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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011-
Fever, super sick ): School & then just chilled at home. Watched criminal minds, edited my blog, formspringed while babe was at work. At 11ish, i got ready & me+babe picked up Erica & Lance. Me, Frank, Erica, Lance, Mei, Mikey, Viv, & Christian went to bowl ^^ The guy there knows us, so free shoes & free games at the end :D LOL He's superrrrr nice. Umm babe might have found another job O.O We'll see how that goes :P (@ Best Buys if you're wondering. Thats like his DREAM place LOL) Bowled till 3am :/ Got home at 4am. Got into a fight w/ babe. Ehhhhhhhhhh. Bad way to end the night ):

Saturday, February 26, 2011-
Parents didn't wake me up on purpose b/c they wanted me to rest. I didn't go to SAT class AGAIN. I feel horrible ): Waste of so much money... gr...... Um, going 2m FORSURE. Slept till 3pm. Missed taking my medicine at the right time last night AND this morning... I wonder when i'll get used to it and just KNOW i need to take it. LOL Got up for an hour or two. Then went back to sleep all the way till like 8pm -.- Been on the computer sinceeeee. Not much to do :/ Going to SAT, Great mall, Wal Mart, & Boiling crab 2m. I should probably do hw now but its already late... Erg. Mkay, thats about it. Bye!

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