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Friday, October 30, 2009

My day/ Thoughts

I have a confession ...
Okay, update on my day ! So i was planning to wear a skirt w/ a rufflely blouse but i ended up wearing my boyfriends black v-neck. LOL, how sad ! Ahaha, i kind of regret not wearing my costume today but it wasn't Halloween anyways & idk, its just weird. I'll wear it 2m and post up heella pics here + facebook. Hmm, i went to downtown today afterschool. I bought this cuteassssss intimate piece or w/e. I'm not gonna go into detail (; AHAH. Okay anywayssss, haven't seen those friends in FOREVER. Seriously ! Ahaha, it was .. okay. Eh, kinda don't feel like i fit in. I'm not that party girl anymore. I'm more laid back now & i'm trynna make good decisions. Loll, i don't exactly wanna have that highschool life w/ the drinkin & shit. I'm gonna be sober until i'm 21. And then MAYBE i'll have a little once in a while for occasions. I'm above the influence to the max. Never had a sip of alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, no etc. AND IM PROUD. And i swear, i don't want to try it ! Ahahaha, yeaaaaaah. A little disappointed in some shiets but eh, its not my life ! I guess overtime, everyone changes. Theres nothing i can do about it. I'm super excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to dress up ! Yaaay :)

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  1. Haha; I feel the same way! Above the influence-- I feel bad for those who drink cause they're f-ing up their livers (x