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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010-
Lemme recap reaaaaal quickkkkkks. School was blah. Loooooong week. Wore my new peacoat :D I loves it! Didn't get to wear my hat cause i didn't wanna deal w/ messy hair when i take it off in the building ): Idr much but afterschool, me & babe stopped at home for a bit. Then we went to Tanforan. He bought me a blazer :D First one i found that fits realllllll well! Heheh, i loves it!!! I wanted hella other items but didn't get any cause i'm trying to use less $$. Then..... we went to Denny's for dinner. Then... we went home to watch Prison Break. LOL He's OBSESSED with that show! -.- He's been watching it for 3 days straight. I watched a couple of episodes, it's pretty good :P Babe was being super sweet all day! ^^V Had a really good time, hehe.

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