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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010-
Today was... HORRIBLE but ended really well :) In the morning, i got my dot... uhmm.. cramped like CRAZY -.- My english teacher loved my proj, who hoo! We played bingo in my ap chem class.. it was actually really chilled and fun. Hella foooooooood, yummmmm. By lunch, my cramps got much worse and i literally couldn't eat anything cause i felt extremely nauseous ): By 5th period, i felt like i was giving birth. LOL I couldn't talk, move, walk, etc. Gaaaah. Babe had to raise his hand and ask to bring me to the wellness center. How embarressing... Sigh.. I literally dragged my legs down 3 flights of stairs to the wellness center for med. I made like 5 pit stops cause i felt like throwing up. -.- Got medicine, used the heating pack, fell asleep... LOOL And then i asked for a pass to leave school. Got that, dad picked me up, came home & slepttttt. The cramps wore off for a bit but came back again so i took more painkillers. Babe did a meet up and bought food w/ erica & lance. They came over, we cooked (Alfredo w/ chicken, chicken drumsticks, salad, chicken terriaki, cake, etc, etc), ate. We made so much food and jeanie + den ended up not coming ): Oh wells, love you jeanie! LOL I hope you're free 2m :P ... Anywhos!!! Cleaned the dishes, watched " Orphanage " which was in SPANISH. LOOOOOOOL We read the subtitles. It was scary as FUCK. I don't wanna think about it. BLAH. Played poker from like 9-1.... LOOL Omgomgomg, so we all started off w/ $4.50. Babe ended up w/ $4.50, i ended up w/ $12, Erica $2.50, Lance $0. I WON $8 ish cause people borrowed from the bank :P LOL YAAAAAAY. Babe just left to drop them off since its late. Ummmmm... i'm too scared to go to the bathroom... so i'll just wait for him. Heheh, 2ms my grandpas birthday! Im gonna go look for a present for him, redeem my vs undie, exchange my mac foundation, POSSIBLY go to a pumpkin patch, & then go to my grandpas birthday dinner. LONG DAY. Hopefully i don't cramp :/ Okie dokes, picture time! :)
P.S: I missed 7th period. It was my last day w/ my history teacher. I love that guy. Sigh....... AP CHEM.Cramps *sad face*. LOL Waiting for frank, lance, & erica to come. Cleaned my entire room ^^V I stayed in pjs all night. I love them. They're seriously like family :)

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