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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can't wait !

I have a confession ...
Wonderful. I haven't started homework. ): I'm really about to move to tumblr once i get the time. But, will everyone still check up on it ? Will anyone even read my shit ? Will anyone follow me ?! Hahah, thats whats getting to me. I can't wait till 2010. Babe will be able to drive in a month which means dates all the time, great mall shopping, & getting away from all the boring ass shit here ! Haha, + he's gonna be 16 and getting a job. Finally, time to do some funner shiet. Hm, a few more months till i'm 16. Getting a job this summer, gonna make me some monaaay. I hope me & frank can buy a dog soon. I really miss cookie. I want something else this time though. Ahah, i'm excited. The future sounds like fun.


  1. LOL we had to give it away cause his food & toys & stuffs costs too much ><

  2. ): That's so sad!! I hope you&Frank find another doggie thoughh