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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010-
Outfit of the day! It was SUPER cold today (but i'm sure its colder elsewhere :P). Um... now looking back, i wish i wore my scarf differently ): Oh wells. I'm sure i'll repeat this outfit during the weekends anyways. Hahah, errrrr.. today was real boring so nothing to update on. My face is cut out in all these pictures cause i already took my makeup off & wanted it to look like i'm still all dolled up. LOL VS Fashion show 2m night! Super excited ^^ Yaay. K, i'm going to start on homework ASAP. Hopefully i'll be able to put up a preview of the new online store items tonight. :)

I look REALLY chunky cause i'm wearing arm warmers under my sweater & two layers of pants :P (Ignore my super messy room please :X)
For some reason, i really like this photo.
Yay for my new gloves! (& the purse i'm still in love with!) I normally don't like wearing more than 1 new item a day but today i wore 3 :P..
Had 9 bows on me today. Haha!
My super duper messy room. I really needa clean :/

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