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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010-
Hm... went to school, kinda screwed up my chem test. I was so angry at myself ): After school, me and babe went to In & Out ^^ Drive through, heater on, delicious double doubles, bruno mars cd. What could be better?! LOL Came home, watched "The Crazies" (It wasn't that good), ate dinner, chilled, etc etc.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010-
Woke up at around 12. The day was SUPER fussy... Me, babe, Jeanie, & Dennison went to Safeway at around 5 to pick up some food. Things got really bad. Spent a hour fussing & fighting.. sigh... then... finally came home. Erica & Lance arrived so we started cooking. Things were still pretty fussy but eventually, we all loosened up. The day got a whole lot bettttter! We had.. Garlic mashed potatoes, quesadillas , burritos, & pink lemonade. It was DELICIOUS! LOL So much for a Thanksgiving dinner -.- Oh well, it was really yummy. Then for dessert, we made caramel apples :) That was yummay! Um.. then we talked, chilled, cleaned, chilled. LOL Then the boys went to buy more pink lemonade :D That was about it. Everyone left at around 11 (i think) & i've been on the computer since. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so i'll be having a family party at home. Then at 10PM ish, we're all going to Great Mall!!!!! Shopping till... 4-5? Then heading home, possibly stopping at stonestown. Everyones going to sleep for a few hours at my house (YAY FOR OUR FIRST SLEEPOVER ISH THING! LOL) & we're going to go to Vacaville. Yaaaaaaay, sounds so fun.. but tiring :P Okie dokes, i'm going to bed now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (& Black friday :P)

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