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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011-

Had a lovely Friday! School was ehhhh. Really stressed already and it's only the 2nd week -.- After school, we went bowling for quarter mania! It was me, babe, Jeanie, Den, Viv, & Richard! We played 11 games each ^^ I did so well!! I got over 100 points on every round. Highest score of the day was 168 :D Yaaay!! Oh, and I got my first turkey! EEEEEEK. LOL I love bowling. Umm we left at around 8. Went to target and bought a pair of pj shorts :P I need to stock up on pj pants for the winter! After target, we went to pho 99 for a late dinner. (It was just me, frank, Jeanie, & Den) I had some chicken wings :D Stayed till about 10 I believe and then came home. Caught up on some shows and just chilled w/ babe. Lovely day! Here are some photos :)

Some of my bowling scores :P
Highest score of the day :D
Camera whored a bit w/ babe and Jeanie ^^...... Loves him to deaaaath
Best friend :) We got carried away and took SO many pictures.....
My shirt is messed up ): She's so tall! >:(
My bowling summary for the day. LOL It has all my scores at the bottom!!!
Babe bowling :P
If someone was on the lane next to us, he would've kicked them. -.-
Again, more pictures with her :D
She loves me :)
LOL We ran out of faces..
I knocked my head on hers really hard... hehhh
Den & babe @ Pho 99! LOL Why is Frank so tan....
Jeanie and I! ^^ LOOL
Hehe :)

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