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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010-
Woke up at around.. 1PM :) Babe let me sleep in even though he REALLY wanted to go to a pumpkin patch. LOL Got ready, left the house at.. 3? I was waaaaay too lazy to wash my hair so i didn't. Hehehe, oh well. Drove to Erica's house. Chilled there for an hour or so until Lance go there. Went to.... Daiso & Serramonte. I bought a a pack of cuteass pens, an engraved mug for my grandpa (it's his 83rd birthday!!!), & a peacoat :) So i got my grandpa the mug cause there was literally nothing else that he would use :/ It was from Things Remembered & says " Best Grandpa Ever " on it :P LOL OH MY PEACOAT! It was originally... $22? And 30% off so .. $16 ish. They guy charged me only $11. He gave me 50% off O.O YAAAAY. I got a cuteassss, thickasss light grey peacoat for $11. Yayayayayay. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. LOL I got my free VS cotton undie. They told me i was the first one w/ that coupon. Whohoo! This is my 5th free undie in 2 months. Thats $25 saved. Hehehhhhh :) So happy. Um, i wanted a cream sweater but it was $18 & i didn't wanna pay that much. LOL Left the mall & drove to milbre for grandpas birthday dinner. Ate till like.. 10? Came home, played wii fit, etc etc etc. Babe has to leave for volunteering in 1/2 hr. O.O He's going at 1:30AM! Crazy... He's asleep. I feel bad waking him up ): Sigh... Um... what else... Oh! It HELLA felt like Christmas today. LOOL It's not even Halloween yet!!! Ekkkkk, i can't wait till tons of fairs & haunted houses :) + pumpkin patch! This is gonna be an incredible Halloween. Yaaaaaay, i love winter. Kk, here's a couple of pictures.
Repeated outfit cept i'm wearing a knit beanie.

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