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Friday, October 30, 2009

Q+A Set #5

Since frank is sleeping, i'll answer as much wufoo questions i can ! I won't get through all of it, but i'll try to get back at it on sunday. :) Enjoyyyyyy.

#56) Q: " What computer or laptop do you use? "
A: I actually do not know O.O My boyfriend built it for my recently since my old computer crashed. He ordered stuff online & put it together. Kinda coooool.

#57) Q: " Where do you get your pictures and quotes from from your blog? I really like some of the pictures and the quotes as well. "
A: I search them up on tumblr or google. LOL, i just google random things and click around ! When i see something i like, i save it :) Btw, thanks !

#58) Q: " Are you still thinking of making a tumblr? If you aren't, YAAYY! :D i dont really like tumblr because i dont get how it works, but if you were to make a tumblr, then i'll just follow you anyways. [: & i think you should like make a blog all about clothes, accesories, and other fashion-y stuff. I really like your outfit whenever i see your pics. +++ your blog picture is sexy! It might look slutty to people, but i think it's okay because you're not like showing so much skin or boob crack or whatever. Yeaaah, just my opinions. [: "
A: LOLL thank you verrrry much :) Um, i'm not sure yet but everytime i look around on it, it makes me want to make one. When i think about it again, i feel like its a waste of everything i've already done on blogspot. :/ I'm really indecisive, i'm sorry ! Yeahhh, i already started stuff on fashion. I thought about taking pics of my outfits everyday, i tried today but i was in a rush to get out the house ! When i get home, i change to pjs cause its comfy. LOL but yeah, i'll try to start more fashion stuff. Thanks again. :)

#59) Q: " What would you do if someone likes your boyfriend? Because one of my friend told me that someone likes MY boyfriend and idk how to react on that. But lately, i've been like scared just because i heard someone likes him. Am i being paranoid or should i just let it go? "
A: I'm not gonna lie, i'm one of the most jealous girls you can ever meet when it comes to boyfriends. If i found out someone likes my boyfriend, i'd probably flip out ! I would be REALLY angry & go crazzzzy. Nah, your not being paranoid, i would be doing the same. Theres nothing you can really do about it. If he loves you, then you don't even gotta worry about him leaving. Let it go but just keep an eye out if he like constantly talks to her or if something fishy is going on. Ahaha, but its okay, i'd probably be more paranoid then you are. Good luck :/

#60) Q: " I love you babe. You're the most important person in the whole world. You complete me."
A: I'm not gonna waste much time on this one, its not worth it. First off, this was posted pretending to be my boyfriend but it is NOT him. I mean, how dumb do you think i am ! After two years, don't you think i would know him enough to know this isn't the way he talks, it isn't the way he types, & i know he doesn't look at my sites ! I thought this was just plain rude. By the way, i can see peoples IP address. This chick constantly asks normal questions but i dont understand why you would do this. Seriously ! Maybe i got some secret haters out there or w/e. I'm not disencouraging you to stop posting questions. I'm not gonna check up on who posted what all the time but forreal, its rude as fuck. I wanna know what you were thinking when you did this. Tell me why on wufoo, thanks.

#61) Q: " I honestly don't think your picture is slutty at all. it's actually really pretty ! & yeah fuck what they say !:) "
A: LOL thank you very muchhh :)

#62) Q: " I think that you and Frank are meant to be and I love how you guys are still together throughout everything. You're lucky to still be in a lrelationship with a guy who loves you that much[i read the reasons why you love him. 1-100]. Best of Luck! :) I want to ask you, "What was the worse argument or time between you and him? "
A: LOL, thank you :) Hm, honestly, we fight all the time. We've NEVER broken up or taken a ' break ' but we had tons of serious arguments. I can't remember what we fought about, amazingly. Then again, i don't want to remember ! Ahaha, i prefer to think about the good memories :) But its gotten worse to the point where i'm crying like crazaaay & so is he. Um, we have talked about breaking up plenty of times but we both know we love each other too much to do that. But yeah, we fight like any other couple but we manage to stay strong.

#63) Q: " hi :] "
A: No idea who this is but hi ! LOLL

#64) Q: " What gpa did you get? "
A: I got only a 3.5. But, i have 3 honors classes and weighted, its a 4.0. So, its good enough !

