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Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick summary of my day!
School was boring. Weird sub in english but his love for his wife was adorable! LOL Umms, yummy lunch. Good bonding time w/ babe as always. Stonestown afterschool. Bought a tee, a cardigan, grey shorts, a button up top, & a floral skirt! Heheh, loves all of it. Went to Beverly's Fabric Store. Bought lace for my bracelets! Real pretty. Saw this bitch there. LOL Her names Erica! LOL I kept running into her -.- Yeah ummm that's about it. Did hw, took pics, etc etc etc. Good ass day! So much shopping :) Great Mall this friday, gonna go nutttttts! Alrightys, leave me somethin on formspring! Gonna go now. Loves you!

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