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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011-

AAH! It's our anniversary!! Wth.. we had no idea LOOL I just figured out as I was typing the date! LOOL Anywhos, this morning, I woke up super early. Me and babe decided to make ourselves some brunch :D So I put on a big hoodie and my glasses and we went to safeway. Bought items to make chicken alfredo pasta and I was craving cake so I bought some ^^ ... babe cooked for me! It was yummy but we made WAAY too much. I had my cake. Yuuuuum! After that, we literally went back to sleep. LOOL He woke up at around 4 to head to work but I slept all the way until 6 :).... Got up, ate dinner (Oh God. All I did was eat and sleep all day..) & watched the newest episodes of Secret Life & Pretty Little Liars. Ricky and Amy are SO cute... ah! Adorable ^^ Babe came home from work and we watched more TV. We watched a movie on netflix (idr what it's called) but it wasn't all that great. Um.. about to sleep! It's late and I'm exhausted. (Even though I slept all day..) Okie dokes, here are some photos!

Heeeh, I look so silly.

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