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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week one of my senior year!!!

I finally have the time to summarize my week! First off, I'm taking AP calculus, AP literature, physiology, physics, american democracy/economics, and chinese 5/6. Hm.. first day of school was awkward like it always is. I was overwhelmed with homework right away :T Over the week, things got better. The mean/scary teachers were nicer ^^ I have 2 classes with frank! Physio and am. democracy :) Yay! My physio teacher is the bessssssst. He's so nice and fun LOL I love it!!! I'm extremely exhausted so I'm not going to go too in depth. Babe doesn't sleep over as often now that school has begun ): Feels so different. Argggggh. Oh well! At least I have classes with him :D Hm.. where did I go this week. I think on Monday, I went to Elephant Bar after school w/ my family! We had an early dinner there :) On Thursday, I had dinner at Koi Palace and went to Serra. I bought new light skinny jeans from Pac Sun ;) On Friday, I went to Quarter Mania (bowling at classic). Me & babe bowled 11 rounds O.O... LOL Then, I went to Serra + Target. Babe bought me a hoodie :D That was about it! Trying to rush this so I could sleep :P... Here are some pictures!

My new pacsun jeans :D
So much new clothes that don't fit in my closet ):
My planner! Some of you guys wanted to see it. It just looks really professional and sophisticated. I love it! (The color is a little off :T)
Elephant bar dinner! Next to the airport :)
Lunch w/ babe :)
Again, lunch w/ babe! Looks almost the same as the day before :P
Lunch on Friday :P
Physio class! LOL

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  1. Nice pics! I remember Wash's hallways lol I was class of '08 though. And you probably have Soave for physio, right? Grey's Anatomy and House all the time! hahah.