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Saturday, October 30, 2010

OHOHOH. My family friend brought back some items for me from China!!! I have 3 new pairs of shoes & 4 purses! There's 2 purses i especially love. SO PRETTY... AAAAAH! Kk, goodnight!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010-
Shit, good ass day. LOL Woke up feeling sick as ever but still went to school. I had a stat test :/ Um.... wore the sweats i wear to sleep to school... heheh. I was so short! (Haven't worn flat shoes for the LONGEST time!) Babe kept making fun of me ): " If i look straight, i literally can't see you anymore " LOOL Oh whatever :P Um.. school was pretty chilled. Used like 40 tissues in school. LOL Kept coughing >:/ I hope i didn't get anyone sick! Hahah, i felt disgusting. Um... afterschool, i watched some episodes of Prison Break. Trying to wrap up the show. Cleaned while babe, erica, lance went to buy some foooood for dinnerrrrr. They came back, we talked for a while & then cooked dinner. We had... well, the GIRLS (me&erica) had clam chowder in a bred bowl while the boys (Lance&Frank) had "man food ". LOL Some polish sausages w/ like... shit i forgot the name of it. Some spicy soup thangggggg. Nasty! LOL Anywhos, eventually, dennison and jeanie came + vivian & christian got home from work. The boys went to walgreens to buy more pumpkins and we all started carving! Baked pumpkin pie, viv made some cinnamon cake + cupcakes. Carved, talked, laughed, chilled. Practically everyone was in pjs or sweats. LOL Relaxing, fun, successful halloween chill day? LOL Going to six flags fright fest 2m! I lost my voice so i have NO IDEA how i'm gonna scream -.- ... Sigh, its gonna rain 2m! Probably gonna look like SHIT in flat boots ): Oh well, i just wanna have some fun! Shit, if i end up crying, don't laugh at me! LOLL I get startled easily :/ I can't wait!!!! Eeeeeeeek. Okie dokie, babe brought erica and lance home so i'm gonna watch some prison break and then get some rest. Here's some twitpic pics of the pumpkins:
Starting from the left:
Domo- Erica
Cute Ghost- Me
Biggest middle one- Frank
Little one on top of franks- Me
The one on top in between 2 pumpkins- Lance
The spooky ass one- Christian
The.. cat/ mummy/ abstract one- Jeanie & Den ( LOOL It's supposed to be a cat but they messed up. Heheh poor jeanie! )
The bat- Erica

