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Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010-
Dell' Osso farm! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Um woke up super early at around.. 9ish? Got ready & left at around 11:30? It was frank driving me, erica, & lance. Then Christian driving Viv, Mei, & Mike. LOL We stopped @ Walmart on the way & bought some sodaaaaaa. Then we stopped at other places to buy some food. Got to Dell' Osso farm and it was FREEZING. Like literally 30-40 degrees w/ 30mph wind >:/ I was coooooooooold. LOL We all payed $20 for unlimited ice skating & a 90min session of snow tubing. Then me, frank, erica, lance, viv, & christian payed another $20 to do the rope course. We did the rope course first. OMG, it was so fun!!! (Hunters next to me and he just squeaked a toy really loud! LOOL It was so cute cause i turned around & said " Shhhhhhh! " & he looked at me and stopped. LOL I love him so much ^^) Umm the rope course was CRAZY! It was so much scarier than it looked. At one point, i almost gave in cause it was draining my arm strength -.- LOL Anywhos, that took up an hour and a half ish. Super fun, i wanna do an even crazier one! Ummm after walking around and chilling for a while, it was finally 5PM, time for our 90 min snow tubing session ^^ IT WAS SO FUCKING FUN. AAAAAAAAAAAAH i loved it!!! LOL Then after, we went ice skating which wasn't too fun compared to everything else we did earlier in the day. The rink was pretty empty though so we were able to skate fastr and what not. Umm then we leftttt :P Drove an hour to Hot Pot City in Milpitas! We were CRAVING something warm. LOL I changed in the car to something comfier ^^ Ate hot pot, it was yummmmmy. Then we headed home. End of day! SUPER DUPER FUN. Tons of pictures coming up in the next few days :)
P.S: The workers there were SO friendly. They were unbelievably nice!

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