog about my days. LOL Ill answer formspring but i cant give thoughtful, thorough answers. Theyll be short and simple. If you ask for advice w/ a long story, i might not answer with much cause i really dont have time to sit in front of the computer :/ I usually stay up extra late myself on the computer so ill prob do that too :P The time will be off so keep that in mind. What else.. Hm thats about it for now! Ill be packing all day :( Have a lovely dayyyyy!
I love you guys.
The beach was AMAZING. I had a good laugh. Actually, i fucking laughed till my tummy ached. Water fight, found crabs, dug holes, changed on a hill, and did random stupid shit. So, so, so relaxing. Summer is kicking in, & i'm definitely loving it. I seriously realized today on the beach, when i was fucking running around cracking up, how much i love my life. I literally stopped there and just looked out into the ocean & thought to myself, wow, i'm fucking blessed. Ah, i love you guys.

Today, i've realized what an amazing life i have.

I'm blessed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Momma took apart the lays and look how pretty the flowers are!
June 4, 2010-
Waiting for everyone to be ready. LOL
Hey guys! Wow, i HATE livejournal. It's so laggy and hard to control but here's the link:
Note that theres 2 'e's. My original user name was taken ): Umm, yup. Two more days. This is crazy!

So today, i went to stones & shopped. Bought my thickening cream & a tank. I THINK thats it, idr. Went to eat dinner at Noriega, what a rudeass bitch. Uhh, watched Splice at 10:00. It was interesting but disgusting, disturbing, over-the-top, over-the-edge, nauseating, tummy turning, & just GROSS. I would definitely recommend it though, its something to talk about. LOOL Okay, well i'm off! Beach 2m? :D Didn't even start packing yet. I'm screeeeewed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

LOL Blogspot is pissing me off. Theres supposed to be this picture: w/ the caption " Plant one here, sexxyass! "
& w/ the caption " Yum. " but it wouldn't let me do so. LOL I'm just joking around guys, i'm bored. Okay, bed time. Leave me something on formspring (:

I was supposed to lick my lips, but it cut me off ): LOLLLL. No, don't kiss me please.
Webcammmm through the night :)
They all look alike, but i couldn't choose :X