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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011-
Hiiiiii :) Today was the day grades were due for the first quarter! I've been working my ASS off after the incident trying to make things up. It was probably the most stressful, tiring weeks of my life. My grades aren't that bad, so i guess it was all worth it ^^
AP Statistics- A
AP English- A
AP Chemistry- B
Pre-Cal Honors- A
Chinese 4- B++++ (FML. This is the only thing that changed after the incident. Missing so much of class really hurt my grade. Ughhhh)
US History- A
I'm getting a 3.67 unweighted. So a 4.33 weighted. Not that bad ^^ After school, me & babe ate at Golden Island Cafe. We go fairly often :P The new purse i ordered came. YAY!!! Then.. i did homework for about an hour or so. Got ready, put my contacts on, & left for dinner w/ the fammm. Came home & answered formspring. I started my medication today.. I'm a bit worried, but i'm seriously hoping that i won't see any side effects.. Sigggggh. Taking them night & day @ the exact time. Hopefully, i won't forget :/ Umm, bout to sleep real early. Don't have much hw all week! ^^ Finally wearing my contacts to school 2m. I have an Optometrist appointment 2m. I'm getting the prescribed ones real soon :D (I'm using demo ones right now) OH. Today after school on the way home, we saw a cutesy yorkie that was lost :/... So many people around were trying to help it b/c it was darting in and out of traffic. I was SO scared.. it was nearly hit several times. A couple generous people got out of their cars (literally on the spot in the middle of traffic) to try to save the poor dog. When the light turned green for us, it was just ahead. I was screaaaaaming! I hella didn't want to see it get hurt so i made babe stop right then and there so i could get out. I tried to call it over but he just kept running in every which way. Traffic was building up and people started honking -.- It ran through GGP, so i lost sight of it :/ It was wearing a jacket and a collar, so obviously it is loved by someone. I still regret not trying harder to help it... Ergggggg. Well, hopefully he/she has been returned to its owner! (+ Its freezing out.. poor thing :/) Mkay, here are a few random pics from today!

Better lighting of my gradient glitter nails. They're super short right now, so this was the best i could do.
Super quick outfit pics from my phone! Wearing 2 cardigans (4 tops in total) & 2 layers of leggings. :P
Didn't fix my hair or make up so ehhhhhhhh.
These pictures kind of suck. My shirt was sliding down :/

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