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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011-

Woke up at 12pm to a phone call from Erica & Lance. They told us to get up and ready. They were going to be here in 5 minutes and we are going biking. LOL I was like "what?!?! I'm in bed!" We never made plans the day before :P They came and I quickly changed! we were out of the house in no time. Went to Golden Gate Park to go boating! LOL We rented one of those double surreys. It was $30 per hour! We biked around for a bit and at first, Erica steered. I couldn't stop screaming LOOL We were in the middle of the streets making u-turns -.- Later on, we got lost :P Frank steered pretty much the rest of the way. We got creative and decided to remove the roof and go 'convertible' LOOL And then Lance dled a siren application and we pretended to be a cop car. LOL It was hilarious! After about 30 minutes, we somehow broke the bike -.- The boys spent 10 minutes trying to fix it LOL They didn't know how ): The chain broke or something so we pushed it back and pretended like everything was okay. LOL They never even checked! We ran to the car and quickly drove off :P Came back home and us girls got ready! We changed, put make up on, & ate. Then we left to go bowling at Classic. Bowled 8 rounds and then went to In&Out + 88 Rice bowl for dinner. Watched Crazy, Stupid, Love at Century Daly City! It was pretty good :P Really funny! LOL I love romance movies :) Then we went home! Superrrrr long and tiring day. I woke up super sore today >:/ LOL Oh well. What an adventure... Here are photos! ^^

Biking! Erica steering :P
Me & babe! LOL @ his facial expression. Oh yeah! The polaroid he bought me came!!! One pack of film they sent me were open -.- The film was already exposed so it didn't work )': Definitely emailing them >:T
Took off the cover!
LOLL I love this picture!
Taking pictures while babe was fixing the bike :P
Rose garden :)
We decided to just use another set of film. Here is the first photo I took w/ my Polaroid ^^

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