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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010-
Shit, good ass day. LOL Woke up feeling sick as ever but still went to school. I had a stat test :/ Um.... wore the sweats i wear to sleep to school... heheh. I was so short! (Haven't worn flat shoes for the LONGEST time!) Babe kept making fun of me ): " If i look straight, i literally can't see you anymore " LOOL Oh whatever :P Um.. school was pretty chilled. Used like 40 tissues in school. LOL Kept coughing >:/ I hope i didn't get anyone sick! Hahah, i felt disgusting. Um... afterschool, i watched some episodes of Prison Break. Trying to wrap up the show. Cleaned while babe, erica, lance went to buy some foooood for dinnerrrrr. They came back, we talked for a while & then cooked dinner. We had... well, the GIRLS (me&erica) had clam chowder in a bred bowl while the boys (Lance&Frank) had "man food ". LOL Some polish sausages w/ like... shit i forgot the name of it. Some spicy soup thangggggg. Nasty! LOL Anywhos, eventually, dennison and jeanie came + vivian & christian got home from work. The boys went to walgreens to buy more pumpkins and we all started carving! Baked pumpkin pie, viv made some cinnamon cake + cupcakes. Carved, talked, laughed, chilled. Practically everyone was in pjs or sweats. LOL Relaxing, fun, successful halloween chill day? LOL Going to six flags fright fest 2m! I lost my voice so i have NO IDEA how i'm gonna scream -.- ... Sigh, its gonna rain 2m! Probably gonna look like SHIT in flat boots ): Oh well, i just wanna have some fun! Shit, if i end up crying, don't laugh at me! LOLL I get startled easily :/ I can't wait!!!! Eeeeeeeek. Okie dokie, babe brought erica and lance home so i'm gonna watch some prison break and then get some rest. Here's some twitpic pics of the pumpkins:
Starting from the left:
Domo- Erica
Cute Ghost- Me
Biggest middle one- Frank
Little one on top of franks- Me
The one on top in between 2 pumpkins- Lance
The spooky ass one- Christian
The.. cat/ mummy/ abstract one- Jeanie & Den ( LOOL It's supposed to be a cat but they messed up. Heheh poor jeanie! )
The bat- Erica

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