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Friday, February 25, 2011

You know what i always find myself doing?...
Looking through old pictures from summer. I miss it soooo much! Only 3-4 months till summer again ^^ This year went by quicker than everrrr. I can't wait. This summer, hopefully i'll be able to go to LA, Las Vegas, Hawaii, or on a cruise. (No Shanghai :/) In addition to that, i plan to do a bunccccch of new things like drive-in movie theater, zip lines, & etc. We shall always go super faaaaaar for fun activities. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Paramount's Great America, Raging Waters, Disneyland, Universal Studies, Six Flags Magic Mountain, & etc. SO excited. CANT WAIT! ^^
Here's a few pictures from last summer :P I've changed quite a bit ... (Its definitely my hair)

Scandia after theme park ^^ Batting cages.Six Flags Discovery Kingdom w/ the beeeests!
Picnic on water :)
Random bbqs ^^
Girls day; Shopping!
Beach with mains on sunny afternoons! (+ Bonfire through the night)
Shopping far away ^^
Heres some from Shanghai. I miss it so much!
Shopping shopping shopping ^^More shopping :)
Theme parks :)
Family time ^^
I can't wait to dress up & take outfit pictures daily ^^ I might start an outfit blog this summer? :) Oh yeah.. i should really start working on my body for summer. LOL Kind of lazy right now though...

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