#65) Q: " I have a little bit of freckles and i'm hating on them! I wanna cover it up, but my foundation doesnt cover it all up. I'm fair-skinned.. i think its almost like yours. What should i do? "
A: omg, i HATE my freckles ! I've always wished for perfect skin but i'm nowhere close. I don't think any type of foundation will ever cover it all up. I've learned to just not care about them. Their not as noticeable as you think ! The only way to permanently get rid of them is to freeze or laser them off at special doctor places ? Ahaha, but don't worry, a lotta people think their cute. Just try to work w/ what you got :)

#66) Q: " What's your family life like? Are you really close to your parents and your sisters? And what do you think of pre-marital sex? Is it a good thing or bad thing? "
A: Hm, i'm pretty family oriented. I'm close to my parents & my sister. We pretty much talk about everything like we're friends. So basically, i have a really loving & supportive family. Everyone has different opinions about pre-marital sex. I don't think theres anything wrong with it if you know your ready. Some people tend to get pressured into it & they end up regretting it. Its not a good or bad thing. Its either for the right or wrong reasons. Sex is advertised everywhere these days & a lot of people are doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it when your ready, its serious ! Ahah, its not just a trend to follow.

#67) Q: " How long did it take for your boyfriend to be able to open up to you and be able to do all those cute things? "
A: VERY LONG. Hm, i used to be afraid to eat in front of him, look at him, & talking to him made me nervous as fuck ! I'm a shyass girl when it comes to boys. Ahaha, i get all nervous ! It took about 6 months to get COMPLETELY comfortable with him. I know, its crazy ! LOL, i'm a really shy & reserved girl. Especially when it comes to boys.

#68) Q: " what r ur pj's? "
A: I wear a beater w/ one of my boyfriends t-shirt. I don't like wearing sweats/ shorts to sleep. Its so uncomfortable !

#69) Q: " You're heckaaaaaaa pretty(: You should post up more pics of you:D "
A: Ahah, nahhh, not even close. Thanks thoughh ! I'll tryyy :)

#70) Q: " Do you ever watch dramas like some asians does? "
A: LOL I used to watch dramas all the time ! Korean dramas & all that. Now i don't have time for that which is reallll sadddd. But i like them :)

#71) Q: " I'm like addicted to shoes! I have like tons of high heels, boots, sandals and other shoes with heels! I need help. I wanna stop buying shoes, but they're just too pretty or beautiful.
A: Ahaha, i got the same problem. Honestly, i don't think i'd every be able to shop. I just feel like i'll never have enough !

#72) Q: " It's my 16th birthday party on next saturday which is november 7. & I kinda like the dress you were wearing on your sister's 17th birthday. I wanna know where'd you get it? "
A: Happy birthday ! :) I got it at Tanforan, the store Bloom. It was like 1/2 a year ago though so i don't think they still have it. They have a tonnnn of dresses though, go check it out ! Hope you have a good birthday :)

#73) Q: " I really love the way you dress, and even though sometimes you define yourself as 'slutty', I think you have a great body, you're super fit and gorgeous! :) My question is, I'm not as thin as you are, but I am skinny. Sometimes I worry I don't have a good enough 'figure' for my boyfriend to love /= How do you and your boyfriend cope with your weight? "
A: Thanks :) Your boyfriend will love you regardless of your figure. Hm, me & him don't care about our weight. I could care less if he weights over 200 pounds ! He encourages me & i encourage him. LOL Your boyfriend should love you for you. But, if your still worrying about it, talk to him ! I'm sure he'll reassure you. Plus, we're still young & growing, don't worry about your figure yet !

#74) Q: " What kind of mascara do you use? Because mines always gets clumps&shit. "
A: LOL, i hate that too. I use lancome's mascara. It still clumps but not as much.

#75) Q: " I hope it's not too much to ask but I was wondering if you could do a "8 most worn things" post. Like most worn shoes, lipproduct, shirt, bag, piece of jewerlry, perfume/scent/lotion, nail polish (color), and whatever you like that would make this add up to 8 or more :D "
A: LOL of course i can ! I'll do that on sunday since i just finished ALL the questions ! Ahaha, i heard of this on youtube & stuffs cause my sister does youtube videos. Haha, i'd LOVE to do this ! Check up on my blog on sunday :)

Ask away ! :)

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