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haven't blogged all weeeeek. Didn't do much. Went to school, came home, watched prison break, did my homework, slept. LOL Had tons of tests & didn't do so well on either of them >:/ Sigh.. another one 2m! Um.. got REALLY sick. Runny nose, sore throat, coughing, fever, sore body, & etc. Sigh... right before Halloween ): Yesterday, i went to Stonestown to use my $5 H&M coupon thingggggg. Bought a cream sweater :D Didn't go to school today. Babe looked after me all night! He made sure i was never short of water & tissues. LOL + Everytime he woke up throughout the night, he'd tuck me in better to make sure i don't get cold. Oh & it was our anniversary yesterday but we didn't do anything to celebrate. It's a small anniversary anyways. LOL Um... i HAVE to go to school 2m ): Sigh.... Hella homework today. I'm exhausted & dizzy. Goodbye!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010-
Today was REALLY fun! LOL We woke up at like 1 & didn't get out the house till like 3 O.O Went to Erica's house to pick her & Lance up. Then we drove to... Emeryville (i think) to go to a pumpkin patch/ hay maze/ other stuffs. Super bad traffic & rain ): There was a plaza next to it so we stopped by & got some food + shopped a bit. Didn't get anythannngggg since i'm trying to stop buying so much clothes! LOL Got some BK. Went to the pumpkin patch thing. OMG, it was muddy >:/ I had on suede boots & my feet were SOAKED. LOL Oh well, i didn't care. We chose out some pumpkins :D I got a tiny one & a medium sized one. Yaaaaay! Then... we went to the hay maze which was supposed to be $3 per person but Lance negotiated w/ the guy & got us 4 to go in for $5 ^^ LOL It was supposed to be a 15 minute time limit but no one was there and the guy didn't care. At first we were just going around it but we decided to play hide & seek. We played SO many rounds LOLL It was hella funny. I screamed like a BAJILLION times! Um... we were COVERED in hay & soaked from the rain but oh wells! That was funnnnnns. We stayed till 7 & then headed to Walmart. I spent $75 ):.... I bought babe sweats & a longsleeve, my mom some loreal lash serum, & vivian some infallible lipstick thing. I got myself... an infallible lip stick, shoe padding, red lace (for my Halloween costume!), pack of cute black bows (To put on my accessories!), A pumpkin carving kit, 2 round sponges, french manicure pen, burt bees lip balm, some longish black socks, & etc. I don't really remember :/ Then... we drove to in & out. Omg, it was hilerious. LOL The cashier said " Enjoy your meal " & frank said " You too! OH SHIT my bad. " LOLLL Anywhos, i laughed a buncccccch today. Ate in the car @ the parking lot while watching Prison Break. We were all interested LOL Um... headed home & ommmmmmg, babe accidentally went into the fast pass only carpool lane to pay the bridge toll -.- We saw a sign that said " $250 find if no fastpass " OMG. LOL We went through those bar things..... which was REALLY illegal -.- Oh godddddd. Scary LOL Um.. got home at like 12? People were screaming for the Giants! LOL Dropped erica & lance off @ home and yeaaaaaaaaah. I had an amazing daaaay! SUPER tired. Mkay, gonna go now. Nights! ^^
Oh, & Frank was SO happy all day. We all agreed he was nuts. Mkay, goodbye!
Friday, October 22, 2010-
Lemme recap reaaaaal quickkkkkks. School was blah. Loooooong week. Wore my new peacoat :D I loves it! Didn't get to wear my hat cause i didn't wanna deal w/ messy hair when i take it off in the building ): Idr much but afterschool, me & babe stopped at home for a bit. Then we went to Tanforan. He bought me a blazer :D First one i found that fits realllllll well! Heheh, i loves it!!! I wanted hella other items but didn't get any cause i'm trying to use less $$. Then..... we went to Denny's for dinner. Then... we went home to watch Prison Break. LOL He's OBSESSED with that show! -.- He's been watching it for 3 days straight. I watched a couple of episodes, it's pretty good :P Babe was being super sweet all day! ^^V Had a really good time, hehe.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh yeah, my F21 order came!
Heheh, gotta have fuzzy socks for the winter time ^^V (They make my feet look gigantic!)
Actually, i ordered twice from F21. Once myself & once w/ Jeanie. LOL Jeanie has my 3 items which i'll pick up soon :P This is the only thing thats mine in my order. Heheh....... i love them! It feels like i'm walking on cotton balls. LOL
Thursday, October 21, 2010-
Todaaaaay suaaaaacked ): No B schedule so this week feels like its never gonna end >:/ Wore the biggest sweatshirt EVER. LOL I literally didn't give a damn. Came home, watched The Lovely Bones (Which was an okay movie), & now i'm watching Jersey Shore finale. Oh no! It's ending ):... Okay, gotta eat dinner and do homework. Have a lovely nightttttt!
Messy room, but i just cleaned ^^
Wednesday, October 20, 2010-
Don't remember anything... ): I think i had 3 quizes? Failed my stats one. FML. Uhm... Turned my normal scarf into a circle scarf. I was so happy :P LOL Mkay, that's it.
Duck lips!I ended up leaving my gloves in babes car -.-...
Baby & his new scarf!!!
Tuesday, October 19, 2010-
Don't remember ANYTHING. ): Forgot to take outfit pictures so heres some from class :P Uhm... Wore a sweater + peacoat. Nothing special!Meet my vampire teeth. Heh -.-
Monday, October 18, 2010-
Babe dropped me off at school & went home to sleep since he wasn't feeling too well :/ My mommy forgot to pack me a fork for lunch ): Babe felt better so he came back at lunch :))) Plus he brought me a fork! LOLLL That's about all i remember... :P Wearing my $5 sweater! Way too lazy to curl my hair nowadays :/

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sigh... I miss summer!
Victoria's Secret-
Limited Edition Miraculous Push up bra made w/ Swarovski crystals.
Bra: $250
Undies: $50
Wow. LOL Thats crazy!!!
Oh & here's the 2010, $2 million Fantasy Bra!

At the 2010 VS fashion show, there will be performances by Katy Perry & Akon. The show airs on Tuesday, November 30 at 10/9C on CBS!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't understand the need of all the attitude & negativity.
Please, don't talk to me in that tone.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bruno Mars is just... wow. His voice is PERFECT. I'm speechless.
(My fav song at the moment. Hehe)

Upcoming Events;
- Moms birthday
- Dads birthday
- Franks birthday
- Halloweeeen!!!!
- Thanksgiving
- Black Friday
- Christmas!
- New Years
- VS semi annual sale :)
- VS fashion show!
- 3 year anniversary (Holy Moly.)
Etc, etc, etc. I love this time of the year! So much exciting events ^^ + Doesn't winter just make you feel so... cozy?! LOL I always have this warm, cozy feeling. I absolutely love it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feel free to reblog anything but it would be really nice if you could leave me some credit. I'd really appreciate it :/

