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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011-

Today, I slept in until 12pm. Felt so great!! Babe had work all day ): In the afternoon, I showered Hunty, got ready, & did a couple of other household chores. At around 6pm, I went to my family friends house for a family dinner! After that, Viv & Richard dropped me off at Jeanie's house :D I wanted to hang with her! We played w/ her sister's dog + bunny and then just chilled. Talked about a bunch of random things. I had fun just talking w/ her ^^ Babe picked me up after work, which was around 11:30pm. Caught up on some TV shows. Blogged. Uploaded a video. Etc etc etc! Here are some pictures from the day :)

I changed my hair part again! I moved it a little over. I like :)
I love my curls today ^^

New video!!:

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