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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010-
Woke up at 3 :)... got ready but by 5, it was storming like crazzzzzzzy. Babe, Erica, Jeanie, & I were supposed to go to Tanforan to shop :/ We ended up all staying home. Waah! LOL Oh well. Um... me & babe watched a bunch of shows, ate dinner, watched movies, & etc. Then at like 11PM, babe went to get me some snacks from Golden Island cafe :) Yaaaaaay. Then.... we watched more shows. LOL Nothing much. I just did my nails :D I like! ^^ OH! And i watched Toy Story 3. Omg, it gooooood. I liked it! I'm about to sleep, but here are some pictures from today. I didn't get to go out but i got ready? :P
My webcam makes the colors look weird and blotchy ): Actually, i think it's the lighting. LOLNo jewelry cause we decided to stay home before i put them on :P

Kind of a weird expression.. LOL
My teeth are SO pretty huh? :D..
LOOOOOL Babe -.- ...

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