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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Morning loves! Im in beeeed :) LOL Decided to blog cause im bored and everyones watching spongebob. Im leaving in less than 24 hrs! I only packed a lil bit so far :/ Usually, i pack like a month before i go! LOL so i dug up my heels last night and i found 3 pairs that i had bought from china last year. Guess what? Theyre in style this year! LOL Its all pink, beige, or gold :P Yayyerrrs! I shouldve worn them sooner to school or something :( Anywhos, im bringing 2 out of the 3. Hm.. I chose my off the plane outfit too. Im wearing one of my floral tanks tucked into my jean shorts w/ a brown belt and gold accessories! Kinda boring but ill only be wearing it for half a day ( since were arriving at around 5PM ). I didnt want to waste a pretty outfit! Aiyahhh i dont want to be on a plane for so long. Itll suck! I cant wait to blog about my days. LOL Ill answer formspring but i cant give thoughtful, thorough answers. Theyll be short and simple. If you ask for advice w/ a long story, i might not answer with much cause i really dont have time to sit in front of the computer :/ I usually stay up extra late myself on the computer so ill prob do that too :P The time will be off so keep that in mind. What else.. Hm thats about it for now! Ill be packing all day :( Have a lovely dayyyyy!

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