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Friday, February 26, 2010

Let me share with you-

Today, i woke up & showered + washed my hair. LOL When i stepped outta the shower, i was SO dizzy & SO confused. I couldn't remember how to dress, blowdry my hair, or put on makeup ... This has happened before. I always get huge headaches & when i do, i don't remember ANYTHING. Like you could even ask me what my name is & i wouldn't know. -.- Anywho, i got so frustrated, i gave up. I went to my mom's room & told her i didn't wanna go. She agreed & babe was over so he decided not to go either. I went to sleeeep till like 10-11. Watched hella TV until 12 ishhhh. Blogged, organized makeup, & all that junks. Now i'm gonna go get ready ! We're going out today :)))) I'm excited. I'll blog + take pics. Mkay, have a good daaaaay. I hope you enjoyed all the posted pics today.

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