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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Proj;

Take a look. New project up ( This was a last minute idea cause the project we were actually trying to do took too long ) But yeah, we're gonna give this a shot ! Releasing on March 1 but you can browse right now :) Give me feedback!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Request; Pictures of Cookie-

I can't find the folder >:/ These are the only ones i found ! Sorrrrry, but here's Cookie. We only had her for a week or so ): She's not the cutest thing in the world but she was tiny & super sweeeeeeeet.
This shows the size comparison to us :D ... They both fell asleeeep. LOLL

Request; Piercings-

Here you go !
These are the only ones i could find :/

February 26, 2010-

Japan Town Pikapika pictures ! AAAAAAH, i freakin love them. Click to get a better look. It's kinda hard to see ): I love the group ones ! My scanner cut off the edges -.- But yeah, LOOK ! :DDD

Jeanie, Me, Erica, Marlene.
Dennison, Frank, Lance, Jon
13 months, 25 months, 12 months, 8 months
We're all taken & stable :)
I remember wishing things were like this a few years ago.
We made it !

Me & babester ! This machine sucked. Went so fast LOOL

Friday, February 26, 2010

Let me share with you-

Today, i woke up & showered + washed my hair. LOL When i stepped outta the shower, i was SO dizzy & SO confused. I couldn't remember how to dress, blowdry my hair, or put on makeup ... This has happened before. I always get huge headaches & when i do, i don't remember ANYTHING. Like you could even ask me what my name is & i wouldn't know. -.- Anywho, i got so frustrated, i gave up. I went to my mom's room & told her i didn't wanna go. She agreed & babe was over so he decided not to go either. I went to sleeeep till like 10-11. Watched hella TV until 12 ishhhh. Blogged, organized makeup, & all that junks. Now i'm gonna go get ready ! We're going out today :)))) I'm excited. I'll blog + take pics. Mkay, have a good daaaaay. I hope you enjoyed all the posted pics today.

Haul; Ross;

Other things from Ross;
Hand sanitizers ! Looks so yummy. LOL They don't smell that good but it was only a few bucks so w/e. Candle holders. Hella pretttty ! I ran through so many candles last night. LOL :D I love thissss ! This was all $6 :) Babe bought a darkboard. Heres the darts LOLL Mini clipboard, zebra notepad, & zebra notebook. I hate zebra print but i wanted the poka dotted clipboard ! This was .. $5 ?
Mkay, i got all those things + that leopard makeup box. ANNNNND i got a black off the shoulder top w/ lacey sides. :))) All this for like $30 something bucks. Yayyy, i love Ross. I haven't gone since i was 10. O.O My family doesn't like that place. But babe drove me there :)))) That was fun. LOLL I felt marrrried!

MakeUp Area;

It gets really clear :D

I rearranged it ! Super pretty. I bought that leopard holder for only .. $4. Hehe let me show you guys each section starting from the left !
So in this little clear box, i have my neutral colored face products.
- Foundation, Powder, Blush, Bronzer.
- Three types of eyeshadow primer; Elf, NYX, & Urban Decay.
- VS Beauty Rush eyeshadow
My fragrances, which you've seen before.
In the glass jar on the left are all my brushes;
& behind that are my VS Beauty rush lipglosses
The glass jar on the right are like miscellaneous products that i didn't know where else to put :D ..
- 4 lip liners.
- 2 mascaras
- 3 liquid liners; Black,Brown,& Gold
- Double sided lip gloss
- Clinique acne pencil thing
Then there's my little mirror. Hehhhh, i have no makeup on. & i didn't do shit to my hairrrrr.
In the leopard box, the top 2 squares;
- 4 Maybelline quads. ( Only put the ones i useeeee )
Second box;
- Two lipgloss palettes
- Lip stick
- Chap stick
- More lip gloss
Third box;
- Maybelline quad
- Blueish quad thing
- Three elf palettes
Little compartment that you can open on the left side;
- Two cream liners; Maybelline & Loreal
- Eyelash curler
- Tweezers
- Two pairs of falsies
- Lash glue
- Toothpicks
Compartment to the right;
- These cotton pads that i wipe my brushes with
- Cotton balls for removing makeup.
- Urban Decay Hall of Fame
- VS makeup bag with body glitter & lotions
- Sephora box filled w/ random crap LOL
- Bag of cotton balls
What do you think ?! :D

February 25, 2010-

After i came home from Ross & Lakeshore's area. LOL Funfunfun !