Looking through my blog. Wow, i really changed. LOL
Saturday, October 16, 2010-
Woke up at around.. 1PM :) Babe let me sleep in even though he REALLY wanted to go to a pumpkin patch. LOL Got ready, left the house at.. 3? I was waaaaay too lazy to wash my hair so i didn't. Hehehe, oh well. Drove to Erica's house. Chilled there for an hour or so until Lance go there. Went to.... Daiso & Serramonte. I bought a a pack of cuteass pens, an engraved mug for my grandpa (it's his 83rd birthday!!!), & a peacoat :) So i got my grandpa the mug cause there was literally nothing else that he would use :/ It was from Things Remembered & says " Best Grandpa Ever " on it :P LOL OH MY PEACOAT! It was originally... $22? And 30% off so .. $16 ish. They guy charged me only $11. He gave me 50% off O.O YAAAAY. I got a cuteassss, thickasss light grey peacoat for $11. Yayayayayay. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. LOL I got my free VS cotton undie. They told me i was the first one w/ that coupon. Whohoo! This is my 5th free undie in 2 months. Thats $25 saved. Hehehhhhh :) So happy. Um, i wanted a cream sweater but it was $18 & i didn't wanna pay that much. LOL Left the mall & drove to milbre for grandpas birthday dinner. Ate till like.. 10? Came home, played wii fit, etc etc etc. Babe has to leave for volunteering in 1/2 hr. O.O He's going at 1:30AM! Crazy... He's asleep. I feel bad waking him up ): Sigh... Um... what else... Oh! It HELLA felt like Christmas today. LOOL It's not even Halloween yet!!! Ekkkkk, i can't wait till tons of fairs & haunted houses :) + pumpkin patch! This is gonna be an incredible Halloween. Yaaaaaay, i love winter. Kk, here's a couple of pictures.
Repeated outfit cept i'm wearing a knit beanie.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Online purchases!
I ordered from F21 last night. I haven't ordered anything in AGES!!! Heheh, spent only like $10 but got.. 3 items? Yay. Um... cousin helped me buy some things from China. I'll be getting them in a few weeks. Yaaaay! Excited ^^
I barely ever post random, pretty pictures now :P
Friday, October 15, 2010-
Today was... HORRIBLE but ended really well :) In the morning, i got my dot... uhmm.. cramped like CRAZY -.- My english teacher loved my proj, who hoo! We played bingo in my ap chem class.. it was actually really chilled and fun. Hella foooooooood, yummmmm. By lunch, my cramps got much worse and i literally couldn't eat anything cause i felt extremely nauseous ): By 5th period, i felt like i was giving birth. LOL I couldn't talk, move, walk, etc. Gaaaah. Babe had to raise his hand and ask to bring me to the wellness center. How embarressing... Sigh.. I literally dragged my legs down 3 flights of stairs to the wellness center for med. I made like 5 pit stops cause i felt like throwing up. -.- Got medicine, used the heating pack, fell asleep... LOOL And then i asked for a pass to leave school. Got that, dad picked me up, came home & slepttttt. The cramps wore off for a bit but came back again so i took more painkillers. Babe did a meet up and bought food w/ erica & lance. They came over, we cooked (Alfredo w/ chicken, chicken drumsticks, salad, chicken terriaki, cake, etc, etc), ate. We made so much food and jeanie + den ended up not coming ): Oh wells, love you jeanie! LOL I hope you're free 2m :P ... Anywhos!!! Cleaned the dishes, watched " Orphanage " which was in SPANISH. LOOOOOOOL We read the subtitles. It was scary as FUCK. I don't wanna think about it. BLAH. Played poker from like 9-1.... LOOL Omgomgomg, so we all started off w/ $4.50. Babe ended up w/ $4.50, i ended up w/ $12, Erica $2.50, Lance $0. I WON $8 ish cause people borrowed from the bank :P LOL YAAAAAAY. Babe just left to drop them off since its late. Ummmmm... i'm too scared to go to the bathroom... so i'll just wait for him. Heheh, 2ms my grandpas birthday! Im gonna go look for a present for him, redeem my vs undie, exchange my mac foundation, POSSIBLY go to a pumpkin patch, & then go to my grandpas birthday dinner. LONG DAY. Hopefully i don't cramp :/ Okie dokes, picture time! :)
P.S: I missed 7th period. It was my last day w/ my history teacher. I love that guy. Sigh....... AP CHEM.Cramps *sad face*. LOL Waiting for frank, lance, & erica to come. Cleaned my entire room ^^V I stayed in pjs all night. I love them. They're seriously like family :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010-
Short schedule todaaaaay. Braided my hairrrrrr. Wore the same tank from monday :P Um... Went to moms shop afterschool so babe could get a hair cut. Went to safeway to buy snacks for school & home. Ran some more errands. Etc etc etc. LOL Just finished my english proj! Made a huge old newspaper :P It was fun to burn it. LOL Hm.. i gotta find an outfit for 2m... and something to do. Yaaaaay, thank god its friday! I have 2 class parties 2m :)))). Yayyyyyyerrrrs.
I look messssssssaaaaaay todaaaaay.PRETTY!Oh babe....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leave me something? :) I've been answering real quick ever since my new phone :P Heheh.

" Most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing & there's so much to smile about. "

Candice Swanepoel. Stunning.
Wednesday, October 13, 2010-
Woke up at 11, got ready, ate in & out, & went to school at 12:30PM. I still felt tired ): ... Sighhh. Threw a random outfit together at the last minute. LOL Got home at like 4PM. Babe left right away ): Tons of hw today. Watching My Sisters Keeper for the second time. So saaaaaaad :/... Alrightys, have a lovely day!
Chinese class, babe never pays attention ):