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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My week!

I only update once a week now ): That's all I have time for :T Babe has been working literally everyday and has been going to the gym every other day. Therefore, we don't have time to go out and stuff. On Monday (Sep 12), I went to school, came home, realized that season 7 of Desperate Housewives is finally up on Netflix and spent the rest of the day watching it. LOL I was so excited! On Tuesday (Sep 13), I went to school and had a family dinner at Kome Buffet! Super fun nighttttt. On Wednesday (Sep 14), I had cramps ): The only did interesting that happened at school was our physio lab! We looked at chicken feet and cut it open to play around w/ the tendons. LOL It was really gross... Never, ever eating that again. We were able to move the toes by pulling on the tendons. Bleh. Thursady (Sep 15), we had a field trip for American Democracy! We went to the Nike Missile Base. It was actually really fun. Waited outside of the school for 45 minutes for the bus that came late -.- It was FREEZING. There were only about 25 of us that went on the trip so we had this strange bus. The seats were against the window, facing each other o.O And there was this huge speaker and bass for us to play music on. They blasted music and danced to it. It was pretty funny! The field trip was actually interesting. We saw hugggggge missiles and even got to ride on this.. lifter thing. Had lunch and got home by 1pm! :D I took a nap and then got ready for a family dinner. It was Johanna's birthday! She turned 4 :) On Friday (Sep 16), after school, babe and I went to Irving to buy groceries. He decided to cook me something ^^ He spent a reaaally long time cooking and it was delish! I loved it :) We spent the rest of the day watching tv. We also watched the movie "Tangled". I watched part of it before but never finished :P That was basically it! We were free but didn't feel like going out since we were exhausssssted. Today, babe had work again so I spent the morning watching more TV -.- I finished the entire season 7 of Desperate Housewives in a week :P... Here are some pictures!

OOTD for Tuesday! I love layering :)
Wednesday; Chicken Foot Lab....
Thursdays field trip! The strange bus.
The controls at the missile base.
The missile! You see that yellow outline near the missile? We all stood on that platform when the missile rose up. LOL It was scary. We did it on the way down as well!
The missile prepared to launch!
Us girls getting ready for dinner. My hair is getting super long!
Johanna :) (My niece!)

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