February 20, 2010-

2nd half of the day; Look at babe sleep. LMFAOFalsies ! Enlarge it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

“I’d rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself. I’d rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart.”

February 20, 2010-

This was the day we went to Sava pool, home, & then Serramonte :) I have no makeup on. & i didn't edit this AT ALL. So there ya go, stare @ my flawFULL skin w/ a million freckles. Enjoy :D
Oh, and meet the devil :)


whats ggp? by alysssalovesyou

Golden Gate Park ! :)

OMG...I remember ATOMIC KITTEN FROM THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE! & my cousins looked up the lyrics & memorized all of it ! LMAO.

LOLLL I love it :)

Mariah Carey doesn't like Chinese cuz a Chinese guy raped her mom. It's horrible, buht I guess I don't blame her...even though it's REALLY extreme.

Holy crap, seriously ?! Well, that's understandable ! I don't blame her. LOL

Do you ever get tired of going to the same malls all the time? (Ex. Great Mall, Stonestown, Serramonte, etc.? )

Definitely ! But the feeling only lasts for a week or so. LOL

You knoow that Adriana Lima was in SFSU last week? My friend got to talk to her &interview her! lol

Really ?! Dangit, i'd love to meet her >:/

wat u get on de los reyes' test?

74%. I'm stupid >:/ LOL Most of the class failed though, so it's all good. What'd you get ?!

hahaa i used to sing along to atomic kittens too! XDwhen i was younger i still remember those songs from radio disney LOL

LOLLL I used to LOVE radio disney ! :D

is boat dance lik another school dance? any difference with the other dances? oh yeah does your school hav a sasdies?

Yuuuuup, it's just another school dance except its on a boat that goes around the bay. LOL Sadie hawkin dances are REALLY rarrrre.

do you research before getting pets? lol im not insulting you, im just wondering cause a lotta people just get the pet and they dont really know how to take care of it. im not talking about your dogs btw lol

Yeahhh, of course ! I don't on dogs though, cause i've read so much on all the different breeds, i know most information already. But for other animals, yeah i do ! LOL

i think when u fdont hav makeup on u look lik your sis when she dont hav makeup on lol

LOLL Really ?! O.O


LOLLL I've never had it before O.O

who did you go to great mall with?

Mom, Dad, & Sister !

Is ggp haunted

Hm, there's some stories ! LOL It's creepy @ times, but yeah, personality i think it is. O.O

Are you going to create a new background for your blog now that you have reached over 100k views?

Yeahhh, idk what though ! LOL

You know that Mariah Carey is gonna be in Oakland this friday for her concert lol

Yeahh, i knew like a few months ago & was gonna buy tickets the first day it was available to get better seats. I decided not to :/ .. It's too fussy !

what u buy at great mall ! lol on a school night.. u would... lol

LOL Hm .. 4 tops & some body glitttter ! Idr ):

I loved hilaryduff, but i stopped liking her like when she stopped with everythinng. then she made new songs, which arent as good as her old songs. now her songs are sooo like slutty :[ . i missssss her old self but i guess ppl grow up.

LOLL Yeah, she just grew up ! I stopped liking her around that time too :/

nice what did u get at great mall? lol more clothes ?

LOLL Yuuuuuup!

the mariah carey thing is a rumor btw, it's not true haha

LOLL Idk, never even heard about it !

Her dimples!
Belly piercing !
I'm considering March 8.. Not quite sure yet !

#97) Fashion Life ---

Fashion Is Beauty; Live In Style -

Your vs. You're;

LOLL, i was discussion this w/ erica last night & look what i found today ! I use ' your ' in all situations. I don't care to think when i type. :) But yes, i know the difference. If it's not school, i'm not about to think. -.-
This is so accurate. Especially the second part. Just cause your older, does not mean your more mature.