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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rambling !

I have a confession ...
I added a counter on my page. Under the about me section. Idk, i don't like how the blogger one counts by 100's ! LOL it sucks. So heres a new ones. I have 14 wufoo questions to answerrr. I don't have time now but i'll try to answer them maybe sunday ? Yeaaaahs. I changed my top cartilage to a twisted barbell. Ouchhh, its a 12-14 gauge so it hurttt. Turns out that is not even nice ! But i'll keep in on till Halloween cause it looks ridiculously creepy :) LOLL. I'm still not sure if i should start a tumblr or just do my fashion shit here too. The difference is that on tumblr, people actually FOLLOW you when they like you & theres the whole reblogging shit. On blogger, its more of a personal life type thing. Idkkkk. Maybe, maybe not. I looked up lots of fashion pics + more quote graphics yesterday. I'll post a few today :) Alrights, time for homework !
P.S: Should i wear my Halloween costume to school 2m !??!?!

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