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Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011-
Woke up w/ a fever & sore throat ): My medications side effects are KILLING me. I seriously feel like the world is spinning. Hopefully, i get used to it soon :/ School was ehh. Couldn't concentrate all day. Got off early since it was Thursday. Went to a near by bowling store. Babe bought a pair of bowling shoes :P Afterward, we went to the optometrist. She checked my eyes w/ contacts worn for more than 2 hours. Things were still perfect so she prescribed them to me ^^ I just ordered a year supply online. The brand is Freshlook Colorblends. I bought them in both light brown & greish/blueish. Not sure which one i'll like moreee. I've been told a million times that i look like a vampire. & you know what i just found out? The ones im using are very similar to the ones Edward Cullen used in Twilight. LOOL Thats hilerious. But of course, the browns a little darker on my eyes since my eyes are dark naturally. I wanted something dramatic anyways, so its okay :P I really like the color! Anywhos, came home, ate, & napped from 5-10pm b/c i had to get up and take my medicationnn. (So annoying..) Since then, i've been up. I still have a really bad fever but i'll hold it together. It MIGHT be from the medicine but idk. Oh yeah, the contacts were $105 for a year supply. Not THAT bad i guess. If you're looking for colored contacts, you should really go to the optometrist first & not just buy brands people recommend. Everyones pupil shape and size is different so you have to find a brand that matches yours perfectly. LOL Therefore, don't get Freshlook colorblends just cause i have it :P Umm alrightttttys. Here are a few pictures from today (I look like crap. Didn't feel too well) These are from babes phone so they're a little small :/

Cream & white poka dot umbrella + pearl embellished mittens ^^
Chunky cause i have a thermal long sleeve AND a fleece long sleeve underneath. In addition to that, i'm wearing 2 pairs of sweater leggings :P
The neck part of my sweater isn't pulled right :/ Superrrrr messed up hair and make up! My bangs are getting long. I'm growing them out ^^
I really like that pattern on sweaters :P Again, neck part isn't fixed correctly :/

OMG. I forgot to mention.. so theres this debate project thing we're doing in US History. Me, along w/ another quiet girl, is paired up w/ two of the most talkative, annoying, & obnoxious people EVER. I'm quiet in the group b/c i DO NOT want to socialize with them. Guess what? They treat us as if we're illiterate. Just because we're quiet, doesn't mean we're unintelligent. They were talking to us as if we were mentally challenged. I was SO angry. It just made me want to contribute less -.- I have a mouth & i can talk. When i ignore every word you say, pick up the damn hint. I do not want anything to do with you two. Ughhh. They were talking shit about how bad they were going to do on the debate b/c of the people they're paired up with. Um, excuse you but i'm sitting right over here & its pretty damn rude of you to be insulting us like that. AHH, so angry. Oh, did i mention that they're the 'know-it-all' type of people? They act as if they're all high and mighty. Personally, i don't think they're that great at anything. They think too highly of themselves. Haaaaah.

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