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Friday, February 26, 2010

MakeUp Area;

It gets really clear :D

I rearranged it ! Super pretty. I bought that leopard holder for only .. $4. Hehe let me show you guys each section starting from the left !
So in this little clear box, i have my neutral colored face products.
- Foundation, Powder, Blush, Bronzer.
- Three types of eyeshadow primer; Elf, NYX, & Urban Decay.
- VS Beauty Rush eyeshadow
My fragrances, which you've seen before.
In the glass jar on the left are all my brushes;
& behind that are my VS Beauty rush lipglosses
The glass jar on the right are like miscellaneous products that i didn't know where else to put :D ..
- 4 lip liners.
- 2 mascaras
- 3 liquid liners; Black,Brown,& Gold
- Double sided lip gloss
- Clinique acne pencil thing
Then there's my little mirror. Hehhhh, i have no makeup on. & i didn't do shit to my hairrrrr.
In the leopard box, the top 2 squares;
- 4 Maybelline quads. ( Only put the ones i useeeee )
Second box;
- Two lipgloss palettes
- Lip stick
- Chap stick
- More lip gloss
Third box;
- Maybelline quad
- Blueish quad thing
- Three elf palettes
Little compartment that you can open on the left side;
- Two cream liners; Maybelline & Loreal
- Eyelash curler
- Tweezers
- Two pairs of falsies
- Lash glue
- Toothpicks
Compartment to the right;
- These cotton pads that i wipe my brushes with
- Cotton balls for removing makeup.
- Urban Decay Hall of Fame
- VS makeup bag with body glitter & lotions
- Sephora box filled w/ random crap LOL
- Bag of cotton balls
What do you think ?! :D

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  1. Hey Stephanie!

    I looove your makeup collection, it's so pretty and girly and suits you!

    Alsoo, love your Ross post, makes me want to go to and check out all the sweet deals!

    Thanks for blogging and much love,


    P.S. have fun on your date :D