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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010-
Today was REALLY fun! LOL We woke up at like 1 & didn't get out the house till like 3 O.O Went to Erica's house to pick her & Lance up. Then we drove to... Emeryville (i think) to go to a pumpkin patch/ hay maze/ other stuffs. Super bad traffic & rain ): There was a plaza next to it so we stopped by & got some food + shopped a bit. Didn't get anythannngggg since i'm trying to stop buying so much clothes! LOL Got some BK. Went to the pumpkin patch thing. OMG, it was muddy >:/ I had on suede boots & my feet were SOAKED. LOL Oh well, i didn't care. We chose out some pumpkins :D I got a tiny one & a medium sized one. Yaaaaay! Then... we went to the hay maze which was supposed to be $3 per person but Lance negotiated w/ the guy & got us 4 to go in for $5 ^^ LOL It was supposed to be a 15 minute time limit but no one was there and the guy didn't care. At first we were just going around it but we decided to play hide & seek. We played SO many rounds LOLL It was hella funny. I screamed like a BAJILLION times! Um... we were COVERED in hay & soaked from the rain but oh wells! That was funnnnnns. We stayed till 7 & then headed to Walmart. I spent $75 ):.... I bought babe sweats & a longsleeve, my mom some loreal lash serum, & vivian some infallible lipstick thing. I got myself... an infallible lip stick, shoe padding, red lace (for my Halloween costume!), pack of cute black bows (To put on my accessories!), A pumpkin carving kit, 2 round sponges, french manicure pen, burt bees lip balm, some longish black socks, & etc. I don't really remember :/ Then... we drove to in & out. Omg, it was hilerious. LOL The cashier said " Enjoy your meal " & frank said " You too! OH SHIT my bad. " LOLLL Anywhos, i laughed a buncccccch today. Ate in the car @ the parking lot while watching Prison Break. We were all interested LOL Um... headed home & ommmmmmg, babe accidentally went into the fast pass only carpool lane to pay the bridge toll -.- We saw a sign that said " $250 find if no fastpass " OMG. LOL We went through those bar things..... which was REALLY illegal -.- Oh godddddd. Scary LOL Um.. got home at like 12? People were screaming for the Giants! LOL Dropped erica & lance off @ home and yeaaaaaaaaah. I had an amazing daaaay! SUPER tired. Mkay, gonna go now. Nights! ^^
Oh, & Frank was SO happy all day. We all agreed he was nuts. Mkay, goodbye!

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